Let The Card Do The Talking Because You’re Not Really Into Actual Feelings In Front Of People

When You Let The Card Do The Talking Because You’re So Not A Hugger

Sponsored by Hallmark Signature


Sponsored by Hallmark Signature

Some people seem to feel really comfortable just telling everyone in their lives how much they matter. Any time, anywhere, willy nilly, they’ll just blurt out the words.

And then there are those of us who would rather not do the whole “spilling the feels” thing.”

Listen, we get it. We do. But letting people know you care without having to come up with beautiful, perfect words (while making eye contact) is literally the reason cards exist!

Planning makes everything in life a little easier to tackle, so let’s get this feelings sesh going!


Pick an afternoon or evening when you’re going to get this done. Before that date, you’re going to need to think about who gets a card.

Start With The List:

We want you to dig deep here. This time of year is purpose-built for spreading cheer, so spend some time thinking about it. Don’t just go for the obvious, low-hanging fruit like your parents or your best friend. Dig deep! Is it the barista who gets your order right every time? Is it the neighbor who doesn’t call the cops when your kids run out the front door naked? Is it the coworker who’s got your back so solidly that she’ll tell you when your shirt is on backwards? Write them down. Add each and every one to the list because you’re about to make some spirits bright.

Oh, and make sure you pick up a few extras for when you’ve had a festive beverage (see below) and you start expanding your list to include people like your kid’s teacher from three years ago, and your ex’s mom and, well, you get the idea.


Next Up Are The Supplies:

What good is this feeling ‘sesh if you don’t come prepared with cards, liquid courage, comfortable clothing (seriously do not further torture yourself by wearing jeans), music to set the mood and the overwhelming sense that you might just be able to pull this off and not embarrass yourself.

The Right Cards


If your goal is to tell someone how much they mean to you, this is the time to let the card do some of the work! Think about each person you want to send a card to and choose one that’s just right for them.

The Holiday Beverage


A warm, holiday beverage to get you in the spirit will do the trick. The chocolate part doesn’t hurt either.

Your Favorite Pen


Don’t just grab whatever is around. Nope, you want a pen that appreciates someone holding on with a death grip and obliges by gliding across the card stock like it has nothing better to do.

A Playlist


For some people, super upbeat 80s tunes do the trick. For others, it’s all Frank Sinatra or Billie Holliday. We trust you. Get that thing loaded because you’re gonna need it.

Your Outfit


Soft and floppy pajama pants on a Wednesday night? Yoga pants and a visor on Saturday morning? Do you, sister. Whatever works.

The Words

The card can do a whooole lot of the talking for you. Sometimes it’s the design alone and sometimes it’s the way a card states what you want to say simply and truthfully.

If you decide to add a personal note, try this: imagine how it sounds in voiceover. Even better, imagine it in a “daytime drama” voice. Think about what would cause a single tear to roll down the recipient’s face. Write that!

When in doubt, write something like this: “Thinking of you warmly and hoping all your holiday wishes come true!” Easy.


See? Expressing your feelings really isn’t that bad. The feeling of accomplishment you’ll have because you actually wrote (rather than only texting or emailing or IM-ing) something thoughtful will keep you going for daaaays.

Before you know it, you’ll have a stack of cards ready to go out and spread holiday cheer all over the place. With this plan and Hallmark Signature cards, you truly can make it the most wonderful time of the year! You can do this. We promise.

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