'Yanny' Or 'Laurel': The Debate Ripping The Internet Apart

‘Yanny’ Or ‘Laurel’: The Debate Ripping The Internet Apart

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Image via Twitter/Vox

Is it “yanny” or “laurel”? Honestly, no one even knows

The internet is currently being ripped apart over a four second clip. No one can decide if the words “yanny” or “laurel” are being said in a now viral piece of audio, and it’s creating quite the lively online debate. Remember the whole “blue dress or gold dress” controversy of 2015? It’s basically just like that, only people have gotten even feistier on Twitter since then.

The whole drama began when a Twitter user posted an audio clip and asked the internet if they heard the word “yanny” or “laurel.” 20,000 comments later, and no one can agree on what’s being said. For the record, I have now listened to that clip ten times and exclusively hear “laurel.” I also saw a blue dress and shiny legs and refuse to be told otherwise.


Some people were standing firm on #TeamLaurel.

Others were pushing hard on the #TeamYanny side (but…HOW?!?)