There's Already A New 'Yanny Or Laurel' And It's Going To Blow Your Mind

by Christina Marfice
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Image via Twitter/George Aylett

Forget Yanny and Laurel. WTF is this recording actually saying?

While the great Yanny-or-Laurel debate of 2018 is still raging on, there’s already a new viral recording that’s freaking people out in a similar way. Once you listen to it, trust me, you’re going to think you’re losing your shit.

The new viral debate comes from a clip that was taken from a review video of a toy. When activated, the toy has a recorded voice that says a word — though what word it is has the internet, once again, divided. Is it “brainstorm”? Or is it “green needle”? Seriously, we can’t figure this out. Go ahead and give it a listen and decide for yourself which word you hear.

Just to make this a little bit more weird than the yanny-or-laurel debate though, is that you can’t really take one side and stick with it. This recording is even more of a mindfuck because whichever word you’re thinking of when you listen to it is the word you will hear. This happens without fail and it is confusing the h*ck out of people. Seriously, try it. This time, think “brainstorm” while you listen.

And now do it one more time, but this time, think “green needle.”

Yep, you heard exactly what you were thinking, right? Everyone does, and that’s what makes this recording so freaky. Oh, and you can mix it up. Try “brain needle” or “green storm.” You heard those, too, didn’t you What is this sorcery? What is it actually saying? We may never know.

Since we’re all still a little shook from the yanny-or-laurel thing, this obviously broke the internet a little bit.

So now that we’ve put our tired, confused, freaked out brains through another one of these situations, we can take a break for a while, right? Because this is that damn dress all over again, and frankly, I don’t need this in my life. The internet is for puppy GIFs, not this nonsense.

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