How To Teach A Toddler To Pee In Public

by Julie Kottakis
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Congratulations! Your child is potty trained, but what about peeing in public? That’s a whole other game. Here are some tips on teaching your toddler how to pee in public. And remember, wear a mask! (note: This video was recorded before COVID 19). Subscribe to Scary Mommy here:

When it comes to toddlers and peeing, there are some signs and giveaways. For example, the pee pee dance. Once your toddler starts hopping around or holding their pants or wiggling their bottom, it’s a sign they’ve got to get to a toilet and fast. The problem with little kids? They don’t like to stop the playing to do the peeing. The minute you see the pee pee dance, drop whatever you’re doing and gun it to the nearest bathroom or your kid will really be peeing in public. Toddlers don’t tell you until the pee is coming out. So keep an eye out for signs and hope for the best.

You’ve made it to the bathroom, so now it’s time to choose your stance. If the bathroom is a filthy one, you might not want your child’s butt anywhere near the toilet seat. Simple fix – hold your child like a taco with that butt hovering over the toilet. One arm is under the legs and one arm is under the armpits and pee.

Boys are a little easier when it comes to a public peeing. A good old lift and aim should do the trick. Just make sure his little peeper isn’t hitting the toilet seat.

The least physically fatiguing is the cover and hover. Cover that seat with layers of toilet paper, sit them down and hold them to just make sure they don’t fall in the seat. Now of course, these stances may have to change or be altered if it’s a number two. Fingers are always crossed for number ones.

Nobody likes a surprise in a public toilet situation and that includes the automatic flush. The automatic flush will go off at any given moment and even repeatedly sometimes. Little ones don’t like them. No one wants to feel like they’re going to be flushed away. So, if you can avoid them, do it. If not, join me in my anger against whoever created them.

The peeing (hopefully not the pooping) is done, but the public bathroom experience isn’t. Train your kids to not touch anything in a public restroom. Have them put those hands up where you can see them. Do the lift and wash so they don’t touch anything. Not even the sink! When it comes to drying those little hands, stay away from the hand blower. There’s germs in there just waiting to blow all over your toddler. Just shake the hands dry or use a paper towel.

Now, it’s time to implement those ninja moves. The last thing you want to touch in a public bathroom is the door handle. Teach your toddler now. If you make it out without touching, you’ve completed the public bathroom challenge and your toddler has learned to hate germs just as much as you do.

Now go pee in public! Girl, bye. You’ve been Momsplained.

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