Scary Mommy | How to Do Your Taxes Like a Boss This Year

How to Do Your Taxes Like a Boss This Year

January 31, 2020 Updated January 30, 2020


It’s tax season. And there’s always that one friend. The one who says something like, “Hey, do yourself a favor and remember that your taxable income is calculated by taking your AGI and subtracting your total exemptions and deductions and that determines your total tax picture before tax credits.” You smile and nod, but think, “What the heck did she just say?”

Well, I have no idea either! But you know what? I don’t NEED to! Because this year, I plan to do my taxes differently.

Am I becoming a CPA? Absolutely not. I’m using an amazing online service from TurboTax called TurboTax Live. With TurboTax Live, I can ask any tax question I want without embarrassment and — most importantly! — without leaving my house. I’m getting access to real CPAs on my schedule . And you can, too.

Here’s how to do your taxes LIKE A BAWSE.

Talk to real live human beings

No, I’m not suggesting adding another appointment to your calendar that requires clean hair or looking for parking. I’m saying you can click to connect with real life human beings who also happen to be tax experts. Whether it’s Saturday morning at the soccer field or midnight cheese hour at the fridge, the future is now, friends, when it comes to doing your taxes.

With TurboTax Live, you connect live via one-way video. That means you can see them but that they can’t see you — which is very good news for those of us who would rather not be camera-ready at all times.  You can ask unlimited questions, get personalized advice, or even have your return reviewed, signed, and filed for you. You’ll talk to real tax experts and they won’t make you feel like your question is silly or embarrassing.

You can connect from anywhere, on your schedule. Think of a tax question while you’re waiting in line for coffee?  Connect with a real-life human being (no bots!) via your smartphone, tablet or laptop. More of a “wake up in a panic wondering about a deduction” kinda gal? No problem. TurboTax Live is available on demand and you can seamlessly start, stop, and continue your taxes across devices with assistance from certified experts.

Which brings me to my next tip…

Make sure your experts are actually experts

My cousin’s boyfriend knows a little about a lot of money-type stuff and loves to offer advice. But he is NOT a tax professional and therefore I will NOT be trusting his advice when it comes to getting my biggest possible refund. With TurboTax Live, I get easy access to tax advice from credentialed professionals because 100% of the tax experts are CPAs, EAs, or Tax Attorneys. Connecting with an elite team of tax experts for personalized tax assistance and answers on demand? Uhhhh, yes please! Cannot recommend this enough.

(Also, I just recently found out what an EA is. EA stands for Enrolled Agent, which means they’re people who have earned the only credentials the IRS actually awards. It means they know tax stuff.)

File with complete confidence

Even if you’ve got a pretty straight forward understanding of your tax situation, you may feel that last-minute wondering if you did it all right. Especially when you have kids “helping you” (air quotes) while doing your return.

With TurboTax Live, you’ll get all the assurance you need that you’re getting your biggest possible refund and that your taxes are done right. They can even review your return line-by-line, sign and file for you, so you can be confident you’re getting the best tax outcome possible, securely, from any device, any time.

Look, being a mom isn’t easy. When the laundry is piling up and your boss is getting a little overzealous with the emails, it’s tough to feel like you’re doing anything like a boss, least of all your taxes. So you’ve got to take any chance you get to make things easier.

This year, get every dollar you deserve with total confidence that your taxes are done right. That’s what I’m doing with TurboTax Live. 

Oh, and that friend? I plan to teach her a thing or two next year. High fives all around, boss mamas!

This year, do your taxes with TurboTax Live. Click to connect with real live tax experts, get unlimited tax advice, and be confident you’re doing it like a boss.