Women Voting For Trump: What. Are. You. Doing?

by Meredith Bland
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New ad from the Clinton campaign reminds us of all the ways Trump is bad for women

Hillary Clinton has come out with another ad that reminds us why Trump is so incredibly bad for women. So bad. In every way. The man clearly hates women and has no respect for us, which makes me wonder: if you’re a woman voting for Trump, why are you a thing? Why are there any women who can watch this ad and still be willing to cast their vote for this guy? Let’s take the ad apart and discuss.

Trump thinks giving women power and autonomy is dangerous.

And you know what? He’s right. Because women with power and autonomy are bad news for men like him. We demand respect. We don’t put up with sexist garbage. We don’t care what he thinks of our looks and have no desire to please him. Men like Trump hate that.

His “locker room talk” is dangerous for all of us.

By voting for Trump, you’re giving him a pass on his “locker room talk” bullshit excuse for sexual assault. Think about what that means for our daughters. I don’t want to bring my daughter up in a culture that thinks that that kind of talk is excusable because it’s “just guy talk.” I can’t believe that she might live in a country that would not just minimize that kind of talk about women but would elect the man who said it president. When I think about the effect that this permissive attitude about misogyny might have on the men and boys who will be in my little girl’s world in the next few years, it makes me want to scream. And hit something. And have that thing be a face. And have that face be Trump’s.

Also, the fact that Trump didn’t even consider that women are athletes who use locker rooms as well says a lot, but we don’t have time for that right now because he says so many horrible things.

Ever had an eating disorder? Would you like one?

Women face judgment about our bodies every day — do we really need it from our president? The man owned beauty pageants. Beauty pageants — where women put on swimsuits and high heels and get scored on a scale of 1-10. (And please don’t try to tell me that these are “scholarship contests” and that these women are being judged on their “fitness” because the election is a week away and none of us have time for that nonsense.)

It has been proven over and over again that Trump judges women on their looks first, and that he has disdain for women who are overweight or who otherwise don’t meet his standards of beauty. And he is very open about it. How on earth can that be acceptable in a president?

He. Is. Not. On. Our. Side.

Of course, women don’t just vote about one issue. Women care about border security, the economy, terrorism, and so on, and some feel that despite whatever stupid things Trump has said, those issues are more important than whether or not he thinks some chick is fat. Ok. Except that we disagree completely.

Because when the chips are down, the door is closed, and no one is watching, do you really think he’s going to be on our side? Remember when he said that women who have abortions should be punished? Sure, he walked that back, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that when he was put on the spot and forced to give an opinion on women’s rights, his gut told him that the right answer was to punish women. That is his default. And he will do it again and again and again when it comes to women’s issues if he is president. And we will be utterly and completely fucked.

But Hillary….

Fine. You hate Hillary. You think she’s a liar and schemer. If you’re mad that Hillary is a liar, guess what? You’re right. She does lie. So does every other politician. But if you think Trump is somehow more honest because he’s not a politician, then you’re looney tunes. Sure, he hasn’t lied about issues of national importance, but that’s only because he hasn’t had the chance. Think about how much he lies about little things like facts and statistics. Do you think he will lie less about more important things as president? Bish, please. If this election is about the lesser of two evils, then at least consider the fact that Hillary doesn’t think less of you because you’re a woman.

We hear again and again in comment sections that Trump supporters feel like they’re being asked to vote for Hillary because she has a vagina. First of all, I have never once heard anyone make that argument. Second, vaginas are super cool and all, but I’m not voting for one to be our president. The reason I’m voting for Hillary, besides every single damn thing, is that I still want to respect my president. I still want to feel proud that this is the person who is representing our country. And I want, at the bare minimum, to know that that person views women as equal and worthwhile human beings.

People say that they would love to have a woman president, they just don’t want this one. Well, I don’t want a president who would call me a fat pig and promote misogyny around the world. For all the talk about what should “disqualify” Hillary from being president, I would hope that those issues would make a Trump presidency a non-starter. Let’s stand up for ourselves as women, and on Tuesday, November 8th, let’s show Trump that pussies aren’t for grabbing — pussies are president.

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