You Can Get Paid To Live On A Greek Island And Take Care Of Cats

by Valerie Williams
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Image via God's Little People Cat Rescue

A Greek cat island needs someone to take care of 55 kitties

If you’re a bonafide Crazy Cat Lady (or used to be before having a bunch of kids), your ship has come in. A Greek island harboring 55 felines is looking for a caretaker. The gig is paid and the job listing is not a joke. Some lucky person is about to add Greek Island Cat Sitter to their resume and frankly, I’m very jealous it can’t be me.

God’s Little People Cat Rescue is offering the career of a lifetime for the right cat-obsessed person. The position includes living in an adorable house on a stunning paradise island FOR FREE. The job ad has since gone viral with thousands sharing it on Facebook — and it’s easy to see why.

“A very special position and living circumstance on offer on a little Greek island called Syros (a small paradise no less!) for a mature and genuinely passionate cat lover who knows how to handle many cats and would love their company!” the listing reads.

Um, check, check, check. If not for my two kids, two dogs, husband, and living in America, I’d be there.

The ideal candidate will be cool with handling the care and feeding of 55 cats. Yeah. It’s no joke. But the job is not without its perks — a fully paid, modern tiny house with a garden overlooking the Aegean Sea. Like, why do they even have to advertise for this? I feel like there should be a line out the door of people clawing for the opportunity. See what I did there?


Image via God’s Little People Cat Rescue


Image via God’s Little People Cat Rescue

So. Many. Kitties.

Image via God’s Little People Cat Rescue

Image via God’s Little People Cat Rescue

Your potential new digs are perfectly adorable. And cat-filled.

Image via God’s Little People Cat Rescue

Image via God’s Little People Cat Rescue

It’s honestly a dream come true.

Image via God’s Little People Cat Rescue

Image via God’s Little People Cat Rescue

The daily hours dedicated to the cats is around four (which the salary will reflect), but since housing is free, hey now, sign us up.

The rescue says a person over age 45 who’s in love with nature and tranquility would probably be the best fit. You’ll be expected to handle feral or non-sociable cats, so “cat-whispering” skills are a huge bonus.

Joan, a representative from God’s Little People, tells Scary Mommy that the response to the ad has been massive. “I meant to leave it for a few weeks thinking it’d take a while to gather some interest but it’s gone completely viral! So right now I have about 700 applications and receive 1-3 messages per minute! So it will take a while to boil it all down to one purrfect purrson,” she says.

If you think you’re that purrfect applicant and want to live on a gorgeous island, being paid to heap love and attention on 55 cats, here’s your chance.

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