You Can Stay In The Actual 'Home Alone' House This Christmas

by Christina Marfice

This Christmas season, Airbnb is offering a one-night stay in the iconic Chicago mansion from Home Alone — complete with booby traps

There are few movies as absolutely iconic during the holiday season as Home Alone. No matter how old you are, no matter what generation you come from, you can agree that watching Kevin McAllister get left behind while his family heads on a holiday trip to Paris, then singlehandedly defend their giant mansion from some dastardly burglars, is holiday fun at its best. And now, you can take your love of Home Alone to the next level — by booking a stay in the actual house featured in the movie franchise.

To celebrate the release of the Disney+ reboot, Home Sweet Home Alone, Airbnb has listed the iconic Chicago mansion where the original Home Alone takes place. Guests can try to book the one-night stay for just $25 beginning Dec. 7, and the Dec. 12 sleepover comes with all kinds of features and perks that will definitely make you feel like you’re starring in your own Home Alone movie.


The house will be decorated just like it is in the classic Christmas film, with a fully trimmed tree and twinkling lights galore. Aftershave will be available in the master bath (screaming into the mirror is optional, but highly encouraged, of course). And the house will come fully stocked with a wide variety of ’90s snacks, including some delicious Chicago deep-dish pizza, that you can chow down on while enjoying a private screening of Home Sweet Home Alone.


The best part about this promotional stay? The listing notes that the house is stocked with “booby traps galore.” Don’t worry, though, the guests staying at the mansion will be the ones setting the traps, not trying to avoid them.


And the worst part of the stay is that it includes a meet-and-greet with a real, live tarantula, but maybe you can skip that part if you ask nicely.

The stay is hosted by Buzz McAllister, Kevin’s older brother in the Home Alone franchise.

“We may all be older and wiser now, but we’re never too old for holiday hijinks,” Buzz said in a press release. “So this year, spend the holidays not-so-home-alone at my parents’ house.”


To honor the season of giving, Airbnb will also make a one-time donation to Chicago’s La Rabida Children’s Hospital, which is dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of life for each of its patients with complex conditions, disabilities, and chronic illness.

Airbnb notes that this is not a contest, and whoever manages to book the stay will have to pay the $25, plus taxes and fees, and be responsible for their own travel to and from Chicago. Bookings open Dec. 7 at 1 p.m.