Do Yourself A Favor And Watch This 12-Year-Old's America's Got Talent Performance

by Maria Guido

12-year-old is called ‘the next Taylor Swift’ after America’s Got Talent performance

What would it feel like to watch Adele as a 12-year-old, nervously belting out a tune in front of a room full of judges? Or Lady Gaga? Or Bjork? Or [insert any other female musical superstar here]. Everyone who saw 12-year-old Grace VanderWaal perform on America’s Got Talent last night feels like they’ve witnessed the birth of a superstar. Including Simon Cowell — and that’s saying something.

Grace took to the stage last night with her ukulele and an original song she wrote, and blew everyone away. She even got the coveted “golden buzzer” vote, which propels her directly into the next round regardless of how the other judges feel. Each judge can only press it once a season, and for Grace, it was more symbolic than anything — because none of the judges were going to stand in this little girl’s way.


“What are you singing?” the judges ask, to which she replies, “I’m singing an original.” Simon responds, “Really? What’s it about?”

“It’s about me,” she says.

“Are the people at school behind you, supporting you?” Simon asks. “Most of my friends don’t really know I sing,” Grace answers. Well, they do now.

Howie Mandel says, “I think you are a living, beautiful, walking miracle. Your original about people not knowing your name is so right and so wrong because I think the world is gonna know your name.” The periodic flashes to mom weeping backstage won’t make you lose it or anything.

I’m not crying. YOU’RE crying!

Not sure if it’s the theme music in the background, or the golden confetti everywhere, or her mom jumping onstage to hug her, or what — but this was just amazing.