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9 Of The Best Pianos For Kids – Major Scale Impact for Minor Scale Pianists

April 24, 2020 Updated June 30, 2021

Best Piano for Kids

We want to encourage our kids to have hobbies (ie things that keep them busy and are hopefully educational). Meaningful, long-term hobbies like learning the piano is one of the most purposeful and long lasting. Buying a piano for kids is a financial gamble that begs the question, is it worth it? Hell yes— is the short answer. You don’t have to go crazy, buying a full-size piano before you even know if they are interested (or have any potential). It’s better to start with a scaled down version or a digital piano until your LO has decided it’s still interesting after the first month.

With apps such as Piano Maestro providing digital piano lessons it’s easy to get our kids started— it even keeps them busy for periods of time (we’ve been testing it out during #quarantine and yes, it does really work!).  There’s no paying teachers or having to drive to lessons but they still get to learn notes and follow a rhythm. ABC Music is another app that teaches kids about musical exploration, they can even watch videos showing all the instruments for kids in action.

There are a lot of studies that look into the effects of learning to play the piano on the development of the brain. Everything from improved concentration to higher levels of emotional intelligence to increased math ability has been associated with skills credited to piano. According to Stanford University professor Keith Devlin, “Mathematics is about understanding and analyzing patterns. And music is audible patterns in time. And so reasoning about music and reasoning about mathematics, understanding music, understanding mathematics, listening to music, thinking about mathematics, there’s a lot of similarities between them.”

Whether or not you’re looking for an activity to bring everyone back to breathing after your last Common Core Math session (seriously whose idea was that?) or are simply looking for a kid friendly outlet for stress or anxiety, we have rounded up some options for the best piano for kids and toddlers. Play on mini-Mozart!

Best Pianos For Toddlers

GoPlus Classical Kids Piano

This child size baby grand piano is perfect for our classiest of little ones. The GoPlus Classical Kids Piano is designed for small hands (aka kids), but also sized large enough to work for children up to age 7. Styled with 30 keys (25-30 is the goal for toddlers), this beautifully designed baby grand will evoke a feeling of love for music long term. We all know how tempting it is for kids to stick their hands inside everything, but don’t worry, the focus is on safety and design. The hardwood bench and piano include rounded corners and the lid is made with safety hinges. 

Aside from providing safe entertainment, this makes a beautiful gift as it comes with a music stand and a bench (hello grandparents, you asked what to get for bday?). It’s also available in bright pink as well, for those who want their piano to be as loud when its off as when it is on.


Best Choice Products Kids Classic Wooden 30-Key Mini Grand Piano

The Best Choice 30-Key Baby Grand Piano produces unique tones (think xylophone more than piano)  as our little one begins their musical journey. Ideal for ages 3 and up, it is a complete musical experience, sized right for little ones, but with wide enough keys to learn proper finger placement. Getting the basics down early on will ease the transition to bigger pianos down the road. 

This Best Choice toddler piano comes with a bench, to ensure the right posture as the kids play (right because toddlers ALWAYS sit properly). Pro tip, when looking to determine if a piano is the right size for a LO, the keyboard should be the same height as the child’s hands when standing. This removes the strain of holding their hand up, equaling hours of entertainment and bolstering a lifetime of learning and fun.



Specifically designed for 1-3 year olds, the Korg tiny PIANO is a large scale investment in a miniature package. Certainly the name says “toy” piano but at this price point this is anything but. We know, who the hell would pay that kind of money for something our toddler is probably going to most certainly sit on? Stay with us. KORG is a leading producer of high quality digital musical instruments, this one included. Set aside the cute design and this “toy” is actually a miniaturized upright piano. 

A true sign of a good piano for a kid is that it is specifically designed for the heights and weights of a toddler. Constructed out of solid wood this piano will suit the decor of any room (unlike some other kid toys), yet is light enough that it can be easily transported wherever you go. This piano houses a 25-note keyboard that’s perfect for little hands. It has a library of 25 built-in sounds and 50 pre-recorded songs that will help LO learn fast. Oh and it’s muted volume makes it perfect for little ears (and mom’s) too!

Even though we know you love the Korg TINYpiano for it’s accurate tone and pitch, we did find a similar, yet less expensive kids option by Best Choice Piano.


aPerfectLife Kids Piano Keyboard

When shopping for a piano, there are two types you could go for – a full-sized digital piano or an electric keyboard for toddlers. The aPerfectLife is the best piano keyboard for toddlers ages 3 and up as it is lightweight, cost effective (because they might ditch this hobby in 3 days), and rightly sized. When shopping for portable keyboards, lightweight products matter so that they can be moved around by our little ones (we’re already pack mules enough!). Furthermore, toddler pianos really only need 25-30 keys to give them enough range when learning to play. 

Aside from serving as an educational toy and training tool for beginners, it is also a multifunctional instrument! Including 22 songs, different rhythms and percussion sounds as well, and a built in microphone for our budding pop star. Little ones can amuse themselves for hours recording and playing back their music, or using the learn function so mom can enjoy some peace for once. We promise there’s even volume control!

$22.99 AT AMAZON

Best Pianos For Kids Age 5 & Up

Shayson Kids Piano Keyboard

Sized perfectly for younger players, the Shayson Kids Piano Keyboard will provide hours of engaging fun for aspiring musicians. If you’ve never exposed the kids to piano playing before, this is the perfect beginner step. With 37 full-size keys and 3 octaves, this digital keyboard makes learning to play easy and fun on an instrument that’s rightly sized. 

The keyboard features a sound library of tons instrument sounds, play-along rhythms in many musical styles, and a record & playback function.  Warm up those vocal cords parents, we’re going to be asked to record a few rounds with them. We promise there’s no feature that allows for our performances to be uploaded to YouTube!

$20.99 AT AMAZON

Casio SA-76 44-Key Mini Personal Keyboard

Once a kid has outgrown a toddler sized piano, it’s time to move to a childrens musical keyboard. The Casio 44-Key Mini Personal Keyboard is the next right-sized move for young kids looking to take on piano, or move up from their first one. Keyboards on the smaller side usually have 61 or 76 keys and usually do not have weighted keys. 90% of us don’t care about this, we just want our kids engaged and out of our hair for a while. However, there is quite the debate in the music community about training young pianists with weighted keys or not. 

This model does not have weighted keys, but adds more keys over the toddler models (this is important the bigger they get). It also includes over one hundred sounds and rhythm patterns. As a result, creativity can flow freely as they create their own unique songs to either the piano or the organ setting. Did we mention the headphone jack? WIN!


RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano SuperKit

The RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano SuperKit is a one-stop shop music factory that offers a lot of value for minimal pricing. This SuperKit includes the keyboard, a stand, stool, headphones, and power supply (buh-bye batteries). The LCD screen is another reason we’re such big fans of this electronic piano. The easy to read, light up display clearly shows which tone, tempo, and rhythm is being used. The LCD screen also demonstrates which of the 61 keys need to be pressed to play along. This teaching mode will save money on a piano teacher initially with kid started lessons, but is versatile enough to be used daily.

There are over 100 piano sounds, more than 100 catchy rhythms, and 50 demo songs for our little ones to experiment all day long. With over 3000 positive reviews on Amazon, the RockJam beginner keyboard is loved by new pianists, children and adults alike. Why not join in on the fun mom? (The stand will adjust to your size too!)

$129.99 AT AMAZON

Alesis Recital Pro 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard

The Alesis Recital Beginner Digital Piano is the go to product for anyone looking to give kids an idea of what it’s really like to play a piano. The 88 hammer-action keys (this is full size btw) have an adjustable touch response, which bridges the gap between a touch sensitive keyboard, and a piano with fully weighted keys. Equipped with a “lesson mode”, the Alesis Recital allows for both a teacher and student to play at the same time (how cool is that?!). 

The sound can also be adjusted to a traditional acoustic piano, electric piano, organ, synth, or bass. This pro version also includes a “Record Mode” so our littles can feel like real recording artists as they hear their work played back to them. So that we don’t have to suffer their musical growing pains with them, we can plug in headphones and let them enjoy the music all by themselves. This piano is one that our kids can continue to grow into for years to come.


Yamaha P45 Digital Piano Bundle

This Amazon Exclusive is an amazing deal for any moms looking to invest in a long-term piano for kids. The Yamaha P45 Digital Piano bundle comes with an adjustable stand, a bench, a pedal/footswitch, a music rest, one PA150 AC adapter, monitor headphones, and a 3-year limited warranty! Our little ones won’t be surprised when they step up to an acoustic upright piano for the first time, as this little Yamaha will have trained them for it. 

Full sized, yet slim in design, and with fully weighted keys, this digital piano is the real deal. Equipped with a USB port, a sustain pedal, and a headphone jack as well, our baby (okay big kid) will have the perfect setup to rehearse, learn, and create. There are two different piano modes and 2 organ modes, allowing for diversity day to day. We recommend spending the little bit extra for the stand (P85 stand fits!) and a bench to complete the look.


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