Grocery Cart Hack Helps Kids Out Of Carts Without Hurting Their Parent's Back

by Julie Scagell
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Back pain no more, this cart hack is genius

Do you ever see something online and think to yourself, “How on earth have I been alive this long and never thought of this myself?” A mom from Houston, Texas, shared a hack with a grocery cart that has parents, grandparents, and caregivers everywhere jumping for joy in collective delight and saying goodbye to back pain and squirmy kids (at least as far as grocery carts are concerned) forever.

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Laura Castrillo posted a hack she learned years ago and decided to share it with the world after teaching her own mom the handy trick. She moved closer to be near her grandkids and struggled to lift them into the shopping cart. “My mom’s back was sore from lifting my kids in and out of the shopping cart,” she told Love What Matters. “That’s when I shared THE TRICK with her. Behold, the best mom hack you’ll ever find.”

And boy is she right. Simply lift the front cart panel and voila, you have yourself a doggie door of sorts for your kids.

I mean, what kind of Jedi mind trick is this?!? I always thought it was meant for all the carts to go together in that giant cart-train from the parking lot to the store blocking traffic and all the good parking spots in the process but no, no. This entire time it was meant as a way to get our kids easily into the carts themselves. OK, fine, it’s probably originally for the cart-train, but who will ever look at them the same way again? Since her original video was viewed over three million times, I’m gonna say no one.

“My mom is permanently disabled due to multiple back problems,” Laura said. “After taking my son on errands with her, she complained that lifting him in and out of the cart had left her back very sore. I recorded the video to show her how we get around that. I thought it could help others.”

Castrillo tells Scary Mommy she learned the trick from her stepmom years ago who had a son that was disabled and found it was an easy way to get him in and out of the shopping cart. Since sharing her hack, she said the reactions to the video were unbelievable, and that she never thought it would get this much attention.

Though she has been using the cart trick for years, she admittedly doesn’t do much shopping in person these days. “We do grocery pickup as often as possible. With three kids ages 11, six, and four, it just makes my life (and budget) run smoother,” she said. Amen to that.

I can imagine this would be a lifesaver for so many parents, especially those who are pregnant or have limitations that make it difficult to lift their kids over and into a cart. Thanks to Castrillo for sharing this genius hack; moms really do rule the world.

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