Summer: How Water, Sweat and Sand Can Impact Your Lady Parts

Summer: How Water, Sweat and Sand Can Impact Your Lady Parts

by Alison Bucalo

Summer is the time for sand, sea and sweat, and because of that your vagina needs extra care during these hot months. Expert gynecologist Dr. Ashley Bartolot recently sat down with Madge the Vag and took a deep dive into how summer can take a toll on your lady parts. SUBSCRIBE to ScaryMommyTV.

When the summer weather hits, you want to swim to cool off, but is that safe for your vagina? It depends. Salt water and lakes are relatively safe, but your local pool might be a different story. The chemicals in pool water can irritate the vulva and outside of the vagina. “What about a hot tub?” you ask. When it comes time for a soak in the hot tub, keep it short and make sure that the hot tub reaches 104 degrees or bacteria can form and put you at risk.

Going to the beach? Sand is wonderful between the toes but not down your pants. If too much sand gets down there, you may find that it can irritate your private area. Dr. Baratolot suggests a quick shower and gently scrubbing it away. Exfoliating your face may be a good thing, but exfoliating your vulva, not so much.

Take a deep breath and exhale. We’re talking about your vagina. It needs to breathe. In the summer, you’re running around in the hot and humid weather. A little sweat is ok, but staying too moist for too long can be bad. Bacteria love hot places and right now isn’t the best time to have to run to the doctor. Keep yourself safe by avoiding this all together. To do this, opt for loose, cotton clothing. If you feel damp, do a quick change into clothes. This might mean a few outfits a day. Make it a fashion moment! And remember, if you’re swimming don’t stay in a wet swimsuit for long periods of time. No one likes a yeast infection, especially in the summer.

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