Hospitals Everywhere Should Have This Amazing Co-Sleeping Bed For New Moms

by Valerie Williams
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If you’ve struggled to get out of a hospital bed to fetch your crying baby after a c-section or vaginal birth, you’ll be in awe of this new invention. Australian parenting site BellyBelly posted a photo of a new kind of maternity bed with a little side-car bassinet so a mom would hardly need to move to tend to her crying baby. Now, doesn’t that make sense? This is the hospital bed of any new mom’s dreams, be it post-c-section or vaginal birth. If you’re done having kids, you might wish you could have one more just to use this ridiculously convenient bed.

Check out this dream set-up and tell us you aren’t thinking “HOLY HELL, YES!”

There is no background information from BellyBelly regarding where these beds can currently be found, so we want to know. Where did this magical contraption come from? Is it being implemented anywhere yet? Why isn’t it a thing in every hospital the world over? What an absolutely wonderful concept. BellyBelly mentions its handiness for c-section moms in particular but of course, it would work for any mother after labor and delivery as well. There are co-sleeping bassinets that you can buy for your bed at home, so why not for at the hospital when your pain is most acute along with your need to see your brand-new baby every moment the mood strikes?

Any mom who had to stay overnight at the hospital alone with her newborn can appreciate how incredible this set-up would be. I can’t be the only one who hobbled out of bed feeling her organs sloshing around post-c-section to get her crying infant from his little glass bassinet. My husband had to stay at home with our toddler so I didn’t have him around during the night for my hospital stay. The nurses can only get there so quickly and when you have a roommate trying to sleep and a hungry infant that sounds like an ambulance siren, you have to act quickly. Any mom on that situation would’ve killed for a bed like that to make things easier.

Not to mention, how nice would this be for nursing moms in particular? It can take several tries to get a baby to latch when you’re first starting to breastfeed and even then, the baby might fall asleep within minutes. Being able to gently set them down in their own bed between attempts without having to slide yourself out of your bed with either vaginal stitches or a weeping c-section wound to put them in a bassinet would be flat-out amazing. Having to try again and again to get the baby to nurse is no big deal when you’re right next to them. This is such a no-brainer. And I know I fell asleep with my son in my hospital bed after repeated tries at nursing had failed and the nurses scolded me for it. Sorry, my body was falling apart and he was nice and snug. I wasn’t going anywhere that might disturb him or put me in tremendous pain. This bed would solve a multitude of issues, really.

New mothers have enough to deal with in the days immediately following their baby’s birth. The least we deserve is a more convenient situation with our infant after either major surgery or vaginal trauma. Come on, American hospitals. Moms need this, and so much more.

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