Hilarious Ad Imagines A World Where Men Breastfeed

by Maria Guido
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Images via Naya Breast Pump

Breast pump company imagines a world where men breastfeed

Workplace accommodations for breastfeeding would be way different if men did it, we all know it. A company that makes a pretty revolutionary breastfeeding pump debuted an ad this week that would be even funnier if it weren’t so true.

The ad imagines what the workplace environment would be like if men breastfed. Spoiler alert: it’s just a tad different than your office accommodations for breastfeeding, which may involve a broom closet or stock room — and maybe even a toilet (if you’re lucky!)

The people behind the new Naya breast pump think things would be just a little different if men were the ones lactating.

No hiding in the store room for the fellas!

Someone would definitely have the job of eagerly polishing those finicky tubes!

There would be snacks!

Most of all, men would be celebrating how awesome they are, constantly.

We’re good though, right ladies? The Break Time For Nursing Mothers law requires our employees provide a “reasonable time” to breastfeed in a “private space.” Who needs comfort, snacks, and high fives when you can hide in a storage room?

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