OMG, A Toothless 'How To Train Your Dragon' Hatchimal Is Coming

by Christina Marfice
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How to Train Your Dragon is becoming a Hatchimal and we must have it

If your kids are living on planet Earth in the year of our Lord 2019, they’re probably really into How to Train Your Dragon. TBH, adults too. The franchise is delightful. We’re picking up everything that Dreamworks is putting down. That’s why an announcement made at this year’s Toy Fair has is in a right tizzy.

According to multiple outlets, Hatchimals revealed one of its new arrivals for fall, and it’s — you guessed it — Toothless the dragon. Kids are already obsessed with Hatchimals, and mixing those toys with the How to Train Your Dragon frenzy is a genius move — this is definitely going to be a must-have toy, and just in time for the holiday season, too.

The new Toothless Hatchimal will reportedly work basically like other Hatchimals, except instead of cuddling and coaxing the baby dragon from inside his egg, kids will have to shake it and aggravate him. Once baby Toothless becomes angry enough, he’ll break out of the egg and “hatch” as an interactive toy.

The resulting toy will look familiar to fans of the How to Train Your Dragon movies, with black, scaly skin, glowing green eyes, and, of course, that mischievous grin we all know and love. Once he hatches, Toothless will reportedly be able to play several games with his new kid BFFs, including “Ask Toothless,” Hot Potato and “Toothless Says.” Depending on his mood, he’ll either roar or purr as kiddos interact with him.

There’s no exact release date for the Toothless Hatchimal yet, but reports say it’ll be available for purchase sometime in the fall. It’s recommended for kids ages 5 and up, who can really take advantage of all the interactive features that come built in. Toothless Hatchimals will retail for around $60, and be available at all the places Hatchimals are sold, including Target, Walmart and online retailers.

The timing for a toy like this truly couldn’t be better. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World was just released and earned $40 million at the box office upon its debut. It’s been out for a matter of hours, and already critics are raving and projecting it’ll hit No. 1 at the box office. As it should.

Other How to Train Your Dragon products have also made a splash in recent months, with their release timed around the released of the third movie. Special edition characters were introduced at Build-A-Bear earlier this month, and kids went bananas for those. And rightly so; the characters from the movie franchise are absolutely adorable. So cute, in fact, we hardly mind filling up our kids’ toy bins with this stuff.

The popularity of the Build-A-Bear products was probably foreshadowing for what’s to come when these Hatchimals finally hit store shelves in a few months. In the meantime, all we can do is go see the new movie, rewatch the old ones, and count down the days until we can snag one of these awesome new Hatchimals for ourselves. As of press time, that’s (give-or-take, since there’s no official release date yet) 191 days.

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