Harry Potter Swear Word Wine Glasses Exist And They're Hufflef*cking Awesome

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Etsy/MiseryLovesCo666

This is not a drill — these Harry Potter wine glasses are everything

Anyone who thinks the entire Harry Potter series of books and movies is for children, please — direct your attention to these wine glasses at once. Because there’s nothing more adult than giving a Griffyndamn about pairing a glass of Moscato with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Etsy shop MiseryLovesCo666 (appropriate) has a whole line of these sweary, savory wine glasses that will light up your literature-loving heart.

Image via Etsy/MiseryLovesCo666

First up, the house everyone wants to be sorted into: Gryffindor. Except it’s a phrase that would make Hermione Granger blush.

Image via Etsy/MiseryLovesCo666

A few of these and you won’t be giving a Gryffindamn about much of anything. These glasses are also a perfect addition to your holiday shopping list, for any of your like-minded friends and relatives.

Because who wouldn’t want to pour a butterbeer (don’t lie, you know you’ve used wine glasses for things that aren’t wine — we’re not fancy here) into either of these:

Image via Etsy/MiseryLovesCo666

Image via Etsy/MiseryLovesCo666

And with Thanksgiving quickly approaching (yes, yes, Halloween first, yadda yadda yadda), that means many of us will be subject to the company of at least one or two Trump-loving relatives. Since it’s pretty much impossible to ignore the fact that they’re complicit in showing support for caging innocent children and believe rich, privileged white men over sexual assault victims whilst sober — ta-da!

Image via Etsy/MiseryLovesCo666

They probably aren’t familiar with the good vs. evil lore of Harry Potter anyway, so just go ahead and make it known you give ZERO HUFFLEF*CKS.

Even Dumbledore himself can’t come up with a better solution than taking several gulps from these glasses in order to deal with the MAGA nuts in our lives. (Well, short of ordering a Cruciatus curse upon them all. Which we don’t want to do — too messy, plus it’s the holidays.)

Now, accio wallet and head on over to Etsy.

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