Husband Goes Viral Showing How To Really 'Sext' Your Wife

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Brandon Shillings

You will LOL at these ‘sexy’ photos of this husband and dad cleaning his entire house

Some married couples send nudes and sexts to keep things spicy. Others send photos like the ones this guy sent his wife to let her know he takes his role as an equal partner and father seriously. They’re not so much foreplay-style pics as they are…chore-play.

Brandon Shillings recently went viral on Facebook by sharing a series of hilarious “sexy pics” that he sent to his wife. And honestly there’s not a wife or partner out there who wouldn’t appreciate a man who does his equal share around the house. Because patriarchy.

We’re going to play it safe and assume Brandon does these chores all the time when he’s home alone with the baby, and just happened to share this series of amazing pics for laughs.

And OMG, laugh you will when you see every single one of these.

Image via Brandon Shillings

Sparkling clean sink? Oh yeah. We can practically feel our inner anxiety melting away at the thought of coming home and not having to wash a single dish. Also, he got the InstantPot going? Nice.

Image via Brandon Shillings

Nothing brings out the sex appeal of that Blue Steel like taking out the trash without having to be asked. 25 times.

Image via Brandon Shillings

Feeding the baby with one hand while snapping a selfie with the other? Not a problem for this dad.

Image via Brandon Shillings

Raise your hand if your bedroom is literally always last on the list of rooms to clean. Which just makes this photo all the more important. He’s vacuuming the bedroom like a boss.

Sure, we can say we’re loving these photos because they’re hilarious. And they are! They reflect the state of marriage many of us are in — just trying to keep our heads above water with work, chores, and raising kids.

But to acknowledge that there’s something special about these photos means also having to acknowledge the fact that if a woman sent these to her husband or posted them publicly, they wouldn’t go viral. Because, in the average household, the bar is literally set to the ground for men when it comes to participating in equal housework.

According to a recent study published in Springer journal’s Sex Roles, heterosexual women of all ages do more chores around the house than their male partners, regardless of either the man’s or woman’s career or income. Bottom line: women consistently perform more housework than men do. And it’s frustrating AF.

That being said, a clean house deserves major appreciation no matter who’s doing it. Because for parents especially, it means less time scrubbing counters and vacuuming up Play-Doh remnants and more time relaxing and playing as a family (for a day or two, anyway).

Image via Brandon Shillings

And honestly? Who can resist that hilarious laundry lip-bite? LOL. This guy is in it to win it — and every other guy out there should be taking notes!

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