Hefty #PartyHardMoms Release Us From the Drudgery of Everyday Life

by Hollee Actman Becker
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Hefty Ultimate Cups (the poor man’s red Solo, at least until further notice) has just released what I think may be the most brilliant digital campaign ever. The spots—unveiled last week on the Hefty Facebook page—take regular moms and turn them into #partyhardmoms by dressing them as conservative PTA types and then having them recap last night’s epic rager in deadpan Spring Breaker speak.

Teen slang like “Get over here, girl, this party is tight,” “Don’t hate because you can’t relate,” and “Bottles were poppin’ and the ice luge was on fleek” is taken to a whole new level of absurdity when delivered confession-style by a bunch of straight-laced, cardigan-wearing moms who talk straight to the camera while unpacking groceries and folding laundry.

“Traditionally mothers are cast in one light: wholesome caregivers for their children,” said Hefty Cups director of marketing Lynnette Hinch in the campaign press release. “But the reality is moms are much more complex and multifaceted.”

Clearly the squad at Hefty has never heard of Kris Jenner. Or Brandi Glanville. Or any of the other #partyhardmoms on reality TV. Then again, maybe that’s where they got the inspiration for the campaign in the first place. “Social networks are extremely important to [moms], and time spent with friends is often a welcome escape from the drudgery of daily life,” Hinch goes on to explain. “We decided to activate that sense of fun… In essence, we’re giving moms permission to party harder with the ideal party cup from Hefty.”

I’d swipe right for that. My daughter, however, is so not down. I showed her the videos yesterday and she laughed so hard she almost peed. Then she looked over at me all serious and said, “Mom, don’t even.”

Whatevs. Bye, Felicia!

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