Help Us Build the Best Mom Squad Ever

by Team Scary Mommy
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What’s better than uniting Scary Mommies around the content they love? Bringing everyone together IRL and in online communities! And to do it, we need your help, mama.

We want to host live, in-person events in cities across the country for Scary Mommies, as well as bring Scary Mommies into our fam to tell us what they think on a regular basis. Before we create the biggest and best mom squad the world has ever seen, we want you to help shape it.

The brief survey below (seriously, it’s just a few questions) taps into which types of events are worth your time to attend — mommy meetups, girl’s night outs, wine tastings, book clubs — and which ones you’re just too crazy busy to make it to. Since we picture local Scary Mommies leading these events (because that will just make them even cooler), we also want to know what types of perks these badass ambassadors should get and how much time a busy mom like you has.

If there are any great ideas you think we’ve missed, you can include them in the “other” fields in the survey. We’re prepared to have our minds blown!

Click here to take the survey

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