Scary Mommy Sleeping Tips from Expert and Author Adam Mansbach

The Author of ‘Go The F**k To Sleep,’ & Tips From a Top Sleep Expert!

November 13, 2019 Updated January 29, 2020

Welcome to an episode dedicated to the thing all parents cannot get enough of…..SLEEP. We have two incredible sleep experts, Dr. Craig Canapari author of It’s Never Too Late to Sleep Train, and head of Yale’s Pediatric Sleep Center, as well as Adam Mansbach author of the bestselling Go The F**k To Sleep! We also talk about the power of song to lull our kids to sleep with a segment on Scary Mommy’s hit series, The Lullaby League. Finally, we read some of the weirdest things our listeners have done to get their kids to sleep. Sweet Dreams, Scary Mommies!

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