Woman's Solo Honeymoon Results In Tragically Hilarious Photos

by Ashley Austrew
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Woman’s hilarious photos from a honeymoon without her husband go viral

A honeymoon is supposed to be a relaxing, sexy getaway for you and your significant other, but what do you when your significant other is forced to stay home?

Huma Mobin married her husband, Arsalaan, about seven months ago and the pair planned a romantic second honeymoon in Greece last month. But, in a page right out of a modern day Greek tragedy, Arsalaan wasn’t granted a travel visa in time for the trip. According to Buzzfeed, Mobin initially refused to go without her husband, but she couldn’t get a refund, so she ended up going on the romantic getaway with her in-laws instead. Hot, right?

Mobin said she cried the first night, but her mother-in-law told her to try to make the best of the trip, so she did what any of us would do. She visited all the places she and her husband were supposed to see together and took some of the most over-the-top, tragically hilarious vacation photos ever to show how much she missed him.

Here she is, trying to throw herself off a boat, probably yelling, “I’ll never let go, Arsalaan!”

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Then, she posed in front of some beautiful ancient ruins and a busy Grecian street with no one to hold but her invisible man. You’re a ruiner of love, Greek Embassy.

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She experienced loneliness on both land and sea. Also, by a pool. Oh, and on some lovely cobblestone streets. Santorini just isn’t the same when you know your husband is stuck at home in sweat pants, probably playing Pokémon Go.

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Image via Facebook

At one point, Mobin says she dropped her phone into the Aagean sea, so she started holding out an arm for her husband and a hand for her missing phone. Loveless and phoneless in Greece. That sounds like a modern day sequel to Sleepless In Seattle.

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Alone, alone — so very alone.

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Why, God? Whyyyyyy?

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As you can imagine, Mobin’s vacation photos have gotten a lot of attention. She posted the album on Facebook a few days ago, and the images have since been shared almost 1,000 times. Mobin told Buzzfeed she actually got the idea for the photos from her husband. He traveled to Budapest right after they got engaged and sent her a photo of himself with his arm stretched out around an invisible woman (her). The rest, as they say, is history.

In the comments on her photos, Mobin thanked everyone for commiserating with her and making her images go viral. “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my mom for bringing a legend in[to] this world (me)… Also the Greece embassy for not giving him a Visa, and the travel agency that forced me to go,” she wrote.”

Mobin was no doubt disappointed her husband couldn’t be with her on this trip, but her photos are pretty much the definition of making the best of a bad situation. They’re sweet and hilarious, and they’ve got a story behind them that Mobin will probably find hilarious a decade from now when the sting of missing her husband has finally worn off. Hopefully she and Arsalaan eventually get their opportunity to visit Greece together and to recreate these pictures with no invisible stand-ins. Until then, let’s hope they at least find some time for a really epic date night to make up for their missed opportunity.

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