This App Will Tell You What Work Of Art You Look Like

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Cassandra Stone

One selfie is all it takes to find out what famous painting you look like

If you’ve ever wondered what famous Renaissance figure you most resemble, you’re in luck. Thanks to the Google Arts & Culture app, you can figure out just that. Or perhaps your features fall more into an impressionist category? Maybe something from the Baroque period? Surrealism?

All you have to do is take a quick selfie, and the app scans through thousands of famous artworks to find the one that best captures your likeness.

People all over the internet are having a field day playing around with the app, and many of the results are beyond hilarious. And tbh, a lot of people found some pretty spot-on twinsies in the art world.

Many people found they looked a lot like paintings of the opposite sex.

Since I’m someone who is easily intrigued by the latest trends on social media, I decided to try the app for myself (but not before caking on a little concealer to cover my upper lip zit.)

My first result was eerily accurate to what my childhood photos look like, so that sufficiently creeped me out right off the bat.

I decided to try again showing a little teeth — both to see if this altered the results, and to prove I can look slightly better than the exhausted Mom Corpse I really am.

You know, I’m pretty realistic about what I look like but “Handlebar Mustachioed Civil War Soldier” never really entered my mind before today.

So I decided to have a little more fun and do my best smirk. You know, for the sake of art.

OH HELL YAS. This overly-coiffed English man, whom Google tells me is named Joseph Wright of Derby, is basically me in a past life.

“Let’s get really crazy and throw our greasy hair up in a topknot and see what happens,” I thought to myself as I tried to trick Google into delivering something really juicy.

Forlorn, dramatic pose? Check. Looking off into the distance while pretending he’s in one of Adele’s music videos? I invented that look. I can’t tell if this dude is wearing an $8 men’s flannel shirt from Target like I am, but I bet he’d rock the shit out of the grunge look if he could.

All in all, this was a fun way to waste 10 minutes. Especially because a lot of the results the app delivers are accurate AF. Now go, download it and snap a selfie so you, too can join in the fun and destroy your own self-esteem.