Don't Watch 'Gravity' When You're on the International Space Station

by Laurie Ulster
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It made me think about some other movies you probably shouldn’t watch before undertaking certain journeys or activities, like …

1. Getting ready to fly somewhere? Don’t watch Snakes on a Plane, or the first episode of Lost.


2. I hope anyone going on a cruise would know better than to watch The Poseidon Adventure, let alone Titanic.


3. Heading to the hospital for minor surgery? Don’t watch 1978’s Coma, about patients getting put into comas so their organs could be harvested and sold to the highest bidder. Also don’t watch the A&E TV-movie remake, because it’s boring.

4. Bus trip? Skip Speed.

5. Looking into having smart appliances installed in your home? Don’t watch Demon Seed. Don’t read it, either.


6. If your teenager is going on a babysitting job, please don’t show them When A Stranger Calls.


7. Those going on camping trips should wait until they get back to watch Friday the 13th or Deliverance.

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8. Going fishing, too? Skip The Perfect Storm.

9. And don’t psych yourself up for the office Christmas party with a screening of Die Hard.

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