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Here’s How You Can Feed Your Family Healthy Meals (Without Leaving the House & Going Bananas)


Our kids, as much as we love them, are hangry little nuggets of emotion when it comes to what they will and won’t eat. One day they’re human vacuums who will eat anything and the next they’re practically on a hunger strike because a single rice kernel touched one cube of cheese.

As human moms and not robot chefs, dinner is a thing that seems to gnaw at us every single day. After all, dinner is more than just putting food on a plate — there’s the planning, shopping, putting it away, bringing it back out, cooking it, and the final hurdle of serving it. If you’re exhausted by reading about dinner, we’re all exhausted from doing it. (Even if we haven’t left the house.)

There’s Definitely An Easier Way To Make Dinner (During Regular Life and Can’t-Leave-The-House Life)

After a hectic day at work and an evening spent feeding and caring for her son, Jennifer Chow found herself up until midnight washing, chopping, prepping, and cooking her son’s meals for the next day. She knew there had to be a better way, and the idea for Nurture Life was born.

Nurture Life delivers nutritionally balanced and delicious meals for the family straight to your door — and they take less than two minutes from refrigerator to plate. Oh, did you hear that? It was you sighing with sweet relief.

With So Many Stressors Right Now, A Meal Subscription Could Really Help

A weekly Nurture Life subscription provides families with meals for all ages and stages of development. We’re talking nutritious, balanced, easy meal options straight to your door. Every meal is freshly made, and freezes easily. It’s like Nurture Life is coming straight for your heart too because, seriously, did all of our wishes just get granted or what?!

With a focus on organic produce, antibiotic-free proteins, and whole grains you can feel good about what you’re serving your family instead of shame-serving them something you hope they think is edible. Plus, Nurture Life never adds preservatives or artificial flavors, which is really like doing Salt Bae but with sprinkles on this already everything-we-ever-wanted-meal-subscription cake.

Basically, We Only Need To Show Up To The Table (YASSS!)

Tired of having a self-feeder eat Cheerios all day? For our tiniest 10-24 month humans, finger-food meals are cut to be big enough for little fingers to pick up, small enough to prevent choking, and soft enough to mush without molars. Think turkey meatloaf, broccoli, pasta fagioli, and salmon cakes, all in pea sized bites. Plus, they are brightly colored and packed with critical nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to power the rapid growth and development taking place at this age.

Older kids get meals like Chicken Meatballs with Pasta & Vegetables, Bolognese with Penne (that include a full serving of veggies) and even Teriyaki Salmon with Rainbow Veggie Rice.

Nurture Life understands concerns about allergies and diet restrictions, so all their products are peanut and tree nut-free (except coconut) and made in a nut-free facility. When you’re selecting your meals, you can use the dietary filter function to be sure your meals are free from wheat, dairy, egg, and other restrictions.

What Makes These Folks So Sure My Kids Will Like This Stuff?

Cooking for kids requires a special understanding that when a child approaches a dish, it’s with a fresh palate. They haven’t been exposed to certain flavors or textures, so each dish is an opportunity to shape their perspective. The dishes are kid and parent tested, and the registered dietitians and chefs that create the meals take feedback to heart.

Nurture Life makes it easy to get your kids the nutrients they need today, as well as teaching them to love making healthy food choices for life. And because they know how the only constant in a parent’s life is change, there’s no commitment — skip weeks or cancel anytime.

Check out all the meal plans online to learn how Nurture Life can make your life easier.

Meal planning doesn’t have to be stressful. Nurture Life provides healthy, balanced, easy meal options to feed your child at any age. Get 25% off your first two orders with the code SCARYMOMMY. New customers only, applied at checkout.