Here Are Some Pics That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Current Situation

by Mike Julianelle
Image via Instagram/ Kids Are The Worst

Hilarious Instagram account is just what stressed parents need

It’s easy for parents to stress out about the things they’re doing wrong, and there are always other moms and dads around who look like they’ve got the gig totally handled.

So it’s nice when someone comes along and shows us we’re not alone. It’s even better when their evidence is hilarious.

One glance at the Kids Are the Worst Instagram page and it quickly becomes obvious why it has almost 300,000 followers. For one thing, it’s relatable – kids are the worst – and for another, it’s absolutely hysterical.

From the joys of shopping with kids…

…to the hazards of letting them sit on your shoulders…

…to how “easy” it is to travel with them …

… there are no kid-related atrocities, blunders, and straight-up headshakers that this account doesn’t capture.

Some of them pics and videos on the Kids Are The Worst timeline don’t require descriptions:

And others have you laughing so hard, you couldn’t possibly spit one out:

I’m going to need a minute.

We all love our kids, and parenting, while tiring and frustrating and overwhelming and scary and thankless and… what was I saying?

The point is, if you can’t laugh at the absurdity of it all, you’ll never survive. This account is a perfect example of just how ridiculous this gig can be, and browsing it is a harmless way to let off some steam, and maybe thank the gods that your kids aren’t in any of the pics or videos.

Except maybe these kids:

Gotta respect that teamwork.