Happy Thanksgiving!

by Scary Mommy
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To those of you who opened your hearts and wallets to help those less fortunate this Thanksgiving, thank you.

Here are just a few of the sentiments echoed on the boards over the past few weeks…

Thank you so much! I received my card today. After seeing my planned Thanksgiving menu go down to mashed potatoes and rolls, the tears are creeping into my eyes. Food security is my biggest source of stress and Scary Mommy just took a huge load off my chest!.

If you’ve never been there then you don’t know how much a little help can mean, especially when the pressure is on during the holidays. Trust that these acts of generosity will influence people for years to come.

The Thanksgiving gift we received from SM renewed my faith in mankind. Not only will it feed our stomaches, but it has fed my soul. I truly can’t express what this has meant to my family..

My daughter and I hop skipped and jumped to the mailbox today, and to our surprise found our gift card to for Thanksgiving! I cried. I was told I was approved, but it was still such a shock and blessing. Thank you to every angel who donated to Scary Mommy Nation.

As you sit down to your own Thanksgiving dinners, please know what a difference you have made for another family. And then help yourself to an extra serving of pie.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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