The Last Year (Or Two) Has Been A Lot — This Holiday Season, Make Time For Play

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When we became parents, we knew there would be challenges — sleep deprivation, diaper explosions, struggling to remember long division in order to help an older child with their homework — but none of us were prepared for parenting through a global pandemic. It’s been tough on every parent, and while we finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, we’re still recovering from a year or two of… whatever that was. In conclusion: Everyone’s a little fried (and a lot Zoomed out), and we could all use some fun this holiday season.

One way to bring some magic back into our lives is through the simple, silly joy of playing with our kids. Games, educational toys, puzzles, imagination and pretend play, outdoor fun — however your family plays, we’re here for it. What kids and parents need right now is just to be present with each other and have fun, so if it allows you to connect and have quality time, it’s perfect. Here are a few ways to add some playful fun to your holiday season — starting with your Toys R Us shopping list.

Remember playtime?

Think back to when you were a kid. The best parts of childhood weren’t about having fancy things or tons of extracurriculars — it was all about playtime. Outdoors, indoors, with friends, and best of all, with family. Maybe you had siblings to play games with, or maybe your parents sat and battled it out with you in Monopoly. Perhaps the holidays were all about card games with cousins, or maybe your whole neighborhood had a huge snowball fight.

Whatever your best memory of play is, we bet it was awesome. You can create the same kinds of lifelong memories for your own kids by encouraging them to put down the screens, let loose, and simply be kids. And, by finding presents that help make this happen this holiday season, you’ll be giving them the gift of playtime — something every kid wants and needs, especially after the last couple of years.

Get inspired at your local Toys R Us

There’s nothing like walking around a toy store just before the holidays. Seriously, what’s better than finding a super cool gift that will make your kids squeal in excitement? You may even find that special stuffed toy that stays with your kids until university (or later). Shopping online is great too, but in-store shopping is an experience you simply can’t replicate with a computer.

We love Toys R Us year-round, but during the holiday season, it’s our absolute favorite spot. Browsing the aisles, exploring different sections of the store, checking off our kids’ wish lists — we practically become kids again ourselves. Shopping in a physical store is the fastest way to get what you need, and when you’re in a dedicated toy store, you won’t find yourself wandering off to run other errands like fill a prescription or buy groceries. It’s all about the toys, just like the holidays should be!

Discover new trends — plus, same day delivery

This year’s must-have gift is whatever brings your kids joy — but if you need a little inspiration, head to the Toys R Us website. They’ve got trending toys listed by age, which is perfect if you need a little guidance. After all, Cabbage Patch Dolls are still pretty cool, but what does a six-year-old want in 2021? Geoffrey the Giraffe knows. With over 4,400 items in the toy book alone, there’s truly something for everyone.

Of course, not everyone can get out to a store, and sometimes we leave things too late to shop online. Not to worry, parents — did you know you can actually get same day delivery of many Toys R Us items thanks to DoorDash? Seriously: THIS IS NOT A DRILL. DoorDash is available through 80 Toys R Us stores nationwide, so go ahead order yourself a latte one day and a LEGO set to go the next. This is what the Internet was made for, honestly, and you’ve earned a break this year. It’s like unlocking a new level of millennial parenting — happy holidays indeed!

Playtime is a gift that every member of a family can enjoy, and this year, we’re appreciating those moments more than ever. If you can slow down, relax, and enjoy some old-school fun with your family, you’ll create memories to last a lifetime. Here’s to a holiday season that’s filled with laughter, fun, and most of all, playtime for everyone.

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