Hilarious Parody Video Nails Everything That’s Terrible About Weekday Mornings

by Ashley Austrew
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This parody making fun of hectic weekday mornings is the Holderness family’s funniest video yet.

Parenthood has a reputation for sleepless nights, but when kids get older and start school, it’s those hectic school day mornings that really leave you begging for mercy. The heads of the Holderness family are no stranger to this phenomenon, and in their latest video, It’s So Hard To Get Them Out The Door, they take on chaotic mornings in the funniest way possible.

The Holderness clan is known for their spot-on parodies of all things marriage and family, and they held nothing back in tackling the shit-show of a busy Monday morning. Sung to the tune of Boyz II Men’s “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday,” their new song tackles everything from the painful wake-up process to the idle threats we make while our kids refuse to get ready to the mad dash to the car 10 minutes after we were supposed to be out the door.

The video opens with mom Kim Holderness angrily dragging her exhausted kids out of bed while her husband, Penn, croons into the mic:

“Just wake up,
Please sit up and comb your nasty hair.
It’s time for school.
Don’t make me get cruel and kidnap your bear.
Getting downstairs, taking forever
Staring at your pants in the hallway,
It’s so hard to get ’em out the door, every day.”

From there, Kim sips coffee and looks frazzled while her kids fight, stare off into space, and take forever to get dressed. They can’t find their stuff, they don’t want to wear pants — all the usual complaints. Penn perfectly sums up the quintessential problem with weekday mornings as he sings:

“Any clues? Where are your shoes?
You can’t go to school barefooted.
All I know is on weekends you’re up at 6am,
and on a school day you’re like a zombie,
and I have to wake you up three times a day,
and I want to pull all my hair out.“

The video has only been up for about five hours as of this writing, but already it has almost two million views because, seriously what parent can’t relate to this? Weekday mornings are the absolute worst, and with over 25,000 shares, it seems fans of the Holderness family absolutely agree. Hundreds of people have left comments detailing their own crazy mornings and thanking Penn and Kim for letting us know we aren’t the only ones for whom the struggle is real.

It just goes to show that no matter how many outfits you pick out the night before or lunches you pre-pack, no one is immune to the madness. Getting a family out the door is complete hell, but thanks to the Holderness family, now we at least have a fun song to hum while we’re racing back in the house for the 37th time to grab a forgotten backpack.

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