Google's Emotional 'Loretta' Super Bowl Commercial Had People In Tears

by Christina Marfice

Hey Google, we can’t stop crying after watching your Super Bowl commercial

For those of us who only tune in to the Big Game for the commercials, this was an exceptionally good year. The ad spots featured during the Super Bowl ran the whole gamut of emotions. They made us laugh. They made us say WTF. They made us cry. And in one case, an ad made us full-body sob into our light beer cans and chips and dip. If you were watching the Super Bowl yesterday, you probably already know which ad we’re talking about: the Google commercial.

The commercial, entitled “Loretta,” is officially responsible for making an entire nation ugly cry. If you haven’t seen it yet, grab some tissues and make sure you’re not at the office (or any other potentially embarrassing public place) before you hit play.

Things start off innocently enough, though the somber piano chords and the person typing the ominous phrase “How to not forget” into Google’s search bar are definitely hints about the emotional roller coaster that’s about to come.

The search reveals that repeating small details is a good way to not forget someone, and from there, the commercial’s narrator begins. Throughout the ad, he tells his Google assistant small details about someone named Loretta, like that she hated his mustache and loved traveling to Alaska. Amid all the reminders, the narrator asks Google to show him photos of him and Loretta, or to play their favorite movie.

From the photos, we’re able to figure out pretty quickly that Loretta is the narrator’s wife, and that she’s recently passed away. But with the help of his Google assistant, he’s filing away all the little details about Loretta and their long life together so they can be recalled at a moment’s notice.

And at the end of the commercial, Google helps the man remember everything: Loretta used to hum showtunes, her favorite flowers were tulips, she had the most beautiful handwriting, she used to say things like “tickled pink.” And before she died, Loretta said, “Don’t miss me too much, and get out of the dang house.”

The ad ends on a happy note, with the man realizing through all his reminiscing that he and Loretta had a perfect life, and saying, “Google, remember that I’m the luckiest man in the world.” We’re glad he feels that way, but it doesn’t stop the tears from flowing on our end.