Half The People Listening To This 'Sesame Street' Clip Hear Grover Swearing His A** Off

by Christina Marfice
Image via Sesame Street / IMDB

Does Grover get a little too enthusiastic about his plans in this Sesame Street clip?

First there was the dress. Then there was Yanny and Laurel. And now, Grover. A clip from Sesame Street is sparking heated debate (and some dropped jaws) because people can’t agree on what Grover is saying. Oh, and just to make things a little more fun, half the people hear him saying something that’s definitely not appropriate for children’s TV.

The clip shows Grover talking to Rosita, and enthusiastically agreeing to go over to her house for a visit.

“Yes, that sounds like an excellent idea!” about half of the internet hears when they play the clip.

The other half? They (and myself, and my editor at Scary Mommy) hear “Yes, that’s a fuckin’ excellent idea!” Clear as day.

Obviously, none of the Muppets are out here dropping F-bombs on Sesame Street. And to an innocent child’s ears, this debate doesn’t even exist. But those of us who are known to throw around a swear word or three, and whose ears pick up on those words, can’t help hearing what we hear. And it’s not Sesame Street appropriate.

Of course, Twitter is hear to debate about what they hear.

And of course someone pointed out how the mere existence of this debate is just right on par for 2018.

Others are coming to poor Grover’s defense, because TBH, he did nothing to deserve this dragging his good name through the mud.

Even Grover himself showed up to the debate, though on closer inspection, this may be an imposter.

OK, so Grover didn’t actually drop any F-bombs. We all know that. But amid all our holiday stress and the fact that 2018 has been not exactly the greatest year ever, it’s kind of fun to pretend he did. And it’s even more fun to watch the video over and over without the kids knowing why we can’t stop laughing.