Hilary Duff Reveals Positive COVID Diagnosis

hilary duff delta variant
(Frazer Harrison / Getty Images North America)

Hilary Duff shared on Instagram that she’s been diagnosed with COVID-19 after starting production for How I Met Your Father.

Just days after getting onto the set of How I Met Your Father, the spinoff series of How I Met Your Mother, Hilary Duff revealed on her Instagram stories that she has contracted the Delta variant of COVID-19, a highly contagious form of the novel coronavirus.

(Hilary Duff/Instagram)

“That delta… she’s a little b*tch. symptoms: bad headache. No taste of smell. sinus pressure. Brain fog.” she captioned a photo on her Instagram story Friday, August 20.

“Happy to be vaxxed ✌🏻” Duff concluded in her Instagram story. She describes symptoms that sound like a drag, but much more manageable than being on a ventilator, or worse. The majority of deaths due to COVID-19 or complications from COVID, roughly 98 to 99%, are in unvaccinated people. Anecdotal evidence from unvaccinated people who contracted COVID-19 make Duff’s symptoms seem like a walk in the park (not to belittle Hil’s suffering!)

(Hilary Duff/Instagram)

Duff posted another photo sipping on what we assume is a healthy concoction of sorts while laying in bed. We hope that Hil is able to get the rest she needs in order to fully recover from COVID and that her fellow cast members stay isolated and get tested, STAT!

Just a few days before her diagnosis, Duff posted a photo with fellow How I Met Your Father cast members.

There has been no word from Hulu on whether or not production is stopping, or if any of the other cast or crew members on the series have tested positive for the Delta variant.

Duff’s case is part of a continuously rising Delta surge in Los Angeles

Roughly 30% of new infections in the Los Angeles County are breakthrough cases. Breakthrough cases — AKA when people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and still contract the virus — are rare and typically in a milder or asymptomatic form. Still, it is important to note that these breakthrough cases don’t mean the vaccine isn’t working, as no vaccine is 100% effective. Other celebs, like Melissa Joan Hart, have also contracted the contagious-as-the-chicken-pox Delta variant of COVID.

Even in a post-vaccine world, Duff and Hart’s stories are a somber reminder that we are still very much living in the middle of a pandemic. Cases continue to skyrocket in certain parts of the United States, with the highest infection rates coming from the states with the lowest vaccination rates. As of August 21, 2021, 51.2% of Americans eligible for inoculation are vaccinated.