Mom Horrifies The Internet With Tale Of 'Haunted' Elsa Doll

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When it comes to her daughter’s Elsa doll, this mom is really, really ready to “let it go”

Last night, I was talking on the phone to my sister when my 6-year-old niece, Peyton, interrupted our conversation. Handing a Barbie camper to my sister, Peyton explained that one of her dolls “wouldn’t quit moving by itself,” so she trapped it inside the toy RV. We laughed it off, because how else were we going to sleep at night? Fast forward to today: A story about a Frozen doll seemingly haunting a family is creeping out people on the internet.

The now-viral post made by a woman named Emily Madonia about her daughter’s Elsa doll is definitely pretty freaky. The gist was this: Madonia and her family in Texas tried to toss out the doll in question. Emphasis on tried, because little haunted Elsa homegirl came back, y’all. Not once, but twice.

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Her original motivation for tossing the Elsa doll was pure practicality.

“We decided to get rid of it because we wanted to get rid of old toys before Christmas, so we would have room for new ones. I didn’t even think about the Elsa doll. My daughter said she didn’t care about it anymore, so it was easy to throw away. It was so old and germy and she had already colored on it with her markers, it seemed useless to donate it, so it went in the garbage outside,” Madonia told Scary Mommy.

But, as we now know, Elsa didn’t stay gone. “Two weeks later we were looking for something and found the doll inside a wooden bench in the living room. A bench that was covered in books and things and we never usually opened — and wouldn’t have opened if we hadn’t been looking for something we had lost.”

At this point, the family had what I feel to be a perfectly reasonable response to molded plastic traversing the supernatural realm to play hide-and-seek in your house. Madonia explained, “My husband found it and yelled, and I came running in. He put on rubber gloves and double bagged the doll and took it out to the curb inside the garbage can with all the other garbage on top of it. The truck took it away.” And while Madonia’s husband clearly made a good call with the rubber gloves, it mattered not: “Two weeks later my daughter found the doll (no bags) hidden in our backyard.”

Scary Mommy asked Madonia the obvious question: Is there any way her kids or her husband, or really any other animate person that isn’t a demonic doll, could be pranking her? Despite what people may believe to the contrary, though, Madonia makes a few very good points.

For starters, the entire situation “has been a huge stress” for her. If this was a loved one, they would surely have given up the gag by now. Her kids don’t really comprehend the fact that it could be something sinister — they’re just excited to see if Elsa comes back, “like Santa or the Tooth Fairy.” Her husband is right there with her in suffering “legitimate lost nights of sleep” over this.

Also, the alternative to the doll being haunted isn’t exactly any more comforting. “Rationally I wanted to believe it was a person doing this, but how terrifying is that? Especially since it would have been very difficult to find it in the garbage that had been taken. And someone secretly coming into my house and backyard is a terrible thought, too,” she said.

Madonia says that since their Elsa story went viral, they’ve received a lot of feedback (we all know how the internet loves opinions). One thing people keep harping on is the fact that she mentioned the doll — although it was marketed as a bilingual toy — only spoke English for the first two years, regardless of what setting it was on. “Then it started randomly speaking Spanish as well. But right before we got rid of it, it would only speak Spanish. And it stopped singing,” she explained. “It was only talking, whether we pushed the button or not.”

This didn’t immediately throw up any red flags for Madonia, because #momlife. If you have children, you have experienced the random and sometimes strange ways toys malfunction. However, and it’s a spine-tingling one, there was a very recent moment the doll gave Madonia chills.

“The creepiest thing I ever saw the doll actually do is when I boxed it up to send to a friend in Minnesota, it laughed for about 30 seconds straight. Usually it would have a little giggle after saying something, but it has never laughed like that before, and that chilled me to the bone. My husband and I both looked at it in horror before we taped the box shut, drove it to the post office, and mailed it off,” she shared.

As for where they mailed it and how the saga of the possessed Elsa doll will continue to unfold, a man by the name of Chris Hogan is the new owner of creepy Elsa. “I don’t think he believes it could be haunted, so he took it for fun. I’m a skeptic too, but I just can’t explain what happened here,” said Madonia. “I’ll feel better if a couple weeks go by and it doesn’t reappear at my house. It is, after all, 1500 miles away right now.”

She also covered her bases by shipping the Elsa with no return address (she and Hogan are online running buddies) to a P.O. box. Hogan couldn’t send it back to her house if he wanted to. If the doll does come back, we feel confident in suggesting that the family should move, hire a paranormal investigator, or both.

In the meantime, Madonia says Hogan has promised to post any updates on his Twitter feed @Hogan698. So, say hello to your new paranormal status update obsession.

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