Guy Embarrasses His Wife By Fake Proposing To Her All Over Disney World

by Julie Scagell
Tik Tok/Kelly_kirb

One guy’s proposal prank to his wife went on for the entire Disney World trip

Kelly Lavery’s husband really, like really, wants to re-live the magic of their engagement. The couple visited Disney World while they were already engaged, but that didn’t stop Lavery’s husband from “fake proposing” to her all over the theme parks because he knows she hates a scene.

Lavery posted the hilarious video on TikTok of her husband pretending to propose to her all over the Orlando theme parks. It doesn’t matter where she is, you hear, “Kelly,” quickly followed by her now-husband getting down on one knee. A friend of the couple films his repeated attempts, laughing as Lavery continues to speed-walk away from him, leaving him awkwardly kneeling, though undeterred.

Lavery tries to run away from her husband every time she watches him get down on one-knee.

“My husband fake proposed to me all over disney world because he knows i hate a scene,” she wrote over the TikTok clip, which has now gone viral.

Her husband attempts to propose to her in front of Cinderella’s Castle, at dinner, in the daylight, at night, and while she thinks she’s posing for a picture. Most of the time she can get away from him but she did get stuck in a line at Animal Kingdom once and literally pushed the person in front of her to try to escape.

Tik Tok/Kelly_kirb

In one final clip, Lavery’s husband hits his fork against his glass at a restaurant so people begin looking over at their table. That’s when, it seems, his wife had had enough. “This isn’t funny anymore,” she can be heard saying while the camera woman keeps laughing.

“We were already engaged so he knew he could get away with this,” she wrote. “We go back in June, wish me luck.”

Tik Tok/Kelly_kirb

Many people commented in solidarity with Lavery, writing things on her video like, “Tell me you have social anxiety without telling [me] you have social anxiety,” which Lavery herself liked. Others tried to diss her husband saying it wouldn’t be funny after the “10th or 12th time,” which she responded, “Ok well we are happily married so you wouldn’t be more wrong. I capable of taking a joke it was all in good fun.”

I, too, would run as fast as humanly possible away from my husband if he ever tried to do this. I can feel myself shrinking when someone sings “Happy Birthday” to another person in public, so I feel Lavery on every level, though I do find her husband’s prank hilarious because it’s not me.

In one of the scenes, her husband can be heard saying, “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment…” while she tried pulling him up from a kneeling position. Here’s hoping when they go back to Disney World in June he’ll have a new, less public joke up his sleeve.