This Family’s Hamilton Parody Is the Lockdown Anthem You Need Now


This Family’s Hamilton Parody Is the Lockdown Anthem You Need Now

by Team Scary Mommy
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If you need a pick me up right now, this Hamilton parody is it. Meet the Gilbride-Byun family who have created a quarantine themed rendition of You’ll be Back. Their version, entitled School’ll be Back, is an irresistible anthem for sheltering in place. Subscribe to Scary Mommy on Youtube:

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“We were invited to perform in a virtual family talent show for Easter, and since we’re theatre geeks, this homage to Hamilton was a no-brainer,” Sangho told Scary Mommy.

The hilarious parody includes riffs like:

The news won’t change the subject

Corona’s the only subject

The most infectious subject.

School will be back,

Work will too.

But COVID-19’s not the flu.

We’ll be good,

Shelter in place.

Just please don’t touch frickin’ touch your face.

The idea came to the Gilbride-Byun’s over dinner one night where they brainstormed lyrics in the kitchen. Mom Shelly and Dad Sangho, who met while doing high school theatre, are parents to Taye and Piper who take piano lessons. Shelly and Piper also play ukulele while Sangho sings in a choir. In other words, this family is music GOALS.

But like many, the Gilbride-Byun’s are finding it challenging to be both productive and supportive during lockdown. Sangho and Shelly bought a trampoline to let their kids blow off steam.

“The lockdown has really showcased the value of the Arts,” says Sangho. “Music, dance, and visual arts are filling a huge void in everyone’s quarantined lives. Every funny, cute or inspiring video on YouTube was made possible by the Arts,” he added.

The Gilbride-Byuns told Scary Mommy that two of their friends have fallen ill with COVID-19 symptoms but both are now recovering. The family continues to practice physical distancing and obsessive handwashing. They are also concerned that many of the non-profits and small businesses in the art community will be deeply impacted by the crisis, especially those relying on public performances. “We should be supporting our arts organizations and presenting spaces, because they need our help,” Sangho said.

We hope to hear more from this talented family of Hamilton fans and dare you to listen and not get the words stuck in your head. Da, da, da, dat, da, dat, da, da, da, da, ya da has never been such a welcome distraction from nonstop Coronavirus news. Thank you Gilbride-Byun’s for bringing some levity to this scary time.

And for any parent hoping to inspire some Hamilton level piano skills in their own kids, the Gilbride-Byun’s recommend focusing on the number of times per week of practice – not the length of each practice. Not that many of us will be performing like these pros or even getting the Zoom call to work at all, but dare to dream.

So here’s to finding joy in music and remembering that “school’ll be back.” It’s just going to take longer than we’d like.

Click here to support Shelly Gilbride’s fundraising efforts to keep the arts alive in their community during this difficult time.

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