12 Best Dragon Toys of 2021: Realistic Beasts, Bots & Cuddly Friends

12 Best Dragon Toys For Imaginative Play, From Realistic Beasts To Cuddly Friends

November 24, 2020 Updated April 22, 2021

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The best dragon toys are guaranteed to *spark* imaginative playpunny dragon joke intended. With all the fantastical shows and literature out there, these fire-breathing beasts are popular amongst the kiddies. So, when it comes to getting gifts for kids, a cool dragon toy is a surefire hit, right on par with kids go carts, play kitchens, and anything unicorn (that reminds us, free unicorn color pages, anyone?). But the best part is how they promote imaginative free play: Between their mythical existence and their wings, horns, and magical abilities, dragon toys are sure to inspire a whole slew of adventures. Whether your child gravitates toward realistic horned creatures that come to life or cuddly stuffies that bring huggable comfort, there are options for kids of all ages and play styles.

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If you know a kiddo who’s in the market for a new winged pal, read on. We’ve narrowed down our top picks, from scary robotic fire-breathers (don’t worry, they’re not flammable), to the realistic baby dragon Toothless Hatchimal, to stuffed dragons that are oh-so-soft and aren’t scary in the least. Maybe there’s an upcoming birthday or you’ve got holiday shopping on the brain; in any case, these dragon toys are bound to be a hit. (P.S. Here are some cool dragon names for your kid to call their new fiery friend!)

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Best Realistic Dragon Toys

SCHLEICH Eldrador Creatures Lava Dragon

If mythical tales have your little adventurer looking for realistic dragon toys, this detailed action figure will help make the fantasy come to life! This Lava Dragon has vivid colors and moveable legs, jaws, and wings (which also detach) for plenty of creative play. It’s a little pricey, sure, but over 5,000 5-star reviewers say that SCHLEICH is worth the cost.

Multiple buyers report that the figure is fairly large and are pleased with its weightiness and lifelike details. “If you have a dragon lover at home, this is a must-buy,” says reviewer Jock Viassco. “His colors are intense, his skin features are clear, and he’s even got some weight to him! When you open his mouth, a fiery tongue is revealed. That is pretty cool!”



Blooming Lilies Dinosaur Robot

Okay so technically it’s a dino, but by all accounts, it’s essentially a winged, fire-breathing dragon bot toy. Luckily, this one exhales water mist instead of flame, but a glowing red light in its mouth makes a pretty convincing illusion. Turn this robot on and it comes to life, moving its tail, wings, limbs, and jaws. Note that this is not remote-controlled, so it’s suitable for even the smallest dragon fanatics (with parental supervision, of course).

“My 5-year-old had to have this,” recounts a reviewer. “This is by far his favorite toy of many he received for Christmas. He slept with it, carried it everywhere for a solid week, he plays with it daily, it is very good quality … it has been dropped, thrown in bags, and is in perfect shape, plus the steam/smoke coming from his mouth is very cool … and the water is very easy to put in. Great toy for any dino/dragon lover!”

$25.99 AT AMAZON

Betheaces Remote Control Dragon

Another fierce beast that breathes “fire,” kids can make this toy move with a fossil-themed remote controller. With the help of easy-to-use buttons, they can make this dragon walk, spray water that looks like flames, and wiggle its wings. Between its ease of use and realistic movements, this is a great first remote-control toy for fans of fantastical creatures.

“I got this for my four-year-old nephew for his birthday,” says one buyer. “Not to brag, but my gift was the hit of the party. He and all of the other kids LOVED it.” Adds another, “Bought this for niece’s 7th birthday and she was so thrilled. We eventually had to put it away ’cause all the kids were fighting over it.”

$42.99 AT AMAZON

Disney's Raya and The Last Dragon Sisu Figure

Based on the character from Raya and the Last Dragon, this Sisu dragon doll is a must have for any fan of the film. She’s about 26 inches long with super soft hair lavender hair.  One customer was in aw of the toy and reviewed it saying, “I love this dragon She is very big, beautiful with a very well articulated head, neck and tail! Her tail is a little hard to put on besides that she is so worth every penny of money!!”

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Dreamworks Dragons Baby Toothless

Attention, parents of How to Train Your Dragon fans! Your child can adopt their very own Toothless baby. The dragon comes in an egg, and it’s your kid’s job to make him hatch. (Tilting, tapping, and rocking the egg will encourage his appearance!). Once he’s out, there’s more fun to be had: Toothless is interactive and responds to sounds, plays games, begs for his fish (included), and more!

Thousands of buyers have shelled out 5 stars for this pet-like toy. “My 5-year old-son asked for this for Christmas because he is obsessed with the show,” says one reviewer. “He has been enthralled with his new pet Toothless since the moment he opened him. Toothless eats breakfast with him, dances to songs with him, plays games (like hot potato) with him, and answers questions my son asks him. I quite literally have to tuck this dragon into his shell for bedtime each night.”

$46.99 AT AMAZON

Best Dragon Activities

LEGO NINJAGO Skull Sorcerer’s Dragon

This incredible LEGO set includes multiple layers of (screen-free) entertainment. Kids can build a moveable, missile-shooting dragon from 1,000+ pieces. Once their creature is complete, they can compete on the included board game, adding the 6 ninja minifigures and other accessories to the fun. Then, of course, is the option to create their own adventure through free-play. And while we get the price tag is a bit hefty, this set has a nearly-perfect rating on Amazon.

“This is a whole new twist on Legos,” explains one Amazon buyer. “I bought this for my son’s 13th birthday. He’s a huge Lego fan, and I loved the board game concept. The description didn’t do this justice. Not only was it a fun set to build with some brand-new mini-figures, but the game is great. It has different adventures and you build out your character’s special skills.”


Educational Insights Color by Playfoam Dragon

A dragon toy for artists! Kids can use this Playfoam canvas for artistic, sensory fun. Using the included squisher tool, they fill in the blank spaces with squashy colored foam. When they’re done, the foam can be removed and it’s time to experiment with a new color scheme! FYI, Playfoam is nontoxic, (virtually) mess-free, and never dries out. This set comes in a unicorn shape too, and for this price, might as well get both.

“I got this for my 4-year-old and it kept him busy for a full 45 minutes!” says a pleased parent on Amazon. “I like that it isn’t messy and it doesn’t dry out when left out. It’s a great, fun activity for little ones for developing hand-eye coordination. Right now, my son has it displayed proudly on our credenza but he’ll have fun taking out the foam and doing it all over again!”


Two Sisters Dragon Bubble Bath Bombs

As if bath bombs weren’t fun enough on their own, these frothy fizzers melt down to reveal a surprise dragon inside! These sets come with 6 bombs and are made with natural ingredients that are gentle enough for sensitive skin. They’re also hand crafted in Minnesota by flex-working moms, so you know they’re made with love. Your kid can have some prehistoric play in the tub, and even after splash time is over, they’ll have a new little friend to play with. (And by the way, if you usually have to bribe your child to bathe, this is a great way to do it.)

Says one mom, “Fantastic! Big size, smell great, kids love them and I’m so happy they’re individually wrapped! Have tried others and these win by far!” 

$29.90 AT AMAZON

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Best Cuddly Dragon Toys

GUND Toothpick Asher Dragon

Who says dragon toys can’t be cuddly? This adorable stuffie is ultra-plush and made with GUND’s legendary quality. Add to that some dragon-esque details like a tuft of fluffy hair and soft metallic horns, wings, and spikes, and your kiddo will fall in love. In fact, you might too, as the toy’s grown-up reviewers gush about how soft and cute he is. (“I bought this little guy as a gift but my son loved him so much we ended up keeping him!” admits one Amazon buyer.)

Asher’s long skinny limbs make it easy to sit him on a shelf or bed or pose with his other animal friends. But above all, he’s extra huggable; this non-scary dragon may even be your little’s new protector at night.


$15.50 AT AMAZON

Cuddle Barn Dalton the Storytelling Dragon

Gather ’round, kids: This mythical creature is soft, cuddly, and tells stories! Dalton recites 5 classic fairytales (Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, The Ugly Duckling, and Sleeping Beauty), and his magical book lights as he reads. His mouth and head move and he sways realistically, plus he asks listeners questions at the end of each tale for imaginative make-believe that’s truly interactive.

“I can’t rave enough about this dragon,” gushes one reviewer. “My daughter had his stories memorized by day 3 and started following along with the pictures in one of her fairytales books. She’s super excited about reading now.”


Aurora Sparkle Tales Larkspur Dragon

With Larkspur’s soft fur, glittery wings, and big blue eyes,  this dragon toy plushie is irresistible. At 12 inches tall, she’s a great size for a kid to cuddle with.

$18.61 AT AMAZON

Melissa & Doug Plush Winged Dragon

What kid wouldn’t love this massive stuffed dragon?! Measuring 36 by 40.5 inches, this oversized beast is built for a giant bear hug. It’s designed with stunning details like shimmering wings, shiny horns, a forked tongue, a mouthful of teeth, texture-patterned fur, and glittering yellow eyes — thoughtful touches that are typical of the Melissa & Doug brand. And although it’s soft, it’s also sturdy and can stand on its own for display or imaginative play.

“I knew it was gonna be epic,” shares one reviewer, “I didn’t know HOW epic. Pictures don’t do it justice. Sure, it’s not cheap, but that applies to the workmanship as well. Well worth the cost, and the time it takes to break the box down!”

$99.99 AT AMAZON

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