Husband's Hilarious Narration Of Wife's Makeup Tutorial Goes Viral

by Julie Scagell
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Image via Facebook/Beauty by a Bell

So this is what guys think when they watch women apply makeup

Some women have a lot of products in their arsenal when it’s time to go out on the town — eyeshadow, mascara, under-eye concealer (thanks, kids), blush — you name it. Hell, most of us have just as many we use before we go to bed at night. So one woman thought it would be funny to hear exactly what her husband thought about it all when he watched her get ready.

You know it’s going to be funny when he starts out the video by calling her concealer blender a “sponge butt plug.”

Crystal Gibbs, who discusses all things beauty on her Facebook page Beauty By A Bell, set out to make another makeup video tutorial. But not just any tutorial, one her husband, Brent, was allowed to narrate.

Brent starts out the video by getting extra points for creating entirely new verbs like “smoush” while describing how exactly his wife is applying her makeup. Then he really lets us have it. “Here’s another liquid bottle of bullshit that probably does the same fucking thing as the last.”

It does not, Brent. They have two very different, yet equally important jobs. Pull your shit together.

Image via Facebook/Beauty By A Bell

The “butt plug” now becomes an “orange Nerf ball” while she continues to blend in her concealer. Then comes the eyeshadow which her husband fondly refers to as “more expensive bullshit we can’t afford,” but not before she stops for a quick sip of wine. “I’ll bet I hear ‘I’m too tired for that shit, tonight,'” Brent says.

Your wife looks smoking hot, Brent. Leave her to it or go back in your time machine. It’s 2018 and some women like fancy makeup though I may now fondly refer to mine as a “dictionary of assorted colors.”

Image via Facebook/Beauty By A Bell

Crystal moves on to more eye shadow which Brent refers to as a “natural case of pink eye” and then some highlighter, all while her wine glass continues to get miraculously filled like some bottomless chips and salsa — only better.

Image via Facebook/Beauty By A Bell

After her fourth eyeshadow application from various palettes it appears Brent has had enough. “Holy shit, babe, put that thing down,” he says while Crystal continues to casually sip her wine.

Image via Facebook/Beauty By A Bell

“Did I mention we’re trying for another child? Nope, not tonight we’re not” he jokes.

She then moves on to the brows which her husband says is one of her greatest features, making them stand out so she can “scowl at him across the dinner table” easier. Throw on some lashes and lipstick and Crystal is finally ready. For what, you may ask?

Image via Facebook/Beauty By A Bell

“After all this, she’s gonna wash her face and go to bed because we have kids and and we don’t have a life.” Amen to that, Brent.

Obviously, these two have an amazing sense of humor. Crystal mentions in another post that while they’ve received a ton of positive feedback, some have worried about the way he is talking about her in the video. “This was all in good fun,” she writes. “He showers me with compliments daily, and we have a great relationship that is full of humor and love!”

Here’s wishing we all looked like Crystal when we put on makeup.

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