I Hate Putting My Kids to Bed


I love my children.  There I said it.  I love them more than life itself and can’t imagine my life without them.


Here’s something I do not love: Putting my kids to bed. I hate putting my kids to bed.

I have a friend who once told me that she absolutely loves putting her children to bed and thoroughly looks forward to tucking them in each and every night.  I don’t know why I am still friends with her.  She makes me feel bad about myself.

Am I a bad mom because from 6:00 in the evening on I watch the clock like a hawk impatiently waiting for bedtime to roll around, to the point that I physically feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest from the anticipation?

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From the moment I get up in the morning to the time my children go to bed, I work my ass off as a wake-up service, personal chef, time keeper, butt wiper, referee, chauffeur, therapist, teacher, cleaning lady, laundry doer, grocery shopper, negotiator, activity director, circus ring leader, drill sergeant, life size kleenex, fashion consultant, nurse, playmate, professional wall climber (figuratively, not literally), jack of all trades, and master of NONE. Do I want a biscuit for performing these duties day after day after day with little to no gratitude? No. I want a 15-minute break.  A real one.  Not one that involves me locking myself in the bathroom while I pretend to take the shit that I am not taking as they stand on the opposite side of the door knocking and asking me repeatedly what I am doing, the reason it’s taking me so long (it’s been one minute), and why they can’t come in to watch.

I am quite certain that many people will think that I am a heartless mother because I would prefer not to read my kids one more book at bedtime, but would rather pour myself a glass of wine and sit in the dark by myself wondering what the hell just happened…again.

Here’s a look at the bedtime routine in my house: Reading at least three books to each child (they pick the longest ones that we own, every time), supervising and facilitating the “go potty and teeth brushing process” (to which there is never enough room at the sink and everyone feels entitled to spit at the same time), and personally escorting my children into their separate bedrooms amidst record breaking whines, while reminding them over and over again that bedtime is non-negotiable. Seriously, they never win this battle.  Why do we have to relive the same unpleasant sequence of events every single night?  Can’t we learn from our mistakes and simply agree that we could all benefit from some real self reflection when it comes to our behavior at bedtime?

Here’s what happens once they are actually in their rooms: I have to “suck” the nightmares out of their heads (an intense series of events that involves me trying to convince them that I have some sort of magical control over their inner demons). Thereafter, I proceed to tuck them in tight, give 27+ hugs and kisses, whisper sweet nothings in their ears, and then slowly inch backwards out of their room in hopes of no further contact until morning. To which I get one foot out the door and like clockwork both of my daughters have an absolute mind-blowing epiphany.  “Mom, I forgot to tell you something REALLY important!”

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And so it begins; a ping pong game in which I am the little white plastic ball bouncing from room to room while internally trying to talk myself from jumping off my imaginary cliff and/or screaming at the top of my lungs, “GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP!”

Seriously, I am done. I want to punch out. I need to punch out. I don’t, though, until they finally release me from their death grip and fall asleep.

I then spend the two hours before I go to bed packing their lunch for tomorrow, making sure they remembered to hang up the wet snow pants (which they did not) so that they are dry by morning, filling out permission slips, and attempting to drink just the right amount of wine to avoid a morning headache yet prevent me from obsessively worrying about the fact that some day they will be all grown up and I will terribly miss our bedtime routine.  Currently known as the shit storm that I dread every single night.

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Jill Veldhouse lives in Plymouth, MN and is the mother of 3 young children and wife to a mad scientist. She has a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy and practiced in this field for 8 years prior to making the life changing decision to leave it all behind and become a full time mom. She recently started a blog, which has saved her on multiple occasions from jumping off her imaginary mommy cliff. You can also find her on Twitter as @veldhouse_jill

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SusanJ 3 months ago

Great to read this and http://www.scarymommy.com/the-bedtime-ritual/
So glad to know I’m not alone, even though I trade stories with friends and we all commiserate.
Also, usually at the school’s drop off, the previous night’s hell is forgotten because WE’VE HAD TO DEAL WITH HELL OF THE GETTING THE KIDS READY FOR SCHOOL AND GETTING THEM THERE ON TIME WITHOUT LOSING THE REST OF MY MIND!

If you haven’t already, get Adam Mansbach’s Go The F&*k To Sleep, or better yet Samuel Jackson reading: https://vimeo.com/27019462

Check out my blog when you get a chance, here’s the whatever you call if for one you may relate to:

d 4 months ago

THANK YOU for writing this. thank you for the honesty. I can relate and I only have 1 four year old (daughter). this is the BEST article I have ever read about what some parents may experience, especially when putting children to sleep.

Zoe West 4 months ago

I just came across this post when I googled, ‘putting my kids to bed is a nightmare.’ I’m glad I found your post as it completely resonated with me. My 6 and 4 year olds are still crying and it’s nearly 9pm. I’m ready to throw in the towel. So, I wanted to say, I feel your pain, and thank you for helping me to realise I’m not alone!

August 4 months ago

I have six kids and I hate bedtime. I don’t read to my kids at bedtime anymore. I used to. But it’s too much now. My older kids are required to read 15-20 minutes at bedtime. If they finish and it’s not time for bed yet or are bored or they just don’t want to read anything on their own, they can read to the younger ones. We used to have a whole bedtime routine with the older kids when they were little. You know, bath, song, reading, prayers, another song, bedtime, etc. My youngest, who is two, generally goes to bed an hour earlier than everyone else and she gets a song and that’s it. She’s lucky if she gets a bath more than once a week. My older kids can shower on their own, so they shower at night, but I am usually cleaning up from dinner, or tidying the house, or checking homework, etc. while they are showering so the younger ones don’t get a bath until they need, need, need one. And there are many nights, since my husband works lots of nights, where I am counting down the minutes until bedtime and I will occasionally send the older ones (11 and 10) to bed befoer 8 pm because I need my break!

Rumsita 4 months ago

I like the reading and the hugs and kisses, but I look forward to the day when they feel secure enough to let us leave their rooms before they fall asleep. That’s the part I hate.

I usually make one pee while the other brushes, then they switch. No fighting at the sink. It’s the one place they don’t fight.

Misty 4 months ago

Oh I loved this! I too look at the clock and during dinner tell myself “you can do this…just 2 more hours”. Then I look again and tell myself you can do this…just 1 hour and 55 minutes”! Oh and it goes on! Once the clean up, pjs, potty and teeth brushing is done, I do love reading! Its the best part! Then it starts all over. Make sure there is a cup of water, sheets are untwisted, say prayers, hugs and kisses for the 80 bajilliointh time and then rock the baby…so glad to know I’m not the only one.

Karen 4 months ago

I remember those days. My daughter is now 22 years old and 4 hours away at college. I remember thinking and saying the same things that you guys have said. But now, I would give anything to have maybe one or two of those days back. Just so I can appreciate them more.

Heidi 4 months ago

I hate bedtime, I have 4yr old twin girls and I have to deal with the arguing over what book to read because they can never agree and then I get the typical I’m thirsty, I have to go to the bathroom, mommy I want you. They honestly dont know the meaning of the work BE QUITE NO TALKING!!! I feel everyone’s pain, but I know I will miss it when they are older. It’s tough being a mommy

Jada 4 months ago

I admire your honesty …a lot. I think that a lot of us mommies are afraid to say what we don’t like involving parenthood. Mainly because of what others may think. Now i know that i’m not the only one who doesn’t enjoy every little thing about parenthood. I mean come on those TV series with the 1950’s moms could be a little more realistic. They can make you feel insecure; or that perfect do-gooder friend we may have in our lives. Please be human. Surely you get tired sometimes……

Susie Mueller 4 months ago

My husband and I are now 69 and have 2 children, 33 & 38. I remember so vividly raising them and the absolute joy they were then and continue to be now. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed anything as much as I did raising my kids. I worked throughout their youth but we all made the time we had together as special as could be.
As far as bedtime my first, a boy was an angel and went to sleep without a fuss.(although because we both worked, bedtime wasn’t until about 9:30 or so) he was in a wonderful private daycare home and caught up on sleep during the day. He was a very mellow baby. Still is.
My second child was a girl. Spoke in sentences before she was one. An amazing child. But very strong willed. I was off work with her for five months which was nice. Only three with #1. I had a hard time putting her to bed. Finally one night I decided to follow the “old” advice of just letting her cry it out. After she finally stopped crying I peeked in her room and she was asleep, standing up at the end of her crib, with her little fingers locked over the end and her face and hands all covered in tears.and snot. I couldn’t stant it and pried her fingers free and never tried that again.
Once she was strong enough to climb out of her crib she would do so in the middle of the night, come to my side of the bed and wake me saying, “mommy, I need you!” I finally just pulled her into our bed to get some sleep.
Less than three months ago she had a baby boy, our first grandchild. He is a wonder; sweet, strong, mellow (like his Uncle) and again I am overwhelmed with the amount of love I have for this tiny person. My poor daughter had to go back to work 2 weeks ago but her husband has taken off an additional 3 weeks off to be with him. My husband and I have started watching him one day a week. So much fun. I swear last week he looked at me and started smiling and cooing. I am sure he recognized me.
Anyhow, I loved all parts of raising my children, even in their thirties. Such memories!!!

diana 4 months ago

I think we must be related, lol. I’m glad I’m not the only one to feel this way but I hate putting my kids to bed too. I love them more than anything but it takes forever to get them all in bed and stay in bed ! Just go to freaking sleep already ! I laughed through the whole post because it’s all so true and you will understand if you’ve actually been a parent long enough and have more than one or two darling children

Leah 4 months ago

I hate bedtime too. Luckily, if hubby is home he does it. I know we are a team and I could help… But I will admit when it comes to bedtime I let him take one for the team. I do usually put the baby to bed. That counts, right? :-)

Joanne 5 months ago

Re the nightmare and scary stuff i found getting an empty spray bottle fill it with water and hey presto scary monster nightmare go away spray i spray it in wardrobe under beds around windows and it kills or gets rid of any scary thing that might be lurking about. Have a 5yr old and 12yr old and it worked wonders for them.

Danielle 5 months ago

Absolutely love this, my 2 year old son also has a 3 hour meltdown from the time we lay down till midnight and by that time I’m so ready for bed and have the worst headache. This was an amazing read that made me feel like a much better mom because I’M NOT ALONE!!! Usually my 4 year old daughter does well but lately she fights bedtime cause she’s scared bugs will get her and she doesn’t want to sleep. But again, I’M NOT ALONE! Thank you for this article and for being completely honest!! :)

sofia 6 months ago

Samething I do. Cut it short. The longer you engage your kids in conversation the more they will try staying up by making up excuses.

sofia 6 months ago

If I had such a long process to put my kids to bed, I’d hate it too. That’s the problem.
From the time my kids were 3 &4 I set up a quick, short, bedtime routine. Brush your teeth, go to the bathroom, put on Pj, one book, then lights out. No more getting up, asking for drinks, or answering questions. Yes they have tried to get away with stuff because my kids are normal. But they realize it doesn’t work. I stay consistent and don’t ENGAGE them in conversation once they are bed. It works.

Meagan 7 months ago

I am so glad I am not the only one who feels this exact way! Well written. Bath time and bedtime are not my favorites. I have a 6 year old that HATES water in his face, or remotely close to his head. Giving showers are like performing an exorcism, forceful, dangerous & you’re dealing with a demon. He is not completely non verbal, but has Down Syndrome so communication is very difficult and he can’t tell me why he absolutely hates water on his head. And bedtime with my 2 year old is a complete nightmare. He has figured out how to climb out of his crib if I am trying my hardest to ignore his horrific screams. He sounds as if he is being murdered. And it lasts hours on end until he is hoarse. Usually I give in & cuddle him to sleep. But then he is reliant on me getting him to sleep. We do everything the exact same way every night. Any kind of suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Keshia 7 months ago

I am sitting in between my two sons beds bed at this moment with a lullaby playlist on Spotify. I feel like this right fucking now! I want to cry.

Jazmaine 7 months ago

Omg!! My bedtime routine to the T! It’s brutal

Tana 8 months ago

Girl, I used to be you…..until I stopped doing all that bedtime crap. No I don’t read stories, I might tell the occasional story to the youngest 2 (3 and 4). The 9 year old, never. I just say goodnight to her. I say goodnight and leave. The longer I’m there the longer I’m cutting into the nighttime break I so desperately need.

Desiree 8 months ago

LOLOLOL!!! I was so happy to read this last night after an hour long of kids jumping up and down from bed to bed asking to one more thing to eat after teeth were brushed and everything was just ready for sleepy time? Why is every night the same battle? Mommy goes just nutty after trying sooooo hard to keep patient :(

Patricia 8 months ago

I put “i fucking hate bed time my 4 year old wont go to sleep.” in the Google search engine after battling my strong willed daughter for 2hrs and found your blog. Thank you for this!! -A very tired, frustrated, single Mommy

Missy 9 months ago

Couldn’t have said it better!

AlsoaMeanMom 10 months ago

I just got done putting my kids to bed. Immediately, I typed in the google search bar (as I listen in the other room to “MOMMMYYYY CAN I HAVE SOME MORE WATER PLEASE?!!!” And I scream back “NO YOU’LL WET THE BED!”) “Hating your kids after you put them to bed.”

Bedtime for the 6 year old is fine. It’s great actually. I read a book, he sleeps. End of story.

The three year old.

Is a nightmare. A constant struggle. Every two seconds there is the pitter patter of 3 year old feet out of bed.

And all I want is sleep. Or maybe a glass of wine. Or maybe to do some work (I like my work).

Oy. Well, at least I see I’m not alone in this.

Jess 10 months ago

I absolutely HATE bed time. It’s a battle, especially with my little one(3 yr old girl). My older ones (twin 6 yr old girls) they give me like the typical “I need water, to pee. OH I forgot to tell you something” etc but my little one….she hits her sisters, proceeds to talk to them after I’ve gone in atleast 16xs telling “shuuuuut uppppp” after I’ve asked sweetly “honey please be quiet and sleep” ahhhhhhhhhh!!! In fact my battle just ended right now….GOD will I miss this someday though..but for now..WTFFFF?!!!

Becca Couget 11 months ago

This read was funny (and too real at the same time) for me as I sit in my garage waiting for silence before I return to the quarters I call my room to begin the night p

Robin at OurOwnFlavor 11 months ago

Boy, by the time I make it to bedtime, I’m beat. They’ve used me up and wrung me out and I want to just tell them they’ve won and go lick my wounds. They are good, sweet kids and I love them like crazy. But I am tired!

Daddy B 11 months ago

Ha! Wow. Yeah. I’m a single dad since my wife passed away when my two boys were less than 1 and 2 years old. All I want is an hour or so to myself to decompress. Do I get that? No. I end up either falling asleep in my boys’ room because apparently when I’m out of the room, they suddenly get scared (although they can play in there half the day and it’s OK), or I end up more or less to close their eyes and go the F*** to sleep (without the F***). Why are the most basic of things such a challenge? Potty, Sleep, Eat? It’s like you can choose one of the three to accomplish, the other two you just let it muddle by.

Kathryn St. John-Shin 11 months ago

Oh. My. Goodness. I was cracking up so badly reading this! I so know how you feel…just not with bed time. I have one son (5 years old) and bed time is the one thing he doesn’t fight me on. He did for the longest time but not for awhile now because he loves story time. Sometimes though I just don’t have the energy to read him 4 or 5 books or even 1 book. I explain that and he understands…sort of. I too glance at the clock again and again and again waiting for the time when I can put him to bed so I can rest and have quiet time to myself. Unfortunately, there are times when I’m beyond exhausted and I end up going to bed along with him! No alone fun time. :( But at least it’s quiet. However, for, like, EVERYTHING else in life he feels the need to argue and piddle-putz around and then have a minor/major meltdown when he misses out on whatever because he’s piddle-putzed around.

Holly Blackwood 11 months ago

Bedtime is good for me. My lil guy likes to sleep. I am lucky.

Jocelyn Gill Fitzgibbons 11 months ago

Lol!!! Yup! Sums my life up perfectly!!!!

Angela Eastwood 11 months ago

I love putting my kids to bed! We start at 7 with bath time then pajamas. Folowed by about 30 to 45 minutes of tv time. Next is vitamins at 7:50. Then it is straight off to brush teeth and go potty. Followed by ONE book and bed time prayer. I then go to each of my four children kiss them on the forehead and tell them one thing that they did during the day that I am proud of them for. I sing a bedtime song close the door and that is the end of it until I see them at 7 am the next morning. Then I go have my glass of wine

Danni 11 months ago

You hit the nail on the head! With all of this! I especially can relate to having to give the kids multiple good night hugs and kisses and wanting to shoot myself in the head…or jump off the cliff as you say. And why is it that my 11 yo daughter doesn’t want to talk much during the day, but as soon as those lights go out, she’s an open book and wants to have long discussions into the night! Ahh. I love them but feel as if I’m going to lose my mind each night during the Shit Storm Bedtime Routine.

Tara Tilton 11 months ago

I once read somewhere that you should never read to your children before bed because then they are going to associate reading with falling asleep therefore they are never going to want to read books freely as an activity or grow to love books as an adult. It kind of makes sense. And heather and Diana geez what the hell crawled to your asses.

Kirsten 11 months ago

My daughter is 10….and I still HATE bedtime! Ugh.

Wendy Hatem 11 months ago

I feel your pain. The most frustrating part of my day!

Aaron (stay at home Dad) 11 months ago

I feel a bit liberated. I thought it was just me. My kids are 7 and 9 and now and can read themselves to sleep which makes evenings easier. But I still hate making them floss. Thanks for your post!!

Charity Miraflor 11 months ago

Yes I love to hug and rock my children to sleep. By hug, I mean with a pillow over their face, and by rock, I mean shake them to make sure they’re still alive after the hug.

Irene Peace 11 months ago

LOL brilliantly written . Love the honesty which most mums WON”T admit in prefereance resembling the CLEAVERS . Fk that shit , it’s real or NO DEAL with me 😉

Shawn 11 months ago

All these comments and not one person suggested that a few spankings would fix the problem?

TJ Blaze 11 months ago

So funny

Desiree 11 months ago

This absolutely hits the nail on the head for me.

I do NOT do the long drawn out bedtime routine. It’s in jammies, go straight to bed bed do not pass go, do not collect $200. And unless you are going to pee your pants, there’s a fire, or someone is bleeding do NOT come out of your room.

My kids know the drill and they actually listen with regards to bedtime so I suppose I consider myself lucky on that regard.

And… wine. If I don’t have wine I’m a screaming lunatic by 6pm.

James Grimm 11 months ago

If it takes one two hours to pack some lunches and hang up snow pants there’s a bigger problem to address.

Margarita Marquez 11 months ago

I LOVE IT once my boy falls asleep. The journey there, though, is a nightmare sometimes. I’ll make a confession right here and now, I can’t wait for daylight savings fall back so nighttime comes earlier and I can fool him into 7pm bedtime so I can watch my fall shows in peace and quiet. 😉 Judge me not.

Gerri Valori Wittig 11 months ago

I loved putting my kids to bed, they were tired and loved are night ritual. Prayers taught them to trust in God. It’s amazing how early this works.

Rachael Worrall 11 months ago

how could I not love holding this little fella in my arms x

Rachael Worrall 11 months ago

I love putting my boy to bed , he curls up in my arms and I have beautiful snuggles . in fact hate putting him down

Shannon McDonald 11 months ago

I used to agree with certain parts of this article until my daughter was diagnosed with cancer in July. Now bedtime is the time of day I look forward too because I get to cuddle and hold her as she falls asleep and she feels safe and happy❤️

Traci Brignoni 11 months ago

I still hug, kiss, and say good night to my 16yr old. But yeah, bedtime was always the worst.

Sharon Peterson 11 months ago

My love tank is EMPTY by 7pm. Bedtime drives me crazy.

Chrissy Ortiz 11 months ago

Awe I cry when I put my 4 yr old boy in bed because I miss him… But I don’t fall for any of the “I need to tell you something” or “I’m hungry” nonsense.

Heather Nicole Shoemaker 11 months ago

I seen a meme. That says. Nice patient mommy clocks off at 8pm ( or bedtime). Better get to bed before mean bitch mommy gets here. As a mother. That’s freedom.

Lisa 11 months ago

Ican totally relate. Four kids. Luckily, she is 13 and she basically puts herself to sleep and then asks to be tucked in. She is the redeemer every night. The three boys, however, once the “just brush your teeth and stop holding the toothbrush” “leave your brother alone and just focus on you” “don’t just stand there” etc, horror of the evening is over, love to commence the nightly routine of fight/play/ trash their room and MAKE ASMUCH NOISE AS POSSIBLE. And then take turns yelling “mommy!!”.

I dread night time. Horribly books rarely get read ata noght anymore because everything else takes so long they are already late by the time they make it to bed.

Alice Adams 11 months ago

Yes. But. It’s. All. The. Love. You. Get. When you. Read them stories. Tuck. Them in. And. Get. Tons of. Kisses in returnLoL

Michelle Frittitta Adams 11 months ago

Can anyone explain the phenomenon that no matter what time the kids go to sleep, they wake at the crack of dawn?

Michelle Frittitta Adams 11 months ago

Here are a couple pointers that worked for me. That long book can be read creatively. Read every fourth sentence. If they’re smart enough to catch it, they can read it to you. Reinforce the firm bedtime by refusing to read if they go past the cutoff.

Alicia 11 months ago

Well that’s exactly what we do. We all piled into bed last night and the little one went back to his basinette while my older daughter slept in her bed. She knows by now if she fucks around, storytime is over.

Pattie Greto Marvel 11 months ago

Now that I have older children who barely say goodnight; cherish bedtimes! Put them to bed, snuggle, read, & sing to them if that’s what they want. A few minutes at the end of an exhausting day, leaves your kids with a lifetime of great memories! :)

Meghan Crawford 11 months ago

Ha! I love the comments regarding the “vulgar” language. Really? Those that are so judgemental, you never have the urge to scream cuss words in your head?
Because with five kids I do. Does that mean I scream it out loud? Nope. But it sure makes it better to scream them in my head.
Does that mean I’m a bad mother, or that I am negative? Nope.
From the moment my feet hit the floor my day is about them. Even my full time job is about them.
Get a sense of humor…or better yet, get some honesty. Because EVERYONE gets frustrated…
Mothers that pretend they don’t are the worst kind. Because they are the ones that make other mothers feel bad.
Don’t come to this website and comment how horrible these writers are. These writers help mothers (and fathers) everyday by showing them they are not the only ones that get frustrated. Then you high-and-mighty “perfect” moms come through and try to make people feel bad for relating. Setting an unattainable bar once again.
I am like these women, realistic.
But, I know many mothers that compare themselves to the holier than thou type…it does affect them, it does make them feel insecure. Quit pretending you’re perfect.
Stick a sock in it. If you don’t agree with the articles, you don’t like the vulgar language, unlike the page and shut the fuck up.

Mande Sumner 11 months ago

My daughter is 14 now, but when she was little, bedtime was never a problem. She loved routine and we had a routine for bedtime, so it was easy.

Now we babysit 2 and 4 year old brothers and it involves bedtime. And it is a NIGHTMARE. Bathtime precedes bedtime and its horrendous! It literally takes over an hour from start to finish to “do” bedtime. And it’s not because they aren’t accustomed to doing bedtime here because we’ve been keeping them for over a year. They just don’t “get” routine and it makes for major headaches.

Mande Sumner 11 months ago

I’m just curious how this would be accomplished with the kids sleeping in separate bedrooms?! What would you do? Pile them all in one bed while you read and then relocate the other two to their bedrooms? That sounds like even more work to me.

Alicia 11 months ago

Totally understandable, but another idea is for them to take turns picking out the book they like. One night is the younger one, and another night is the older one. They can read to each other and if they are being disruptive, NO ONE gets story. The end. They will learn quick not to fight and it will also benefit them to learn on different reading levels. That’s what I plan on doing bc my kids are 7 years apart. Last night my daughter read a “baby” book to her brother and it was a wonderful bonding moment. He also enjoys Matilda lol.

Jennifer 11 months ago

Big Hugs! I laughed my way all the way through this! It’s true! I have two girls too and my youngest is now out of her crib. I especially relate to the crazy whining EVERY NIGHT. We try and keep to a routine, and it does help, but why do they fight it constantly. We have a rule that if you can’t sleep you can read quietly or color by nightlight, so now they run into each others rooms and play. I don’t care. I finish my lunch packing and wine, go upstairs, pick sleeping bodies off the floor amidst broken crayons and books, and tuck them in. At this point they are too sleepy to fight me. Maybe this makes me a bad parent, but sometimes you just gotta give in and as long as they are quiet in their rooms I’m not going to force them into their beds. (They also like to sleep in the same bed often, which is fine too.)

Alisha Merriman 11 months ago

Hailey gets maybe one book, a few songs, and higs and kisses. I do make sure she gets a bath and brushes her teeth and her hair. She has to have a lamp on and a fan on. When her daddy is away working, she screams for him, gets out of bed, and will bang on my bedroom door. I get frustrated by ultimately show her how much I love her. I try to explain that I’m not leaving her, but it never does much good.

LB 11 months ago

With 3 kids whose bedtimes I often have to handle by myself, I completely agree! The hour that it takes to get everyone quiet and in their beds is sometimes just plain exhausting. I love the hugs and kisses and little thoughts they share with me at bedtime…but sometimes I just need them to go to sleep!

Erin 11 months ago

Oh man. This is a LOL blog! I love it! Not because it is funny, even though it is, but, because I go through this EVENING after EVENING after EVENING! It is enlightening to know that I am not an evil mom for HATING to put my three girls to bed! For ALL of these reasons/situations. I try as often as possible to make my husband to the duty! I work from home so not only do I play every possible “role ” that exists, but I am around 2 of my 3 24 hours a day! Oiy! Thanks for posting about this oh-so-true topic!

Keera 11 months ago

Haha yeah bedtime can be sucky, but you are being way to nice, Mama! Your kids will push you as far as you allow yourself to be pushed! Why not change the rule to one story a night? When they have a really important thing to tell you, tell them to save it for tomorrow! Sometimes you need to be strict, mama needs her me time!!

Enedina St Sebastian 11 months ago

I’ve only read comments so far. I love bedtime. It’s usually smooth but sometimes he needs a little extra time. I don’t care I know way before I’m ready I wont be a part of the routine. I might not even get a goodnight kiss. I’ll take an extra 100 now and again so that when that day comes (when I don’t get one) I can remember that little voice asking for one more and those little lips that loved mommy most.

Mary E Gween 11 months ago

If the book is long, you can try reading just part of the book – even a few pages is better than nothing! My kids look forward to more pages the next night – tv shows can be “to be continued” why not books? I also have my daughter practice reading to me – good for her and a break for me! :-)

Linda Niemantinga 11 months ago

Release you from their grip? I’m trying hard not to judge but your kids are going to stop needing you sooner than you think. If you feel this way you should not have kids. Cuddles and kisses is the best part!

Samantha Mockler Hunt 11 months ago

Yep pretty much how I feel about bedtime!!

Erin Miller 11 months ago

I love bedtime. Daddy doesn’t get home until 7:15, bedtime is 7:30. He does bedtime because other than weekends, thats the only time he has. So bedtime, for me, is wonderful. Lol

Matthew G Brown 11 months ago

I would love to put my kids to bed if they would actually stay in bed.

Amber Lynn Cox 11 months ago

I love bedtime lol

Daria Dustin Mirra 11 months ago

That’s exactly it! I say to my 5 yr old “mommy patience tank is empty!” Lol

Daria Dustin Mirra 11 months ago

Haha. Bed time is the worst. It means bath, cleanup, and all when you are exhausted. Hands down, worst time of day.

Melanie 11 months ago

I have 3 kids too and it is hectic and it’s the same at bedtime. So, I started a marble jar for bedtime and various things throughout the day. If each child goes to bed and stays there ( we were having the same issues about stories or being hypochondriacs) they get a marble in the morning. This has worked wonders for us! They are working toward a nice treat when the jar is full- gives them a reason to do the things the should already be doing

Laura Boyle 11 months ago

This was so spot on hilarious! Glad someone captured the feeling so well! My kids would fight over the shower in my room as opposed to their own shower…it was crazy every single night!

Sally Jensen 11 months ago

This is my life!

Jennifer Smith Gilmour 11 months ago

Lol thanks guys. my kids have plenty of other things they do that drive me nuts! Good they we loves them so much :)

Jacqueline Sparks 11 months ago

I agree. There’s no bargaining at bedtime. It’s time for bed, go to bed.

Jacqueline Sparks 11 months ago

The same moms that don’t want to put their kids to bed are the ones crying dropping them off at school everyday. I’m all about nurturing your kids, but give it a break. You ARE NOT helping them by acting like that !

Sara Nicolai Hamilton 11 months ago

Earlier comment said it right….it’s a love/hate thing, for sure. I love the feeling when she snuggles in and starts to drift off, but getting there can be a battle!

Jess Ciccarelli 11 months ago


Leesh Quinn 11 months ago

Bed time is great! We read, we chat and we snuggle.. same now at 5 & 7 as it was when they were babes 😉
It’s not rushed, so they know they get my undivided attention for 30 mins or so.. no fuss!

Octavia Tahir 11 months ago

I love bed time routine my son has bath toast or porridge brush teeth cuddle time then we get dummy simba Donald Duck stitch maybe extra teddy I lay with my son until he sleeps and in the morning I’m there when he wakes and we have cuddle time put dummy away have breakfast they are the most amazing moments of the day can’t imagine any mother not loving that but they again if ur counting the mins to ur glass if wine maybe u should not of been a parent

Emma Symonds 11 months ago

I have been known to utter those words in the voice of SLJ!

Elle Cahill 11 months ago

“go the f*$# to sleep!” Brought you to mind!!

Emma Symonds 11 months ago

will read later, but from the first line I agree!!!

Ruthie Beach DeBlanc 11 months ago

I thought that, too; but then I remembered how often my kids wait till I get to the bottom of the stairs to decide they need another. After they’ve had half a dozen each. There comes a time when I just tell them no more b/c I know they’re stalling. It’s not about the kisses, it’s about finding another reason to stay up.

Guinevere 11 months ago

I used to hate the whole bedtime thing too. I would start drinking the wine very early in the evening and let my son just fall asleep on the lounge floor. If he ever wanted a story I would make his sister read him one. Terrible parenting? Probably, but son has just started at one of the world’s top universities so who cares. Hang in there Jill.

chill 11 months ago

I’m with you. After a long day, I’m done and it takes all of my energy to get them to bed. If my kids asked for one little thing (glass of water, extra book) it would grate on my last nerve. Now that they’re 9 and 11, it’s better because they can shower themselves. I’m much more cheerful and sweet. Maybe if my husband helped with anything (dinner, bath, school lunches, whatever), my energy and patience would last longer.

Bill Ross 11 months ago

Bedtime with the kids was my favorite, and I always looked forward to it. I loved reading with the kids, hearing about their day, hopes, dreams, fears, etc. Our older boys used to all gather in one room while I read. My youngest unceremoniously booted me from the routine a couple of yrs ago and it was painful and I miss it terribly. I look forward to the grandkids to come so I can read to them.

Jenna Slye 11 months ago

Seriously. Don’t feed the monster. Tuck, tuck, kiss, kiss…go. To. Sleep. Goodnight. Love you! Shhhh!

Susanne Creighton Wilson 11 months ago

Me too. My kids go to bed easily.

Andrea Piccolino Oswald 11 months ago

Why do you think only one is any easier?

Lizzie Whelan 11 months ago

I love the bed time routine, he loves his bath, then pjs on and a cuddle while he has story and bottle of milk. He goes straight to sleep and sleeps through, it’s a very peaceful and calm routine :) nap time in the day is a different story, and he also refuses to have his face wiped at the minute :/ everyone’s got different problems lol! xxx

Melissa Ann Marie Robertson 11 months ago

You are not alone!

Luly Alcrudo-Roquette 11 months ago

I love putting mine to bed. A good routine. Bath. Lavender lotion. Low energy ambiance a hour prior, they go down quick and if not, i enjoy kissing them and being grateful. Structure and repetition is key to a quick bedtime.

Jennie Marsden 11 months ago

People always seem to find their voice on these things.. Like, I doubt they would ever say that to you in person.. Whatever.
I totally agree with you btw.. No one ever said reading HAD to be before bedtime..

Roxanne Ford 11 months ago

I love bedtime. My daughter is not quite 1, so I bath her, put her PJs and nappy on, brush her teeth, read her a story, then she has some milk and goes to bed. It’s a simple process, she falls straight to sleep and I get the cleaning done, ect and relax for an hour or so.

Rebecca Bowen 11 months ago

to that lady who limits kisses. ..that’s incredibly sad.

Glenn Singley 11 months ago

I didn’t get this at all. There is nothing more I dislike than putting my kids to bed, but not for the reasons in the blog. I can’t stand putting my kids to bed because that means I won’t get to talk with them, share things, do things, or just be together. I’m always afraid that one of us will not wake up and we’ll never have that next laugh, next strange and silly conversation, or even an argument. Yes, I am exhausted at the end of the day, short on patience and with a long list of things to do (dishes, laundry, etc.) and work to prepare or grade (I teach, so there is always work to be done and little time in which to do it). But, at the end of the day, these are my kids, and the reason I work and do the laundry and dishes and cooking. And there is no labor so sweet as doing for someone you love. I spend little enough time with my kids as it is and not getting to be with them for that 8-10 hours is painful enough.

Joanna Gray Hawk 11 months ago

If I don’t want to read books before bed, I tell my kids no. If I do, they all sit on the livingroom floor and I read one book. It won’t hurt your kids to tell them no.

Tracy Hohler 11 months ago

Bedtime…it’s a love/hate relationship.

Dina Susanne 11 months ago

I know.. Why make bedtime more than it has to be? When we had our first child, we did some thinking, and had no interests in starting routines we didnt really want to have for 10+ years. Whats the chanses for us loving to read multiple books every night for so long? And what if we have more children? So we made it simple! A last meal of the day, new diapers, pyjamas, go to bed, one kiss and good night. Done in no time, and we get no complains about it. Now we have two children, both going to bed the same way. And so will the third one.

Heather Greaves 11 months ago

For this mom who does not see her 20-month old all day, our bedtime routine is the best part of my day. It’s probably the only quality time I get with my daughter during the week.

Kimberly Wade Johnson 11 months ago

I love putting my son to bed.

Naomi Graetz 11 months ago

Me too, love the snuggle time

Julie Herren 11 months ago

I agree Tim! Every kid and every experience is different! Jennifer, good for you ( though I am secret crying into my pillow and cursing your name, lol). My 3yo is Miss Excuse…another story, more water, shadows are scary, etc etc…

Dave Bester 11 months ago

As a father of four sons, including twins (Imagine 3 toddlers age 2 and below at the same time…) I know exactly what Jill is going through. Suicide hour doesn’t end with bedtime, it just gets prolonged. We knew we had to change how we approached it, and so like many parents, we invented bedtime stories, but they were stories with a mission. A mission to slow things down, to stop over-stimulation, to train the kids to close their eyes, to listen and to use their imagination, a mission to last only five minutes, and above all, a mission to get them to wind down and accept that it was time to sleep. So we invented Paperman, their special friend, who they had to put to sleep every night. And putting Paperman to sleep was the signal for them to go to sleep. Don’t know why or how, but somehow it worked. For interest, I’ve published My friend Paperman. You can find it on Amazon. Try the free story on the website and please let me know if it works for you. It worked for us.

Lala 11 months ago

Ea night you can hear screams throughout the bldg like its a mass murder, but its just bed time. We dont have these screams thank goodness. I can be a really crappy mom otherwise, but bedtimes go great with us. You do a crap load at your kids’ bedtime! I think your kids are playing with your mind and soul lol, getting the last stab in before they are off to sleep. My kids get 2 books, 1 eyes open, 1 eyes closed and they never make it through the eyes closed. I stop reading when they move about and threaten to leave with no light if they dont take it seriously. Thats pretty much the routine. About an hour before bed, lights in the house go off except for the necessary to see and curtains close to get their melatonin or whatever going. They dont play in the bath just before bed either, that didnt work for us. Also their bed time is pretty early, 7:30 pm, to the point some mornings they can wake naturally before the alarm and the oldest starts KG at 7:30am!

Kelsey Michelle Fry 11 months ago

I love bedtime…once she’s in bed that’s it no getting up till morning. 2 1/2 and still happily sleeping in a crib…keep em trapped ad long as you can LOL

Lourdes Zapata Brizek 11 months ago

Mine are 18, 15, & 12. Although I don’t put them to bed, I do my bedroom rounds and do tuck them in (adjust the cover, say goodnight, I love& sweet dreams)

Sarah White 11 months ago

I love bed time too :)

Tracy Stanwick 11 months ago

I would love nothing more than to be able to put my baby to bed every single night. Bed time is one of my favorite parts of the day with her.

Karianne Moulton Styffe 11 months ago

Enjoy my youngest is now 13. I have an 18 and 15 yr old also
No more bad time routines now they put me to bed lol

Dani Lynas 11 months ago

That was a good one!

Rachel 11 months ago

Yes! Bath time is worse for me too usually. Especially since more often than not i am bouncing a 5 month old on my lap, which leaves one hand to shampoo, condition, and wash my 4 year old. It should be considered a superpower.

Jaime Silvano 11 months ago

I’m not sure why people feel they need an elaborate bedtime routine. I tell them they have 5 minutes until bed and then stick to it. They already have their PJs on and have brushed their teeth earlier in the night. I tell my kids if they want a story to let me know way before bedtime. Once they are in bed, it’s too late. Two kisses tops, no drinks of water, no dancing, singing, etc. 10 minute or less routine and I’m done.

Heather 11 months ago

I wholeheartedly agree with this, mine have just turned 8 and 10 and the whole TUCK ME IN ugh it gets old.I almost feel bitter about it at times. The DEMAND to be tucked in, frankly irritates me. 95% of the time we do the tucked in thing, but the other 5%..come on kid take the hug and go to bed! lol I am so beyond done come 8pm but it does make me feel bad cause I know I will miss it when it’s gone…just cant win

Carol Feighner Rockey 11 months ago

You only hold thier hand for such a short time my two are 17 and 14. You might not think now but you will miss this I promise. Cherish these moments all of them. Yes they will drive you crazy and they do but in a blink of a eye they grow up . You will miss this trust me I do.

Brandi Mason 11 months ago

Me too Cari. I miss mine so much all day that I love every moment with her in the evenings. Bedtimes are the best because we snuggle.

Shari Wippert 11 months ago

Alot of nights I like bedtime. My girls all sleep in the same room, so we all read a few books together and most nights they ask me to sing to them and then I give them lots of kisses and hugs and their water and then they go to sleep. Some nights though, they do not want to go to bed! They won’t sit still for me to read, they want me to sing but then interrupt me after the first phrase, only to ask for the same song a few seconds later, then there’s the running out of their room to go potty a million times, asking for multiple cups of water, screaming that they lost a toy only to find it under their blankets, and the constant walking into the living room to ask to be tucked in again. Those nights are the ones I dread. I can’t spend real quality time with my girls and I also don’t get any alone time and I go to bed too worn out to even think straight.

Lynn Waters Goodson 11 months ago

My sentiments exactly!

Cristen Redeker Singer 11 months ago

Daddy does the bedtime thing with our 3 year old while I have the baby… I have the easier one there… Thankful for boobs. But I had to comment about the “longest books” part. Our 3 year old chose the Bible. (His toddler one); tried to be smart but it’s broken down into Bible stories so he gets a few. They are so smart though!

Beth Steveson 11 months ago

I’ve always enjoyed putting my boys to bed. My boys are 5-6 years apart so I was able to get bedtime time with each one when they were little without competition from a sibling. It felt like the only time where I’d get one on one uninterrupted time with him where we’d read together and maybe do a quick puzzle and he’d brush his teeth and go potty and I’d tuck him into bed and always say “have sweet dreams” and “I love you”. My youngest is 7 now. My oldest is 18. I’ve been doing this a long time and it’s something I look forward to doing every day and will one day (sooner now than later) miss when the last one is too old. But I can tell you, I have a 13 year old that I still tuck in every night! So, I still have some time!

Elizabeth 11 months ago

I hated bedtime too. I was always so tired by the end of the day that I only gave them baths twice a week unless they got dirty. I was a stay at home mom with a husband who worked nights. So I only had help from eleven a.m. to two p.m. My husband slept from five a.m. to eleven a.m. and left for work at two p.m. I started out doing really well with a story every night and singing to them from the hall after tucking them in bed. But right around the time they started having to nudge me awake during story time, I started cutting back on the bedtime routine. I felt bad about it but I was SO tired!

Kris 11 months ago

Thank you for putting into words EXACTLY how I felt about putting my kids to bed when they were little. They are now teenagers and 2 of the 3 are getting ready to move out in the next 6-9 months. Now I bug THEM with just one more thing we need to talk about because I can’t imagine the day when they won’t be sleeping in the next room. Ironic? Pathetic? Beautiful? Definitely!

Arica Elise 11 months ago

Hahahahaha love it

Janette Estiva 11 months ago

When I had only 1 and 2 I loved bedtime but now that I have 5 it feels like I’m running a marathon every night. I still love tucking them in and kissing them goodnight but I’m exhausted afterwards. And after they’re in bed there’s still so much to do, but I love being a Mom and wouldn’t change a thing.

Jessica Mullins 11 months ago

Bedtime for the kids is one of my favorite times of the day. I love reading them their bedtime story getting them in bed. Covering them up and kissing them goodnight. Love it.

Stacia 11 months ago

A-fucking-men. I hate, hate, hate the bedtime routine.

Colleen Dallas 11 months ago

Perfection. Nailed it!

Ruthellen Cohen Cunnally 11 months ago

I love my kids but the very best thing about having grown children is that I don’t have to put them to bed and I don’t have to wake them up

Cari Parker 11 months ago

I work full-time so bedtime is really special to me too. It’s no easy task, that’s for sure, but I do love it and especially love when it is successful. 😉

Tim Roames 11 months ago

Wow…someone needs to put Heather and Diana to bed. They seriously need a nap!

Leah Pister Steinman 11 months ago

Just lolled!

Jennifer Jason Gallagher 11 months ago

Omg! This is so true! So glad to know I am not alone in this :-)

Leslie Sansom 11 months ago

I am shocked at all the bad experiences with bedtime. I wasn’t willing to lose sleep or negotiate about bedtime. I said a lot of things before I had kids, that I wasn’t going to do, and I am proud to say this the I kept. My kids go to bed and I don’t hear from them again until the morning. I love bedtime.

Jennifer Parker Pantalone 11 months ago

You. Are. Not. Alone.

Bethany Giles 11 months ago


Rhonda Thiessen 11 months ago

I put in the time when they were little now they get ready for bed all by themselves and I hug and kiss them when they’re in bed. It’s totally easy now but oh the tantrums, the middle of the night musical beds, the puking in the dead of night and drama with each new baby brought home and the adjustments there. I’m tired just thinking about it. I snuggle up to a glass of wine once my kids are in bed or before….they don’t necessarily need me to do the menial bedtime requirements and I’d like to think it’s because I taught them well!

Leslie Sansom 11 months ago

I love bedtime! I tell my kids to go to bed and they do it. End of story.

Jenna Baxter 11 months ago

Well some nights are fun with them, other nights I’m counting down. Guess it just depends on the day!

Valerie Ann 11 months ago

I also don’t care if mine falls asleep immediately. His room is safe, he has stories but no toys and there’s nothing to climb on. He’s fine!

Jennifer Smith Gilmour 11 months ago

Wow some people are really rude. Just saying I agree I love bedtime but I don’t hate bedtime routine. All kids are different.

Debra Burdick-Hinton 11 months ago


Evelyn M Davis 11 months ago

I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of the mom from your town and for her family!

I have only one child, but I lived every moment of her childhood as if it could have been my last, due to some medical issues. I tucked her into bed until she was 16!! Then she started “tucking” me in.. She didn’t want to risk me falling down the stairs.. When she was younger, there was actual “tucking in”, prayers, stories, glasses being removed, hugs & kisses goodnight… As she aged, it changed to just prayers, glasses, and hugs & kisses goodnight.. When she “tucked in” – kisses on forehead goodnight and hugs.. lol.. Now, she’s off to college.. Time moves very fast.

I will pray for that family’s peace.

Kathrin Barber 11 months ago

I’ve always kind of liked it. Both my sons were pretty good sleepers though, and went to bed relatively easily. I’ve got friends who are going through this kind of thing though, and I know it’s really hard for them.

Valerie Ann 11 months ago

I also love putting my 16 mo old to bed – he gets his books, carries them to his big boy bed, we read, we turn on his “wawa” (humidifier) and give kisses and it’s lights out (7:30pm) and he gets up again 12-13 hours later…I’m not lying or bragging but it’s a time we love at our house.

Lisa Jacobs Cronin 11 months ago

Omg. My heart aches for this family. You offer wonderful perspective. Embrace every moment and find joy. Thanks for the gentle reminder.

Cassandra Martin 11 months ago

I loved bedtime, it was story time, cuddle time, talk time, and now that she’s a teen, she still talks a bit about stuff when she goes to bed and I tuck her in. It’s just us though so I know it’s different but I do miss tucking in and cuddling a little one.

Jennifer StJohn 11 months ago

I hated bedtime tonight. I lost count of the number of times I lost my s%*t…

Megan Lordeon Pennie 11 months ago

Sorry… I too am one of the moms that love bedtime and story time – but my guilty secret is that I’m glad when my husband is not home so I get it all to myself! All the snuggles. All the end of day talks. All the silly voices when reading stories.

Diana Soliz 11 months ago

Why are you posting your experience? Is it to brag? I think the piece was to let readers know that some of us have a hard time with putting our kids to bed.

Giovanna Capane Holden 11 months ago

Most nights, I love still putting my almost 7 yr kid to bed. I’m laying next to him right now. We hang out for at least a half hour before lights out & talk, read, or watch a cartoon. It’s the only time all day I get him to myself since I have a 15 month old. (I’m a SAHM)

Giovanna Capane Holden 11 months ago

That is so awful. I can’t even imagine.

Nadia Pirkle 11 months ago

Me too!! Haha. We started putting our little one down awake from the time she was 3 months old, so now tucking her in is my absolute favorite part of the day, we pick out Jammie’s, read stories, sing songs and have a little snuggle. It is heaven to me.

Jane Lewis Wilson 11 months ago

Yup! Every little bit of it!

Catherine Anne 11 months ago

I love bedtime, even when I’m super grumpy or stressed. Even though it can be tough, those that are able to put their children to bed every night should be grateful. There are many parents who can’t.

karyn 11 months ago

After getting really frustrated with being the sole motivator to get everyone to bed, I implemented a “mom stops working at 8:00 pm” rule. It used to be that my husband and my boys were dilly-dallying and slowing the whole process time and killing my “me” time. Now, it doesn’t matter where we are in the bedtime routine, I am done at 8:00. If Dad wants to read them books, great, but I’m done, done, done. It’s amazing! Kids get ready so much faster, Dad now remembers to help move them along, and i have my sanity time.

Tessa Bjorgaard 11 months ago

That’s my time to lay down with my son where he really wants to talk to me. He touches my face and tells me he loves me :)

Jessica Rahmani 11 months ago

Me too!

Stephanie Pucci 11 months ago

Once we quit giving in to all those last minute requests and extra books, bedtime became easy and routine… usually anyway. Now I say bed time and 15 minutes later hubby and I are sitting together enjoying our time

Sasha Frasier 11 months ago

I hate bedtime too

Stephanie Ann 11 months ago


Rebekah Patel 11 months ago

Bedtime is usually our easiest time if the day. Now, the rest of the day is more unpredictable, but our bedtime routine helps it go smoothly. I do love it once they are asleep.

Crystal Boucher 11 months ago

Lol my three good to bed really good ..

Kristen Davis 11 months ago

Thanks for expressing the” UN pretty” emotions of motherhood.

Jessica Davis Zanghi 11 months ago

I love puting my lil man to bed because I know the much need mommy and daddy or me time is coming. Knock on wood we have a decent goodnight routine and he doesn’t fight it. But then again he’s only almost 2 so there’s still time. We all feel relief at bed time I think and I don’t think it’s bad to feel that.

Megg Geiger 11 months ago

My 5 year old has a ridiculously complicated tuck in ritual, my 2 year refuses to sleep anywhere but next to me and my youngest, who has yet to be born, decides to have a solo dance party on my bladder from 10pm-3am every night So…yeah…

Sara Petrick 11 months ago

I love bedtime! It’s when I get the most cuddles. Plus, my kids are pretty good about bedtime and going to sleep.

Paul Sokacz 11 months ago

This is my feeling as well

Ashley Long 11 months ago

I love it, I hate it, I look forward to it and then cry when I rock my youngest. I cry because I know that one day it’ll stop. But man…. Those minutes of silence are so precious after a crazy day.

Dawn Pelej 11 months ago

I love when he sleeps enough that I can endure bedtime routine the way a prisoner of war survives torture by thinking of the one they love.

Wajeeha Aslam 11 months ago

True story

Jennifer Smith Gilmour 11 months ago

That made me lol

Sedarella Babcock 11 months ago

I have zero problems putting my kids to bed. Either I’m really blessed or I’m just really blessed!

Victoria Whiteley 11 months ago

Personally I love bedtime. My 10 month old daughter ever since 4 months has been super super easy! But she’s a bear in the morning to make up for it! Lol

Monika Heinrich Ellerbrock 11 months ago

I loved to tuck my kids in read a bedtime story and then i was outtie so my husband and i had the deserved quality time.

Jodie Webb Johnson 11 months ago

Oh well. You seem nice in spite of that.

Jodie Webb Johnson 11 months ago

I just yelled at my 9 year old for getting out of bed. This is mean mommy time. Don’t interrupt my wine and 30 min of tv before I pass out.

Michelle Sneed Fason 11 months ago

As I have told my friends who think I’m crazy, I sing fun songs and they are happy to march to bed. They recognize the songs from Gymboree. I just change the words for bedtime.

Jessica Millikin-Newcomb 11 months ago

Routine creates a sense of security and gives children a chance to be responsible for their own bedtime routines. It also helps them settle down, warns them that it’s time yo sleep.

Lizette Morales 11 months ago

I have two boys only 20 and 7 months and i have a love hate relationship with bed time. I know once i get both to sleep i am done and free but the process is just too much. My biggest problem is one baby usually wants to be up and noisy exactly when the other one is finally falling asleep….now a days that time is usually 12am or later

Leana Hough 11 months ago

I did sleeptraining with mine, so putting them to bed is a breeze. A set routine helps a lot. Bathtime is not so bad either, except when I have to wash my eldest daughter’s long, thick hair. What I really really really hate is dinnertime. Getting them to eat is tiresome. Absolutely hate it.

Melissa Carter Farrell 11 months ago

They’ve got her wrapped.

Shelley ‘Schroeder’ Kane 11 months ago

YA it is! Too funny!!

Ameo Lynch 11 months ago

Oh the immaculate timing!

Naomi 11 months ago

I found that the bedtime routine in my house works better if we read earlier. And bath before dinner. Then they go straight to bed after dinner. If they do anything after dinner it’s horrific. Unless we have a movie night and they fall asleep in the lounge and I walk them to bed asleep.

Of course, that doesn’t always avoid the “I need a drink” trips back and forth. Or the “stop talking/jumping around and go to sleep” but on the days that it does, it’s bliss.

My advice… find a routine that works for you, rather than the one you’re supposed to have.

Robin Haraway 11 months ago

Grandmom here. Fret not, the one thing you will defiantly not miss when they are all grown up is the bedtime routine. I had three stair-step boys and we called it Ulcer Hour. However, I love to put my little granddaughters to bed when I am visiting. Spending quiet time with the girls is a real win both for me and my exhausted son and daughter in law. It gets better as they get a little older.

Jennifer May 11 months ago

So funny… is she spying on me at night?

Susie Meadows 11 months ago

Dear lord, this is my life right now…

Sarah Hunsberger Sullivan 11 months ago

So painfully true.

Amanda Adams 11 months ago

Hahaa sounds like me and you

Kim 11 months ago

This is so me! I always dreamed of it being different before I had kids. There are some cool moments but I really look forward to my wine! Thank you for this!

shannon 11 months ago

Ahhh it feels good to laugh so hard so many times throughout this story. We’re not even really to this stage yet, but I totally get it. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah McKeighan VanSchoick 11 months ago


Emily LaMare Bueti 11 months ago

Love this! So glad I’m not alone!

Stephanie Suissa Morrison 11 months ago

Oh my God. Just put my 22 months old to bed right this second. Took about an hour and a half. This article came right on time. Lol

Mellisa Wells Wilson 11 months ago

I look forward to what we call the “slam dunk”. The process starts 1 hr prior to actual bedtime. If they get all prep stuff done they get a 30 min night night educational tv show then lights out. Getting up after bed with no real valid reason means they are taking mommas time so the next night they have to pay me back by going to bed early. Bedtime is a breeze

Susan Royston Fiori 11 months ago

Didn’t know my EXACT thoughts were somehow translated to print! I think I wrote this after just the wrong amount of wine!

Becky Jo 11 months ago

I loved putting mine to sleep. However, we have boundaries and a good routine so it does not take us hours even with one child that has severe insomnia. You are the parent and you have to set limits. You may ask 2 questions, or you may chose from these books, and tomorrow morning we will read the longer one. Instead of dreading putting your children to bed fix what the problems are.

Victoria Miller 11 months ago

I’m one of the mom’s that love it. My daughter is getting older and it’s much easier. A sweet time for us. I’m sure when her twin sisters get here this winter things won’t be runng as smoothly. I’m going to enjoy our special time while I can

Mandy Haigh Rudy 11 months ago

As a full time working mommy I don’t get to spend a lot of time with my daughter. I love bedtime and mornings are a favorite too!!

Alicia Marie 11 months ago


Lora McKinney Young 11 months ago

My first born refused to sleep from the day he was born. I used to cry before the bedtime routine started knowing how long and frustrating it was going to be. By the age of 5 we finally got him to stay in bed at bedtime.

Kelley Suarez 11 months ago

This one was great. So relatable and so nice to hear it come from someone else. Right down to the awful guilt of complaining about things that I am 100% sure I’m gonna miss one day.

Abbie Guzman 11 months ago

Every. Single. Word.

Caroline Furman 11 months ago

Our bedtimes were wonderful. No problems. I sang each to sleep with his/her own lullaby. Other stuff I detested, like I’d rather gouge my eyes out instead. My kids are 19 and 18 now. There’s a lot of crap (literally and figuratively) I do NOT miss. Tucking them in at night I miss terribly.

Gina Ramirez 11 months ago

This is my life exactly.

Heather Samuelson Beck 11 months ago

Spot on!!!!

Tiana Guile 11 months ago

This was a good one.

Edith Herrera 11 months ago

Am i weird ?? I have a 5 and 7 years old girls .. Every night we go to one of their rooms, each one choses a book ( i hate to read

Adrianne Abel Gosselin 11 months ago

When I lived with my friend Ashley and her two year old daughter for a little over a year, I watched her night after night try to put her kiddo to bed. The level of patience and creativity to get her to sleep was inspiring. I pray that I will be as good as a Mom as she was when my kids are that age.

Jen Blanchard 11 months ago

Bedtime is my favorite time of the day. The clock starts moving real slow around 7:00.

Jaclin Acanfrio 11 months ago

Lisa Del Vecchio, I am absolutely heartsick. I spent the day sitting outside watching them ride bikes and play, made s’mores in the fire pit, and now just keep watching them sleep. How could I not wake up tomorrow for my kids? I just can’t….

Jennifer Smith Gilmour 11 months ago

That’s incredibly sad

Kellie R Bryant 11 months ago

She loves it so she can drink uninterrupted and reevaluate her life choices… like every mother… lol

Melissa Munkers 11 months ago

My kids are pretty easy to put to bed. We only read 1 book and then they each ask some random question and that’s about it. As some of the other posters have mentioned, it’s bath time I hate. Actually, my husband still tolerates giving them a bath, When its me, the baby gets a bath but the 4 year olds get showers. They don’t like it, they’d rather have a bath but showers are easier and quicker so I win.

Dilajla Radic-Keisler 11 months ago

Wait mommy I can’t find my “insert stuffed animal here” !!! I have a full time job with adults that act like children. I go from that to home with my daughter and I wish I had a break, traffic doesn’t count. I love shutting the bedroom door and finally getting a break, but after getting that break, I kinda wish she was awake to cuddle with.

Jennifer Smith Gilmour 11 months ago

Um. I think I know that. I read to my kids all the time, I’m a former preschool teacher. I mean as an extra to the bedtime routine. Thanks

Lisa Del Vecchio 11 months ago

Beautifully written and Exactly how I’m feeling tonight, too Jaclin – I’m sitting in my kids’ room just listening to them sleep. I’m so incredibly sad for her family. It’s been a tough day.

Heather Bors 11 months ago

I don’t think reading to your child is an “extra”.

Ashley Neuhofel Burnsed 11 months ago

I feel the author’s pain in that the routine is the same Every. Single. Night. But, my 3 boys insist on negotiating 10 more minutes or reading a book or having a chat. And I remind them for the bazillionth time to “head upstairs, clothes in laundry basket, brush your teeth & get in bed”. There are no hugs & kisses until this process is done & I give them 5 mins of me sitting in a chair with no talking or I leave the room. Yet, every night it’s a battle to complete this routine. They share a room so I luckily don’t have to shuttle room to room. There’s a consolation.

Jayna Ankley 11 months ago

Hahahahaha! This is fantastic!! Gave me a good belly laugh tonight. Thank you!!

Letitia Tappa 11 months ago

Hated it. I was always so tired at the end of the day. Loved daytime activities, reading in the evening, games, you name it. Bedtime was like having my fingernails pulled out. Metaphorically, of course. 😉

Jennifer F Turner 11 months ago

Maybe I’m alone in how I feel but I hate putting my kids to bed because now that school is in we don’t spend as much time together. I miss the days before school started

Jennifer Mager Leibiger 11 months ago

This article made me laugh so hard! I hate bed time and packing lunches!

Jennifer Mollohan Hill 11 months ago

I like it when it’s smooth, which is about 2 x a week if we are lucky lol

Marisa Daniel 11 months ago

So far I’ve always liked putting my now 17mo to bed, especially now we read tons of books and just spend a half an hour or so of fun quiet time together, best part of my day.

Jaime Holmes 11 months ago

Bedtime = the best time!

Becky Barcus 11 months ago

My son goes to bed so easy every night. I ask him if he is ready for bed and off he goes to get ready. I realize I am lucky so I don’t take it for granted.

Tara Grammes Lyman 11 months ago

My son is so easy to put to bed. He’s 1 and will only sleep or nap in his crib. My 6yo daughter is the opposite. I have to lay in her bed with her and massage her feet til she falls asleep. She likes to complain if I’m not doing it right. She likes to crawl in our bed in the middle of the night but luckily that’s happening less often.

Aeisha Chocolatebrownsugar Beaufort 11 months ago

I thought I was alone in the gauntlet that is bedtime….I just spazzed out last night and yelled at them to GO TO SLEEP FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THATS HOLY!!! SWEET JESUS JUST GO TO SLEEP! That’s just fine parenting right there

Kerri Graham Sutherland 11 months ago

This article is 100% right on. Omg worst part of the day is bed time

Sarah Kimmel Cenedella 11 months ago

My daughter was amazing at bedtime. Phenomenal. Easy breezy. Then the turned 3. It’s ridiculous how many reasons, stall tactics, and “things she needs to tell me.”

Karen Smith 11 months ago

So sad. We have to also think about what our children want at bedtime, which is more time awake but also the moments we can’t get back.

Suzanne McCown 11 months ago

I am so angry with myself for continuing to enable their little game of having to tell me some earth shattering news or complain of some life threatening illness as I have one foot out the door. Just shameful.

Stacey Foyster 11 months ago

I love you haha. This is my life too!! But with a one year old instead who refuses to sleep and just wants to play. The bedtime routine can range anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours in my house. And that’s sometimes after a 10 hour shift. I applaud you and wholeheartedly agree x

Lindsey Winter 11 months ago

Our bedtime routine is pretty short and easy. We’ve never added any extras and have a rule that once the lights are out no talking and you only yell for mommy if your gonna throw up. This is everyone’s alone time. I could careless if they fall asleep right away as long as they stay in their rooms and are quiet. If that makes me a bad mom I’m ok with that but it works for us!

Angie Maragno 11 months ago

I love/hate putting my son to bed at night. I love bath time, teeth brushing, jammies, snuggles, stories and songs. But as soon as he’s in bed and I’m downstairs vegging out watching tv with the hubbs, OH, HOW I MISS MY SON!!!

Hubby and I take turns putting our 16 month old to bed and when it’s my turn and I’m the one sitting in the dark rocking my baby and singing to him, I always think, “how I wish I could hold you forever”

As relieving as it is to have the quiet and as much as I enjoy TV time, I truly miss my boy when he goes to bed. ❤️

Bekah Christian 11 months ago

I actually dread bedtime for different reason my daughter gets super sweet and plays hard during the evening it’s hard to stop her to go to bed. I also kept moving bedtime until she would just fall asleep. She just turned 2. We do read but I tell her pick 1 2 or 3 books depending on the night. I feel lucky she’s so easy. The down side is she doesn’t go down until 930 but she also sleeps later.

Kandi Elise Johnson 11 months ago

Thank you so much for this! I feel so guilty at times for just wanting them in bed so I can veg, play on my computer, or watch what I want on tv with no interruptions, and I’m not even a stay at home mom! But this article really relieves some of that guilt and makes me feel like it’s okay! So thank you!

Karen Smith 11 months ago

Bedtime is break time! No guilt for not liking to put your kids to bed! I only have one child so I do enjoy our tuck-in time ritual, but I know i would not be able to still say that with more than one.

Jessica Millikin-Newcomb 11 months ago


Brandy Lopez Barbee 11 months ago

I HATE getting them to bed… But once we are there it is snuggle and talk time. That I LOVE

Tabi Mott 11 months ago

Yes Nicola, some people have such long drawn out routines. This is why we allow the tablets and a movie in their room for 1hr.

I have a friend who’s husband has to lay down with their daughter in her room until she falls asleep. She’s almost 5yrs old.
We never did co sleeping and we did sleep training from a early age. My daughter’s learned to put themselves to sleep on their own from a early age.

Amy Rantanen Santangelo 11 months ago

Bedtime is one of my favorite times of the day. I’m glad I’m not the only one. My kid’s are my everything but I need quiet time for my own sanity! 😉

Trixie 11 months ago

Nailed it! I hate bedtime too!!! I have zero patience by the end of a long day. I will read 5 books at 4 o’clock with a smile but can barely get through one at bedtime. The whining while brushing teeth, the “I’m NOT tired!” meltdown, endless searching for the blankie, one more drink, one more question and the yelling “Goodnight! I love you! See you in the morning” a half dozen times until my husband or myself yells back…”ENOUGH!” I’m happy for those of you who enjoy it, but I do NOT.

Judy Sheahan 11 months ago

Ugh the worst time of day.

Christine Batson Uram 11 months ago

Love this.

Laurie Geist 11 months ago

My daughter was always pretty good about bedtime. But I too was always ready for it every night. I would tuck her in and chat for a few minutes, tubby time was never a big deal, enjoyed her playing. But she had a movie to watch each night, help her relax and learn being alone is ok and not scary.

Tina Gillotti Stys 11 months ago

I love my kids but I love when they go to bed. They follow a routine and go to bed with no problems. I am a SAHM and my whole day is about them. I need my 2 hours at night to refresh my brain.

Sherry Goodman McGrath 11 months ago


Tanya Willey 11 months ago

Lol, totally. And the confessionals on the blog, I can either relate, or I feel SO much better about myself. 😉

Kathleen Coakley Baker 11 months ago


Julie Campbell Miller 11 months ago

Ha! And really, like brushing your teeth is a new event every night and you must be reminded and when you are it is a big surprise?

Beth 11 months ago

Bedtime is very stressful at my house, too. I often have to pull out the “Unless you are bleeding or on fire, there is absolutely NO reason you should come back down those stairs tonight.” This is after the fourth or fifth time I’ve returned my sons (6 & 9) to their rooms and answered various philosophical questions about anteaters and star dust and the emotional well-being of certain toys.My patience only lasts so long and the majority of the time, it’s just a stalling technique. It becomes very frustrating.

Lenore Comeaux 11 months ago

I CAN relate. Bath along w washing hair is even worse. Mine r 3,4,& 7. I adore them but it’s really hectic in the evenings.

Sarah Koebler 11 months ago

I adore putting my kids to bed!! Like adore it! It’s such a soothing routine, and it’s MY time. As a single mom of 2, I live for the moment my house is quiet. The baths, and lotion/massage time are just perks that make me feel less guilty about wanting them quiet, tucked away, and out of my ass for a bit. 😉

Erika Shears 11 months ago

I love putting my little guy to bed!!!! He wraps his little arms around my neck while I sing him a song, gives me a kiss when it’s over and goes to bed like an angel. Sorry, but I can’t relate to this article at all. Don’t hate me. 😛

Nicola Foulkes Meldrum 11 months ago

Just put them to bed and say goodnight !! Why create all this drama!!

Claire Clowater 11 months ago


Kara Chu 11 months ago

Love reading this as I am giving the bedtime orders!!

Sam Amatulli 11 months ago

I could have written this is right! This is me…!!!!!
I love my kids but at the end of the day I’m done!

Jaclin Acanfrio 11 months ago

I love your site and all your posts, usually I’m laughing as I read. Tonight, I feel differently. A mom from my town had a heart attack last night and died. At 4:30 in the morning, while her 3 children slept down the hall and her husband was next to her. She was in her early 40’s, in good shape, and spent last night at a wedding with family. She kissed her kids good night, fully expecting to spend a crazy, ragged Saturday running them to sports and activities, before collapsing into bed and doing it all over again the next day. Except that for her, there is no next day. Her children will never feel their mother’s embrace, hear her voice, her kiss, hold her hand, ever again. There are no more bedtime stories or crazy, run ragged days for her. In her honor, I will cherish every day, even the ones where I want to rip my hair out, where I want to wish my kids to bed because I just can’t take another moment. It was a reminder to me that there might not be another moment and I’m just heartsick for her and her family. I can’t even imagine. :(

Elezebeth Stegall Gilliam 11 months ago

Love bedtime for me too

Elizabeth Tee 11 months ago

I go to bed with them I can use the 10hrs of sleep like they get..

Laura Gerwood 11 months ago

Bedtime is the end of my patience rope in which I want to hang myself on

Taylor Holt 11 months ago

Can’t imagine bedtime without reading. Way too important.

Cristine Thomas 11 months ago

Awesome article! I love bedtime … After it’s over

Katherine Hunt Arabis 11 months ago

You make me feel normal

Crystal Scott Holder 11 months ago

Thanks. Needed this.

Kim Felix 11 months ago

Oh, how I can relate to dreading the ol’ bedtime routine. Being a SAHM…..by the time bedtime rolls around I am both dreading it and excited. Bc that means I get to have peace and quiet… inbetween them yelling “mommy” repeatedly from their bedroom. :)

Becca Cordes 11 months ago

I hate bath time. Loathe it

Jessica Millikin-Newcomb 11 months ago

I thought I was the only one… It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

Gabriela Latorre 11 months ago

Lol. Whats her secret.

Monica Jo Ptacek 11 months ago

I am that mom that never rocked my babies to sleep and rarely reads stories because I knew from the time they were babies that they needed to be able to go with the flow. We have no routine. My husband hates it. I love it. I yell “take a bath…did you brush…do you have a pull-up on…?” and then run up after they are already in bed, whisper “good-night”, and pray they stay in bed. I know someday I will wish I could tuck them in, but for right now I’m just glad they put themselves to bed…

Anastasia Mitchell 11 months ago

I absolutely love these blogs I felt like I was the only mom who felt these things..

Wendy Menz 11 months ago

This is me

Michelle Lin Griner-Pearson 11 months ago

I love bedtime. ..8 on the dot he goes up gets ready..book..prayer kisses done…this took work but so worth it

Jessica Garcia 11 months ago

Sorry ladies, I am one of the mom’s that LOVE putting my children to bed each and every night.

Jennifer Giannini 11 months ago

Really??? Bedtime is the best part of the day. The love ‘highlight”, as I call it!!! One of the 2 times of day that I love my kids the most …wake up ….and bed time!!!! Seriously!

Nancy McKay 11 months ago

Too funny – I loved having story time with Malachi. He was a good sleeper though.

Tabi Mott 11 months ago

This is seldom a issue in our house. But we do allow our daughter’s to have their tablets and watch a movie in their room for 1hr. This seems to help them unwind.

Ashely Jameson-Carel 11 months ago

Ha!! Always the longest stories EVER! Curious George has mysteriously disappeared from our shelves…

Trish Lednum Wrzosek 11 months ago


Sarah Marsic 11 months ago

I could have written this, almost word for word. I love and adore my children, but so look forward to bedtime for my own sanity’s sake.

Barbara Neiner 11 months ago

I hate bedtime too., well not really bedtime because once they are down its me time but I hate the bedtime process .., why does it have to be so long and so drawn out ????

Melanie Cortese 11 months ago

I don’t even need to read this to like it

Mary 11 months ago

Yes. Yes it is because he’s your first and 8 weeks. lol

Enjoy it. :) and congrats.

Jennifer Smith Gilmour 11 months ago

By 6 oclock I’m counting down to bedtime but I like to put my kids to bed too. We have never offered drinks or read stories before bed though so my kids go fairly easily. Pjs, potty, brush teeth, prayers, bed. Within 5-10 mins they are both asleep. I’m so glad we never added any extras into our bedtime routine

Barbara Capritta 1 year ago

Been there done that. Then I realized I could put all the kids into my bed for story time and we rotated out each night who sat in the middle between my legs and turned the pages. Then we had several minutes for any necessary talk then off to bed. They knew , because we talked about the rules in advance – teeth, drink, potty, kiss and hug lights out. I was consistent and problem ended.

Audrey Vallee 1 year ago

Loved the ending about obsessing that someday the kids would be all grown up and she would miss their bedtime routine known as the “shitstorm” I too feel this way!!!

Jessica Pottebaum 1 year ago

I can relate to every single word. Thank you for sharing. Makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one who dreads the bedtime circus. Now where’s that glass of wine I poured?!

Sara Wednesday Grumm 1 year ago

Absolutly hate bedtine! 2 boys 4 & 5.. me and my SO run up n down them steps a million times!! I gotta go poop..gotta go pee..im thirsty..mommy i gotta tell you sonething!..their fighting..arguing..jumping around…ugh.. stressfull

Mary Lou 1 year ago

I hate bedtime too…

Angie Watson 1 year ago

Thanks :)

Janice Shaw 1 year ago

Sounds just like my night. Every. Night. But I love them so much to pieces my heart could burst and actually miss them when they are asleep :) x

Stephanie Lopez Darby 1 year ago


Felicia Winnett 1 year ago

At 4 months we started; dinner, wash up, relax time (sometimes book time), change to pajamas, then bed. He’s usually pretty good at it now that he’s 19 months old.

Katie De Oliveira Anderson 1 year ago

I love it! My 16 months old baby does great, thank God!

Elizabeth Schollaart 1 year ago

I love it UNTIL the ping pong starts!!!

Tara Kell 1 year ago


Jessica Shilakis 1 year ago

Amen!!! Complete reality! Lol.

Nicole Slaughter 1 year ago

i agree with Amy, DO WHATEVER WORKS. i refused TV at bedtime and my daughter is 8 years old now. i finally decided to let her stay up and watch movies this summer instead of going to bed so early and IT HAS BEEN GREAT! she will now get her TV every night. it’s so easy to get her to go to bed now. i love it! :)

Mary Kruger Dunn 1 year ago

I’m with you. Bedtime is such a battle, and I only have one child! Thankfully, my husband and I take turns, so every other night, I get to sit on the couch with a glass of wine, while he reads/rocks/sings her to an appropriate relaxing state before he walks out and she screams her head off for me.

Alicia Carter 1 year ago

There is rarely any battle at bedtime with my 3 year old, because bedtime has never been an option!

Jordan Frame 1 year ago

^^ Or they just don’t let their kids dictate….my kid is not in charge..period.

Sherry Brown 1 year ago

You should call your post honest mommy. Those that deny any of this are lying and probably have a nanny hidden away in their basement. I love your posts and can relate. Thank you and you rock!

Rebecca Brasher Boothe 1 year ago

I need one of these about bath time!!!! I HATE bath time!! It’s my least favorite mommy job and I dread it all day long!!

Jordan Frame 1 year ago

It’s not that difficult…Idk why mom’s have such a hard time with their kids. Bedtime is bedtime. Period. No getting up, no more going potty, no getting to tell you something mom. No. Get your butt back to bed and stay there. There’s nothing that earth shatteringly important that you need to get up just to see what mom and dad are doing (cuz that’s really all they get up for). We have had the same routine since our son was a year and a half. Nothing has changed. Expectations are the same. Routine is everything. Constituencies to getting up just for the sake of getting up. Oh and he’s almost six years old now.

Jo Gunderson 1 year ago

So happy to read this, I thought I was the only one! I think it’s hard for SAHM’s cause we are with them all day, if I was at work all day and was lucky enough to put the kids to bed it might be cute when they stall the door closing by demanding a band aid after the 100 th goodnight !

Lisa Katz 1 year ago

Hysterical! And sooooooooooooo true!

Gayle Rollins 1 year ago

Love all. My. Girls

Jennifer Byers-Bullivant 1 year ago


ann b. 1 year ago

You are NOT alone in this. Everyone is different, so do NOT let anyone elses interests or routines get you down about YOUR parenting. Only in a idealized fairytale world do kids get *everything* from *each* parent. Do what you can, let others take the reins where you can and dont stress the rest. If you absolutely MUST do the bedtime thing (do you have a spouse who can do it every other night?) Try engaging the kids on taking real responsibility for the events! Instead of you stressing the reading while you yearn for that glass of wine, have the older sibling read to the younger while you have your feet up on the couch and a glass of wine in one hand and girls snuggled next to you (or on another chair/couch or whatever if you like the space) if they are not reading age, give them a story-starter and have them make up their own stories a piece at a time! As they get older, these kinds of rituals can be adapted and continued but will slowly require less “you presence” to do them and the girls will learn to self-motivate themselves to bed. Need a fear-sucker on the payroll? Put your mommy magic in a spray bottle of special water and have them spray it up in the air above their heads so it mists down on them and allows them to suck their OWN bad fears out so THEY are strong, THEY are responsible, and YOU get the space to breathe while they learn to soothe themselves down for the night.

Lesley Hobbs 1 year ago

Mine always have to get up and poop after we’ve finally got them settled. Every. Freaking. Night.

Correina D Shea 1 year ago


Sylvia J Sattler Hofland 1 year ago

The ages of my sons: 20,15,12 and 4. The three oldest were pretty easy, the little one right now, drives me insane

Leigh Jones Green 1 year ago

Bedtime has always been pretty easy at our house – we started with the “bath, bottle, bed” routine when he was a baby and now that’s he’s 6 it’s dinner, bath, story time, bed — almost every single night of his life – routine is key!

Cassandra Casperson Simon 1 year ago

I love this page and everything posted so much! I had a breakdown last night around bed time (its that time of the month) and I think it was my 15m old sons time of the month also? Because he was acting like an insane monster. When I have these breakdowns my husband can be so judgemental and makes me feel terrible. This honestly made me feel 1,000 times better today. Thank you for posting!

Jodi Kuehn Pierce 1 year ago

Yes! Amen, sister!!!!

Logan Pearson 1 year ago

LMAO funny

Motherhood and More 1 year ago

Keep in mind that there are phases for everything and all kids are different at different times. When my first two kids were 7 and 4, bedtime was a BREEZE. Simple routine, lights were out at 7:30, not a peep (usually) out of either one, and they were asleep within 15 minutes. It was heaven. I could have been HORRIBLY self-righteous during that time. (Come to think of it, I actually might have been.) Now we have three kids, 13, 9, and 5, and bedtime is a joke. There is no “bedtime” – there are three different bedtimes, but since the younger two share a bed and the older one has suddenly become a night owl, it’s all kinds of craziness around here.

Rachael Randall 1 year ago
Gladys Adames 1 year ago

This is awesome!! Lol

Leann Bossier Procell 1 year ago

I can relate to this article completely. Bedtime is a roller coaster of events with my daughter. She can be sweet & cuddly and the next minute screaming like a wild animal because she isn’t tired. I’ve never read one of the authors blogs, but I kept hoping it was going to end with some wise wisdom of how to make it easier. In the end, I feel like someone just dumped all their parental emotional baggage on me. Not the inspiration I was looking for.

Naomi Mayich 1 year ago

I love bedtime but with 3 energetic boys all under 4.5 I have to have a strict routine with them other wise it would be a gong show. Its really the only time of day I follow a routine since none of them are in school yet, but we all enjoy bedtime because we do the same thing every night and kids love consistency. We all go to the bathroom, they go pee, I brush their teeth, they each pick a book and we all snuggle in bed to read, then I sing them 2 songs each while rubbing their back and by that time they are usually snoring.

Heather Rotz 1 year ago

I cannot fathom bedtime being so dramatic. I have loved it with each of my kids. They rarely ever gave me grief because we did it from day one so it was a matter of course. They never questioned it and never threw fits or temper tantrums about it. From day one it was a pleasant time where we sat quietly and enjoyed reading and chatting. Teeth were brushed, PJs were put on and we picked books. The key is being consistent and doing it from day one. Bedtime should be a nice time for everyone.

Nicki Bartlett 1 year ago


Shawna Parrish 1 year ago

By the end of this school year (kindergarten) my daughter was making her own lunch, picking her own clothes, and pretty much running her morning/evening routine. I double check it all (she only tried to bring all junk food once-lol) and have veto power on clothes but I will say it’s nice to raise independent children.

Justeen Man 1 year ago

Sounds like my house. I’ve got 5 kids & am on my own most nights. Finding it difficult to settle them all.

Deirbhille McClure Milloy 1 year ago

My kids ask to go to bed. Always have(they are 9, 13, and 16) We let them know their bed time and the kids follow it. I’m not surprised I was the same way when I was little. Sleep is so important!

Olivia A Sabga 1 year ago

This is awesome! And soo true:)

Lika Sanders 1 year ago

Routine schmoutine. Sometimes even the best laid plans fail!! Bedtime Arrrggghhh

Catherine Brownlie 1 year ago

I love you Angie

Catherine Brownlie 1 year ago

Omg. My life. But instead of snow pants read rugby gear or swimming togs

Ashley Wood Ales 1 year ago


Laura Roberts 1 year ago

I think people make it harder for themselves not judging everyone has own struggles but its routine snd consistency that works x kids need it too x

Laura Roberts 1 year ago

If they got upset id see to them in there room never bring them downstairs or into my room yhey learnt it wouldn’t get them into our room etc now they dont try it on now simple really x

Laura Roberts 1 year ago

Routine works best if started super eatly age lijr 3 mobths my kids no nothing else hence I have no problems 3 year old goes 6.30 and 6 year old 7.30 they share a room love my down adult time x

Suzanne Steinberger Petranovich 1 year ago

Love this story!!! Ha! Thank you!

Amy Mierke 1 year ago

I don’t do tvs because I don’t want to buy more or monitor it – but having them certainly doesn’t make either of you horrible. Even when another mom judges you for it. Do what works. :)

Joanne Coy 1 year ago

I pared the routine down to a hug, kiss and saying a few sentences. But they are 14&11. I used to do lots more, till it got too out of hand, put a timer out and said whatever you want (limits) in 10 min. Worked like a charm.

Sandy Matranga Brown 1 year ago

Loved it!

Sheila 1 year ago

Love love love this!

Gentry Hayward 1 year ago


Charlene Bruyns 1 year ago

I’m 100% agreeing on this one. Hate bedtime, it’s always a battle.

Putting Socks on Chickens 1 year ago

Hilarious. I dread the bedtime routine as well. My daughter is pretty easy and I can lay her down, but my son, I have to sit in his room with him until he is asleep.

Deana Wiatr 1 year ago

Hate isn’t a strong enough word. Detest it.

Stephanie Barnhart 1 year ago

I must be crazy..everyone on here and all my friends enjoy putting thier kids to bed bcuz they want thier adult time…i hate putting my son to sleep for a different reason. I miss him when he is asleep. When he is asleep i will hold him n my arms and look at him with a tear n my eye until my arms hurt. (My son just turned 4) he is my world and i love him more than i can describe.

Alana Dyck 1 year ago

Hate it!!

Gemma Newman 1 year ago

Hate it,……. That is all :-)

Joeen Daughters 1 year ago

That was my life long ago. But I haven’t forgotten!

Brandy R Smith 1 year ago

I have a routine and schedule and have never had a problem putting them to bed.

Amber Logan 1 year ago

Love it! Our 2 year old son is great since we have a routine

Jennifer Hawley 1 year ago

I feel like this woman took the thoughts directly out of my head. Only difference, mine currently share a room so that ups the anti a notch.

Amanda Pantier 1 year ago

I am the same way glad I am not the only one! But we do books and fun stuff during the day so at bedtime we say prayers and as they are getting older prayers take much longer. Then it is time for the tuck ins and between teeth, water and finding blankly plus all the other little stuff we can usually be done in 30-45 minutes. lol I usually stand by door because I know I will get five or six “moms I need you” lol but I love my life and my kiddos just ready for a break by the end of the day!!

Jamie Wise 1 year ago

Omg I just updated my status an hr ago about how I hate putting my kids to bed. Its exhausting

Kimberly Behrens 1 year ago

Love it. Kids need it

Mindy Spear 1 year ago

Hate it! Always have. It exhausts me.

Jennifer Mathney Woosley 1 year ago

Good to know I’m not alone. By bedtime I am just done.

Jennifer Camarillo 1 year ago

Thank God I’m not the only one.

Lauren Schwert 1 year ago

I needed to read this.

Rachel Schlukebier 1 year ago

I’m with the author. Most days I hate it! Takes far too long. I love the snuggles but reading the same books day in and day out for three separate children after a full day at the office is exhausting. I do love the 15 minutes I spend with each child with the lights off having them tell me about their day. Nothing better in the world!! Even the 3 year old is adorable as ever…despite the fact her entire story about her day is all sorts of made up crap that never happened …I love it none the less. If I could skip showers, teeth brushing and 6+ books an evening I’d LOVE bedtime!

Nicole Hempel 1 year ago

My daughter (3) is currently screaming next to me. I’m a peds nurse. I know better. But you’re right mine are different . They are 10x more stubborn. And have been night owls from birth! My husband and I work opposite shifts. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone

Kelli Miller 1 year ago

My kids are 12 & 9 (a 21 year old has finally flown the coop) and I have always hated bedtime. Love the reading, my 9 year old and I are really the little house on the prairie series, and the cuddles, but everything else can kiss my ass.

Lauren Schwert 1 year ago

My son screams “NO!!!” at me when I try to sing at bedtime.

Cami Bauman 1 year ago

And my girls (4 & 6) go to bed at 7:30pm everynight. Then my 2 year old son goes down at 8pm.

Paula 1 year ago

oh, and include the “one more thing” to the infraction list. if they compare “Its important” to losing a book the next day. …it’ll really cut out the unimportant things

Michelle Monroe 1 year ago

My kids are easy, we say it’s time to go to bed, we read a book, and we tuck them in. They stay out for 10-12 hours. Every once in awhile I’ll hear “mom,” and it’s typically for a bad dream, or they are out of water. That’s not very often though so I guess I’m lucky.

Paula 1 year ago

Make a new rule….whining, complaining, arguing, etc means you take away a book of Mom’s choice. Whining after books are read, means losing a book the next night. You’ll more than likely have to follow through with it every night for a week, but once they realize you mean it, those behaviors will reduce!

Cami Bauman 1 year ago

I’ve always loved putting my kids to bed. Not that they haven’t had their share of bedtime misbehavior – they have, all 3 of them. But that has always been my special time with them. I hold (or held) all of kids until they fall asleep until they go into a real bed. There were times when it was hard – I had a 2 year old and was nursing a new baby or whatever the situation was. But I made it work. None of them (so far) have had any trouble making the transition to falling asleep in their big kid bed when the time has come, but even then, I sit with them for a bit. We talk and snuggle and just relax into each other. It is honestly my favorite time of day. I’m sure I’ll have more trouble than my youngest (now 2) when it’s time to let him fall asleep in his bed. So for now, I’ll just keep sitting in the chair in his room, snuggled together, until he falls asleep in my arms!

Meridee Chapple Kopelchuk 1 year ago

Luv my kids but Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!

Catlin Roberts 1 year ago


Catlin Roberts 1 year ago

I hate bedtime.

mommyborne 1 year ago

me too…..every word of it

Aimee Polevoy 1 year ago

Thank you

Jill Bishop Rubin 1 year ago

Hate it. Takes hours with my 2 youngest kids (age 4 & 5). Which then means no time with my older two (age 12 & 16)

Karen Austin 1 year ago

I hated it as a child – bedroom front of house and I could hear the older children outside still in summer!

Jennie Morin Roed 1 year ago

Love it! It’s a time full of giggles, hugs, kisses and snuggles. We are good about following a routine so our son knows bedtime is coming (and yes, we do have a few bumpy nights)!

Cassie Walker 1 year ago

I hope a routine will work here. Nervous wooo

Carla Walker 1 year ago

I share the Horrible Mom TV Award.

Carla Walker 1 year ago

I agree.

Nicole Baker 1 year ago

My kids are pretty good at bedtime but someone always has to pee or need something. I started doing my workouts at this time. I hang out in my room (across hall) and do a circuit workout. If a kid needs to pee and I am in the middle if my lunges, I do lunges on the way to the bathroom, then push-ups while I wait and butt kicks back to my bedroom. Any neighbors looking in the windows would think I was crazy but I am two pounds away from pre- pregnancy weight!!

Carla Walker 1 year ago

Your blogs are the BEST!! Thank you for not being afraid to put it out there! No sugar-coating. This is the true life of a mother with multiple children. I laugh whole heartedly as you describe my life even better than I can. Keep up the great blogs!

Rebecca O’Hare 1 year ago

I am a sucker at bed time. I give in to the cute sad puppy faces so my husband does bed time most nights:)

Heather Scout-Pouliot 1 year ago

I kiss my kids goodnight and send them off. Once in a while if I am on the ball and not half asleep, and they ask, I will read them a book. Yes im lazy. But….why go through all that trouble when I know they will be back downstairs about 5 more times.

Traci Brown Guthrie 1 year ago

Two of mine are in school! Lol!

Faith Marshall 1 year ago

Sounds about right.

Tracy 1 year ago

At the ages of 10 and 8, bedtime has gotten MUCH easier … I still hate feeding them, though :) And waking up the 10 year old in the morning is no picnic either! I do enjoy watching them sleep.

Josie Kallicott 1 year ago

My girls are in a lovely phase of stripping their beds, completely taking all their sheets & covers off annnd end up sleeping on a cold plastic mattress…uggggg. Then of course they are very crabby all day because they didn’t sleep very well…

Cathleen Castle Hyde 1 year ago

You’re exactly right. Somebody *always* has to throw that out there.

Meriam DelCarmen 1 year ago

I can relate about reading books. It’s never easy!!

maurie 1 year ago

I adore you! I know exactly how you feel!

Kara Hughes 1 year ago

easy babies are the best :)

Heather Holter 1 year ago

Glad I’m not the only one

Sharla Howard Zellers 1 year ago

I look forward to it just because I know I’m getting some much needed quiet time! One goes to bed great the other is a fight every and all night!

Keara McNulty Sweet 1 year ago

Second this–and it’s why I say with confidence I’m very aware of growth spurts, anxieties, stress or other changes since four months when we sleep trained–we are at four years and that routine has not changed one iota–so if my kid does act out at bedtime, I at least am aware something’s up. It doesn’t change or negotiate our routine in any way, but the “symptom” of rotten-time-at-bedtime alerts me to ask questions during the day or check on growth.

Rebecca Deming 1 year ago

I only have one (2yrs) and bedtime is relatively painless. Actually it’s very easy compared to this. Except he usually gets up at least once for something.

Meg 1 year ago

Sometimes the children are on different levels. My older daughter wants to hear long story books. My younger daughter is only intersted in picture books, she doesn’t have the attention span, when I read them books together my younger daughter prefers to point at pictures and talk at length about everything she sees. It’s very disruptive and time consuming, my older daughter eventually becomes impatient and gets upset with younger daughter, which in turn my younger daughter gets upset because her older sister is mad at her. Not conducive for sleepy time. I read to them separately.

Rachel DiscoThunder Shaffer 1 year ago

Yesss! Everyone always said to me “oh you only have trouble because you don’t have a routine”
And I would say “you don’t understand! Trouble IS the routine.”

Angie Watson 1 year ago

I understand the concept of being grateful for what you have because “not everyone is so lucky”, but I hate the way that people use this to either make themselves or others feel guilty about whatever pain, annoyance, discomfort (whatever you want to call it) that they are feeling. My feelings are valid..and so are yours! The fact that there is always someone worse off than I am doesn’t minimize my situation…being reminded of it only adds guilt to what I’m already feeling. BEING A MOM IS HARD!! It’s harder now than it was for any of our mothers…it’s more complicated…it begins earlier and ends later…it is all encompassing…period.

Mary E. Mayberry 1 year ago

I had this big long post about why I hate bedtime but it’s not worth it.

My kid has ADD. It’s not a cakewalk and it’s pretty much a battle every night.

Congrats parents with easy bedtime kids. I mean it. It sucks.

Rachel DiscoThunder Shaffer 1 year ago

This is me. Every night. Even as I am laying here right now (it is 10 o’clock) I can still hear my 4 year old rolling around wildly in bed attempting to get “comfortable” because someone *cough* dad *cough cough* thought it was an ok idea to let him take a nap from 4:30 until 6:30 when I got home from work. Now he will be up until midnight. And guess who is sleeping?

Motherhood is wonderful.

Jennifer Kuba 1 year ago

Hate it
Since birth

Mindi Sue Kessenich 1 year ago

AMEN!!! My thoughts and feeling on the issue are not much different!!!!

Michelle Williams 1 year ago

My husband does it. God bless him!!

Tut TheSphynx 1 year ago

I liked it, they were fairly easy. Reading was fun.

Michele Perry 1 year ago

Hysterical. Sad. And true 😉

Renee Lesjak Bashel 1 year ago

Oh, that was my night for so many years. And is only slightly less annoying after 12 years. Just go the f to sleep already. At least the wine no longer has to wait for them to be in bed.

Judy Smith 1 year ago

Loved it….a hunt for soon to be mommies..do not be quiet while they are sleeping, put a radio on next to the crib.vacuum, ring doorbell, turn rsdio or tv on in next room… they’ll sleep easier when older..I did this for my daughter. .she sleeps through anything…. my mom had it quite for me.. I’m a very lightsleeper

Rinku Patel 1 year ago

seriously hate bed time.

Katie Pekez 1 year ago

So far I love putting my sweet boy to bed. He love his routine. I help tje daycare by keeping a routine so it does help when we are off a week and want to continue the routine he is so used to

Nicole Martel 1 year ago

I hate it, but its getting easier.

ADT 1 year ago

I have 3 boys: 10, 8, & 5. I literally just said “Crap, it’s 9:15! Go to bed!” and they did. Because I am the captain of my ship. My boys love the heck out of me, are good fun people, and I take a break whenever I want. No one ever knocks on my bathroom door unless there is blood or fire. Because I am in charge, and they know it, and they respect it; because I tolerate nothing less than their respect. Seriously, moms: they don’t need you as much as you think they do. Set them free to succeed on their own. For their sake, & yours.

Lynn Waters Goodson 1 year ago

I could not have said it better myself! Thank you!

Jenny Taggart 1 year ago

I have a love/hate relationship with bedtime AND morning wake up routine. My daughter 13 is easy at bedtime we say I love you give hugs and kisses that’s that. My son 6 is the one who wants to read every book, has to pee, needs a drink, there’s a ghost in here, I want a different show on tv. Yes we all use our tvs for bedtime, horrible mom award right here and no I don’t care lol. In the mornings both children refuse to wake up, argue, ignore everything they’re told to do and make all of our lives unnecessarily hard and the mornings drag on until I get the last person off to school and/or work. And i don’t get any wine amongst all of this because we simply don’t have any and i don’t want to go to the store AGAIN!

Bree 1 year ago

I’m kinda in the middle here. I just have one child, a boy, who turns two next month and I love reading to him at night and tucking him in. However, I also count the minutes after dinner until it is bedtime. Not because I love it so much but because we are rapidly sailing into that murky area known as the “Terrible Twos” (please do not call them the Terrific Twos or I might hurt you; the epic meltdown over not having chicken nuggets for dinner is not what I’d call terrific).

Kris Kirwan 1 year ago

Love it, and I can never share that.

Sacha Bower 1 year ago

I put my kids to bed when I go. If they ain’t tired yet I just let them watch a movie for half hour. Dont usually have too many problems

Jessica Newton 1 year ago

So honest and for me, so relatable. The list of endless ‘jobs’ is perfect. You spend every waking minute catering to the needs and wants of your kids. There is nothing wrong with wanting just a little time for yourself before you pass out from exhaustion, every single day. I am a single mother with only one young daughter, but I run a full time daycare. So basically I am a mother to six little ones 10-12 hours a day, 5 days a week, all by myself. Like the author said, I love my girl more than I ever thought possible, and I’d sooner die than live without her by my side. But after those long days, it’s okay to just want them to go. to. sleep. Especially if bedtime is a 30min-to-one-hour-long process.
Well said, Jill. Thank you for sharing.

Jenah Briggs 1 year ago

on the rare occasion my child willingly crawls into bed so i can read him a story and then snuggle for 5 minutes before he gives me hugs and kisses goodnight, i love it.

the nights (more often than not) when he whines about wanting to snuggle with me all night in my bed, stay up to watch tv with me, read 5 stories and then make up stories of our own…all while the ice cream man cruises around the neighborhood at 8:45pm (yes, you read that right) during this ordeal, causing him to dramatically exclaim that he NEEDS ice cream while he’s already in bed??? No thanks. Add in the summer daylight hours like previously mentioned and it’s damn near impossible.

It is the first week of summer vacation…he can stay up as late as he wants. quietly, in bed. I don’t even care if it’s my bed. I’ll move him when he falls asleep.

Brenda Fineman 1 year ago

I am not alone! So much of this has Sasha written all over it! “Wait! I have to tell you something really important,” as I close the bedroom door.

Elicia Hays Ross 1 year ago

Love it! My little dudes (3 yrs & 9 mo )have a routine that we enjoy and they both go to bed effortlessly. Occasionally they will mess around but it’s rare.

Jenny Krause Kalmon 1 year ago

Hate it now that kids are older

Tramequa Surratt 1 year ago

Let’s see if the boy – almost 2 – stays in his bed the WHOLE night. :-)

Morgan Feltner 1 year ago

That will change once they start school..we didn’t have a set bedtime when my oldest was young because if she did she would never have seen her daddy.but we found out quick once she started kindergarten that she HAD to go to bed in order to get up in anysort of a good mood the next day.

Chris Nagel 1 year ago

Mine has always been horrible to put to bed. She’s 12 now, has adhd and for some strange reason, has nothing to say all day until bedtime. Then I have to transform into the mommypedia to answer the 10.00 questions she couldn’t ask at a reasonable hour. I love her to death but leaves me no unwind time which does not go well with the extreme fatigue I suffer from with MS.

Tramequa Surratt 1 year ago

ooh, a song….interesting

Kristen Myers DoSoito 1 year ago

My husband is upstairs losing his mind as in type this. My kids are 13, 10 & 7 and have still not figured out how to get in their pjs and brush their teeth without getting yelled at. We used to read to them or have them read to us but they would rather goof off and annoy each other at this point. Not our best time of day!

Holli Holman Waller 1 year ago

So exactly how I feel about bedtime and mine are only 2, 1, 1, and 2 weeks :/

Christie Turriziani Polito 1 year ago

50/50… Totally depends on the day.

Dottie Stone 1 year ago

I love it… I know that the day is going to come all too soon where my little guy won’t want those evening cuddles and he’ll be reading his own books to himself. I’m enjoying every minute of that time where it’s just the two of us snuggling up together reading and rocking in the chair!

Tracey Zaccone-Hughes 1 year ago

Great job Sara C.

Jenna Muncer 1 year ago

Just got mine down :( way too late

Amber Bleau 1 year ago

I do every single thing all day long. Bedtime is daddy’s job…

Sara Conner 1 year ago

So far I love putting my little guy to bed. We do the same thing we’ve been doing since he’s been born. We go potty, brush teeth, read 2 books and he crawls into his own bed and falls asleep. When he asks for something that’s not in the routine we tell him no that’s it’s bed time. So far so good!

Danielle Watson 1 year ago

Perfect bed time chuckle for mama! Just got my little guys down after I was “let go from their death grip” and 3 long books. You always make my day!

Michelle Eno 1 year ago

OMG I have the same routine with my kids!!!! Aaaaaagggg!!! So glad I’m not alone!

Natalie Sepeda 1 year ago

It’s like you’re in my head!!! I SO get it. Mine is only 8 months old…but I definitely see where this is going.

Cheryl Stevens 1 year ago

Love some of it, and hate some of it. I love being able to give my daughter temporary tattoos of she has been good for the day and I absolutely love reading with her. I despise teeth brushing (always a battle) and the time right after book reading when I try to tuck her in and leave. I have heard every excuse from “I’m thirsty” to “i can’t sleep because I hear scary robot voices.”

Eris Pursley 1 year ago

What?! I love that time of day! I know I’ll get a couple of hours without chasing around a two year old with a death wish.

Cheryl Stevens 1 year ago

Yes! My four year old insisted it was bedtime at 6pm during this past winter because it had been dark. I didn’t argue.

Jenny Holmes 1 year ago

I am not good at bedtime. I have been “on” all day long and by bedtime I dying “to clock out” as well. In fact, some nights I think “if they get up one.more.time I might just start screaming…and I am not sure I’ll be able to stop!”

Tracey Zaccone-Hughes 1 year ago

Way to go Nicole V. That’s how we run our house and it’s honestly not that complicated. Not to sound like a bitch but 98% of bedtime issues are the parents doing.

Renae Lee 1 year ago

Hate it. Mostly for selfish reasons–i’m so exhausted from playing super heros, and cooking and cleaning all day. But, my boys are super sweet at bedtime and I dread the day they grow up and get married and all that crap…so I guess I’ll put them to bed. :)

Melinda Merry Roling 1 year ago

Hate it

Keara McNulty Sweet 1 year ago

I’m using your manual

Keara McNulty Sweet 1 year ago

I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the frankness & lack of sanctimoniousness in the comments, but the night is young

Nicole Van Hoose 1 year ago

I just don’t. I don’t do the ping pong thing–once I am out, it will have to wait until morning. One story and done. A hug, a kiss, and out. I also don’t run around getting their shit together. Maybe when they were in preschool or kindergarten, but by mid-elementary it was their responsibility. Their snow pants are wet, I guess you are inside for recess tomorrow, you know better than to leave them balled up. And guess what, next time they remember. They make their own lunches, since 3rd grade. They put their own stuff in their backpacks. Forgot your homework? Sorry, I bet you will put it away like I told you instead of leaving it on the counter. I may be tough, but so is life. And now, I have two rather responsible middle schoolers who take care of their stuff and do chores and know that if they want clean laundry that they better put their clothes in the laundry room.

KyLa Kidd 1 year ago

This honesty is AMAZING! ❤️

Mary Schneider 1 year ago

If it makes you feel any better, I did daycare in my home for 7 years before having kids. My house was a tight-run ship, with naps at the same time every day, snacks, limited screen time, the whole nine yards.

Then I had my own… And everything went to hell in a handbasket.

The truth is, some kids are just easy. Some aren’t. You find what works for you, most of the time, and go with that. Just try to hang on to your sense of humor, and remember, you’re not alone. Read thru the comments- seems like it’s about 50/50 for easy bedtimes and not.

Laura Avendano-Stoecker 1 year ago


Amy Cannon 1 year ago

Love/hate relationship

Keara McNulty Sweet 1 year ago

This Nurse is not against Benadryl for slight slight sniffles either!

Brandy Lopez Barbee 1 year ago

I hate putting my kids to bed. They know its gonna happen every single night, yet they fight it beyond measure with slow poking, cups of water etc. I do love once they are actually down for some snuggles and talking. However I am tired as hell and am relieved when its quiet….

Kimberly Ballard Hettinger 1 year ago

Amen, if it makes you a bad mom, I assure you, you aren’t alone!

Stefanie Andrasz Bradley 1 year ago

I dread bath time & bedtime. Its the end of the day, ur exhausted, the kids are tired, no one wants to listen….

Maria Angel Bedell-Face 1 year ago

I cannot live without it….

Keara McNulty Sweet 1 year ago

LOL. That’s not so crazy. Each kid, each freaking developmental stage, even, has its better/more enjoyable/less torturous circadian beat. We’re in a HORRIBLE bedtime phase at 4, and were also at 4 months and at around 2, but other phases it was kick-ass bonding time whilst the morning made us all want to secede from our small union. Nuthin wrong with bein honest about it ❤️

Arlene Kelly Rudder 1 year ago

Feel your pain. I like the final snuggle and the books, but all the rest I could leave. Including bath time! Love summer…all that swimming = less baths. Terrible, but true!

Kelle Glencer Anderson 1 year ago

Laughing out loud!

Kristen Ezovski Cassi 1 year ago

perfect post for tonight

Tanya Graham 1 year ago

Anissa !!! I am crying! ❤️this!

Robyn Lowry 1 year ago

After a full day my patience is so thin by 8pm. I don’t relish a long bedtime routine, maybe when they are older I will?

April Boyer 1 year ago

I hate it, but I have to say I do love the end result lol

Jamie Alberson 1 year ago

Hysterically funny!

Irena Shipley 1 year ago

I can relate!

Michelle Brennan 1 year ago

I hate the kids bedtime too lol

Anita Marie Fithian 1 year ago

My son takes hours to put to bed. I have a routine but it doesn’t seem to faze him. I start putting him to bed at 845 and he doesn’t fall asleep til at least 915 or 930. Sometimes not til 11. He is only 9 months old. I dread bed time because it is just so hard.

Carol A McCullough 1 year ago

Oh man, I totally sympathize! My oldest daughter was super easy and would go to bed with no issues! The baby? Completely different. I’ve found myself tiptoeing backwards out of her room, just to make sure she doesn’t wake up. I now look forward to bedtime every.single.night. Motherhood, it’s not for whimps!

Tracey Zaccone-Hughes 1 year ago

Never had a problem with bedtime. It’s very clear what they have to do and what’s expected. Then a story
song , prayers, hugs and kisses.

Shannon Bradley Williams 1 year ago

my 2yr old refuses bedtime untill she gets snuggles in our bed with cartoons. Daddy tries to make it 15mins but she’s so sweet and full of snuggles that I’d let her sleep there all night with me. I get vetoed on that nightly, but I can stretch it for 2hrs sometimes if I put on a movie. She’s my last baby and only girl, I’ll milk this as long as I can.

Shanna Reimer 1 year ago

Love it! On my late days home it’s the most quality time we get together and I’M the one suggesting “just one more book” haha :-)

Monica Montenegro 1 year ago

Love it! My kids wake early no matter what time they go to sleep but they need their rest so they bathe around 5-5:30 and then it’s just downtime my 3 year old wants to go to bed between 6-6:30 and he will sleep til morning He literally climbs in bed around that time & I read him a story & lay with him & he’s out in 5min… Once in awhile he’ll stay up later but he still goes right to sleep the minute his head hits the pillow..My 6 year old at 8pm he says goodnight, I tuck him in and he’s out. There are exceptions here & there but for the most part this is the routine..

Rebekah Ison 1 year ago

Love it one of my favorite times with my son

Eliza Klinger 1 year ago

Love AND hate the bedtime routine.

Marcela Marchesini Kapfer 1 year ago

Love it. We have a pretty normal, boring routine.

Mary Schneider 1 year ago

Mine are teens now, so our bedtime routine is me sticking my head in for a goodnight before *I* go to bed… But I remember these days well…
Didn’t help that I was overtired myself, never getting enough sleep, and dealing with a husband who’d get upset with them for talking, sneaking into each other’s rooms, sneaking into the kitchen for midnight snacks (which usually meant there’d be a box of melted icecream on the table in the morning, or milk that had been left out all night), and generally being little pains in the butt til 1AM.

And I DID read them stories, and we had a regular routine… My kids have just always been night owls. It was a love/hate relationship with bedtime for sure. Loved the cuddles, hated the constant fighting to get the to sleep in their OWN beds. *sigh*

Crystal Hutto 1 year ago

while my 8 yr old daughter is good about going to bed she stopped napping at age 1.

Kari Tuttle Duke 1 year ago

I too watch the clock so i can do the book reading and finally have some piece and quiet! But it never fails, I’m too damn tired to even stay up and enjoy my quiet time.

Nicole Hempel 1 year ago

HATE it so much. I have seriously screwed this up. Epic fail.

Lindsay Brama 1 year ago


Crystal Scott Holder 1 year ago

I used to be that lucky. Lol…. Then they learned to tell time. :)

Sara Smith 1 year ago

I admit I love bed time for the me time it opens up after. Bedtime is short and sweet though. Teeth brush, potty, and crawl in bed. Kisses, hugs, I love yous, and sweet dreams.

Lisa Notarile Lawrence 1 year ago

I love it and hate it. I hate the actual stalling prior to the actual bedtime. If takes nearly 45 minutes to get done what should be done in 15 minutes. But I love the quiet chat time about our day, the storytelling and those just prior to sleep important discussions when I relax in her bed a little before she drifts off to sleep.

Crystal Scott Holder 1 year ago

I can relate to this so well. It seems like they forget everything they needed to tell me until that moment I am almost out the door. Then, the youngest 2 decide bedtime is time to fuss and aggravate each other. I love my girls, but bedtime is definitely not a relaxing time no matter how much I try to make it that way. Someone will see to it. :)

Kristina Costello 1 year ago

Great article, tears from laughing so hard. I love the bedtime routine, but I totally see where you are coming from. We have unusual bedtime rituals too 😉

Tanya Brewer Langley 1 year ago

Getting my kids to brush their teeth before bed is the most unpleasant part of our routine. Is it really that difficult to stand in one spot and move the toothbrush around your mouth? Instead, they will run around the house, pick up a cat, play with a ball, argue with each other, etc…All while a toothbrush hangs out of their mouths. Where is my wine… :-)

Mary Schneider 1 year ago

LOL I was going to tag you but figured you saw it. >.< It gets easier… then they’re teens and stay up all night making toilet-cleaner bombs out of water bottles… *sigh*

Megan Snyder 1 year ago

Bed share. Love it.

Shari Wippert 1 year ago

Yes, thank you! I dread bedtime all day, then dread having one of my girls come out and tell me they need something else after I thought they were already asleep! :)

Lindsay Perez 1 year ago

It’s bath time I loathe. Bedtime is the easiest thing in our schedule 😀

Kali Lyles Morgan 1 year ago

Routine is definitely not the key! Unless of course bedtime shenanigans are considered a part of it. We follow the exact same routine every single night and my kids still terrorize us at bedtime with 9000 different requests and with constantly getting out of bed to give us hugs or to ask for more water.

Jesse Calsetta 1 year ago

My son used to go to bed in his bed. Then we moved in with my parents and one night he cried and my dad said go in there with him. Hes never gone to sleep in his bed again. I have to lay with him in my bed til he falls asleep then I put him in his bed. If I’m lucky he stays there!

Janice Baysinger 1 year ago

Love after they are asleep and I can think about how amazing they are and cute…. but during I hate it!

Kari Adams 1 year ago

I love it but we have a VERY solid routine. One book each, two songs, one kiss and hug then lights out.

Jessica Maksimović 1 year ago

Almost as much as I hate the eating routine. At least I don’t have to bribe my daughter to sleep. At least putting her to sleep has a result as compared to trying to get a toddler to eat

Cretia Luck Simonson 1 year ago

LOVE IT!! We snuggle and read, sing and laugh. I tell her what she did that day that made me proud and where she could have been better. It’s my favorite time of the day.

Amie Wolff Logan 1 year ago


Allison Diehl 1 year ago

Anyone who accuses this author of being ungrateful is completely missing the point. And I hate to burst your bubble people, but there are some kids who just don’t put up a fight at night and it’s not because you are a superior parent.

Annie Du Preez 1 year ago

Hate it

Chelsea Epperson 1 year ago

I’ve got a chatterbox, who also knows how to pick the longest books. We start bath/pee/brush at 8:30 and I’m lucky to be creeping out her door by 10:15 (yes, I have just 1). Today was particularly busy, so I got a 15 minute head start.

I know I will miss it. I mourn every “baby” word she finally grows out of (cuppacake and babin’ suit? Please stay forever!). But holy hell does the sweet relief of those first few sleep-twitches feel fantastic.

Jamie Benjamin O’Hare 1 year ago

Melatonin rocks our world. Our older two have ASD and ADHD, and melatonin helps them fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

Amber N John Pierce 1 year ago

Depends on the day we’ve had

3bees 1 year ago

I hate bedtime, but I hate bathtime even more. My older son likes hot water, my younger son does not- which means that I cannot just give them a bath together despite the fact that they are less than two years apart and not even close to double digits yet. So it’s two baths, one likes to pretend he’s swimming which basically translates to me and my entire bathroom getting soaked in about 3 seconds. My other one hates, and I mean HATES having his hair washed, which also means me and the bathroom getting soaked in about 3 seconds. Then they have to put clothes on, which neither is keen to do. These are the times I wish I’d gotten married before I had kids, because then, just maybe, someone else could do that shit.

Margaret Maggie Decker 1 year ago

We usually tell the kids, “I’m tired, you need to go to bed”. But this post is the story of our bed time routine with our four year old now. Then the seven year old starts telling on him because he’s talking…it’s MIND BLOWING! I just keep saying, this too shall pass…just not soon enough!

Sarah Fritz-Maldonado 1 year ago

My current situation lol

Ann 1 year ago

I hate bedtime too! I have a 2 and 5 year old. They make it SOOOOOO unpleasant….plus one gets up a lot at night and therefore, bedtime sucks even more because no matter how regimented, I still wake up a lot during the night with him. Sigh.

Kasey Freier 1 year ago

Hate it! Two-hour shit storms almost daily.

Jamie Benjamin O’Hare 1 year ago

I let Daddy do it!

Katie Liebenthal Johnson 1 year ago

Great reminder that it is all about perspective. Life is short.

Claudia Tomantschger 1 year ago

Glad I’m not the only one. It’s always a fight to get my son into bed, I hate it

Michelle Walker 1 year ago

Love! My almost 5 yr old son sleeps in my bed w me. Its a great time for us to talk and cuddle. :) I’ve been a single mom for almost 4 yrs. He’s always slept in my bed. He has a bed he just doesn’t use it. Lol. He’s also an only child.

Alaynna Ritchey 1 year ago

Love it, it has never been hard for us..because we don’t make it a big deal. They have always known when we put them in bed..they stay in bed. We don’t do the baths till the morning, so I never used that as a routine.

Crystal Brumley-Conard 1 year ago

My first hated bed time and was a light sleeper and still stalls, my 2nd loves bed time and would get all his stuff (paci, blanket, bear) and come find me to put him in bed and is still easy to put to bed unless he’s hyped up on sugar.

Jenny Allen Skeels 1 year ago

Great read!

Brittany Taylor 1 year ago

My kids potty, brush teeth, get in bed. I give them a kiss and tell them good night and sweet dreams and sometimes they scream for 30 minutes..sometimes they don’t lol.

Nancy Schema Paradis 1 year ago

Loath bedtime with my 7 yr old..she’s afraid to sleep I. Her own bed ..I try & try & try!!
She has many anxieties about sleeping alone. Makes me sad

Heather Rudolph 1 year ago

Always been easy for us. I think routine is the key. I agree dinner time is more of a task for us.

Gretchen Holderman 1 year ago

I love bed time, I hate bath time:/

Renée Beech Sloope 1 year ago


Kari 1 year ago

We share the same bedtime. Its horrible! It never changes.

Melissa Fusco-Manfredi 1 year ago

Love it! This was one of the only routines I had and I’m grateful for it. Both kids 5 and 2 get a couple songs, a couple of kisses, a couple of questions and I’m in and out in less than 5 minutes.

Amanda Kachowski 1 year ago

I love bedtime routine. I know there are somedays I’m exhausted and annoyed, but there is just that calming time. Getting him clean, helping him brush his teeth. Reading him a story and kissing him goodnight. Breathing his clean smell in. I love it. It’s it always easy, but things that are worth it, never are :)

Dawn Jasiecki-Stevens 1 year ago

Hate it even now. They are 18 13 and 8. Never ends. To to sleep I don’t care no you can’t cuddle with me. Get off the phone. Get off the computer. I don’t care your not tired. Go to bed. Go to bed.

Jennie Reis 1 year ago

Lmao!! This was hilarious! Bless you, Mom! I promise, you’re not alone.

Jamie Alison 1 year ago

Love it!!

Mandi Norton 1 year ago


Stephanie Meyer James 1 year ago

Love! Why must bedtime be at the end of the day when I’m so tired?? And why must I say, ” ok, bedtime” at least 15 times after they’ve been reading for 15 minutes?!? You would think they would catch on to the routine after all these years…why do I even have a routine?!?

Nikki Totman 1 year ago

Holly is only one and a half but I dred putting just her to sleep. Then, once the chaos is over and everything is set for an easier morning, I lay awake missing her…a vicious cycle.

TanJa Jacobsen 1 year ago

I laughed so hard! This couldn’t have been written any better. Lol

Kathy Knorr 1 year ago

Disagree. As much as it annoys me, I once read an article about a mom diagnosed with cancer who crawled up the steps to tuck her kids in because she wouldn’t be around much longer. Totally changed my perspective. Not everyone gets to do this every night!

Rebecca Petrask 1 year ago


Erin McCarthy 1 year ago

I do too. Hate the bedtime process. Love the aftermath.

Cassie Davis Powell 1 year ago

I love winter time bc they don’t know that it’s really 7pm versus 9pm. It’s dark. That means bedtime. So I’m suffering in summer!!

Nonny Yayo 1 year ago

Love it. Wouldn’t miss my running hugs for the world!

Ro Geiger 1 year ago

My kids are now older, so its much easier. Twins are 6 and oldest is 7. Bedtime was always the “easy” part. My kids have always been great sleepers. It was dinner time that was never fun when I was a single mom of three.

Theresa A Henderson 1 year ago

Yeah, I really hate it when my dog barks at me to go to bed. I open the bedroom door so she’ll climb up with my husband but NooOooOOOOO she won’t go until I go.!!

Kaari Naughton 1 year ago

I do mornings dad does bedtime- I hate bedtime!! My middle child NEVER goes to bed!

Stacy Arnold 1 year ago

Same here, he comes in our room after an hour anyways. Why bother anymore?!

Andrea Arntson 1 year ago

Hate….very much hate. The wine usually starts calling halfway through…

Traci Brown Guthrie 1 year ago

We don’t even HAVE a bedtime routine. They’ll fall asleep eventually.

Bonnie McLaughlin 1 year ago

Love/hate relationship .. Most exhausting part of the day but that sweet sigh of relief when there’s silence

Amy Britton 1 year ago

Hate. I do mornings, dad does bedtimes. He is much more patient.

Kelly 1 year ago

Hilarious!! I thought I was the only one! I have just stumbled accross your blog and have read a few entries – you are me. Great job, thanks so much. I can’t wait to read more

Aimee De La Cruz 1 year ago

He’s the perfect sleeper tho and has never even one time fought it:) it’s mommy who lost patience :/

Aimee De La Cruz 1 year ago

Now that my son is 11, I really want him to stay up past 9 ! But he gets brutal headaches and if he doesn’t get 10 hrs he tends to get one :/ I started to want him to stay up at age 8 :) Before that tho it couldn’t come soon enough!

MyLove M. Barnett 1 year ago

We don't really have a bedtime routine, and that's completely my fault. I know this is what's causing all our bedtime issues, but how on earth do you implement a routine out of the blue and make it stick?

Angelica Kathryn Switzer 1 year ago

It is really nice to know that other moms suffer from this same night time terror

Judy 1 year ago

For real! That is why the Hubs puts our eldest down!

Momof3boys 1 year ago

I have 3 boys ages 2, 4, & 5. I don’t feel like this at all. Sounds pretty horrible actually. Maybe she should reconsider the stay-at-home mom thing.

Mary Grifone 1 year ago

So funny . . . even though true!

Forget plate, mine’s a buffet platter 1 year ago

I laughed my ass off reading this. And then I sent it to every mom I know. It’s funny because it’s SPOT ON. Just finished our own shit storm one hour ago, and I’m finally getting my downtime, after washing pump parts (I have 2 plus a newborn), cleaning up after dinner, prepping for lunch tomorrow, and bringing up that forgotten glass of water (yes, I reminded her 5 times earlier). Thanks for keeping me from jumping off the mommy cliff!

Sarina Brown 1 year ago

I never had a problem. I started off with a bed time from infant. Now getting them to do chores, that is a different story, go figure. Guess I got soft as they got older.

Mom Needs A Drink. Make It A Double. 1 year ago

Are we living in the same house? BECAUSE THIS IS MY GD LIFE TOO. I'll drink to you tonight! In the dark.

pbsmax 1 year ago

I can’t imagine that anyone writing negative comments on here are actually moms (or moms of multiple children). I get everything she is saying in this post. I am a working mom and I am exhausted in a different way, and I look forward to some peace and quiet too. But it is a rare night that bedtime is nice and sweet. Even though we have had the same bedtime routine since birth, we still find some sort of kicking and screaming (sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively)…that the one book is not enough, or it isn’t the right book, or they need water, or they are scared, or they aren’t tired, or they want another cuddle or they want to be sung a song. It doesn’t end sometimes until you literally cut it off. I, too, want to have sweet nights but there are just sometimes that I have to threaten the lives of their favorite stuffed animals. It is what it is. This isn’t anything about control because I try really hard to discipline our kids correctly. I wish people would be less judgmental and realize that parenting is VERY difficult and if we can’t vent to each other, who can we vent to.

Aimee 1 year ago

My son is almost 13 and bedtime is STILL a battle. And we had, and have, a routine. It has just always been an issue.

I have one niece who, at age 3, says, “Mommy, I’m tired, I want to go to bed.” That is not a result of a “strict bedtime routine”; that is a result of a particular child’s temperment. No amount of routine would ever make my son WANT to go to bed. My niece is content to be in her bed, by herself, and quiet. My son is much more gregarious and loves to talk and interact constantly (extrovert extraordinaire!). So, we have the bedtime battle.

On the bright side, I might be the parent of the only middle schooler I’ve ever known who is up-an-at-’em of his own accord! No dragging him out of bed. So, I guess there’s a silver lining!

Vickie O’Haro 1 year ago

Thank you for reassuring me that I am not the only mom on the planet that does not enjoy bedtime. I only have 1 kid, don't know how you handle 3! lol

Erin Ross 1 year ago

This made me laugh! Haha! I feel your pain!

Lauren Jones 1 year ago

Good grief..this was me twenty minutes ago! LOL, and I’m debating a second glass of wine. When is a good age to stop the tuck in routine?

Cristina Waggel 1 year ago

My daughter is 13 and still loves me to tuck her in and say goodnight. One of our favorite things.

Elicia Marie Ross 1 year ago

I love my bath/bedtime routine with my toddler (2.5 yrs) and infant (6 mo) and so do they! Each child has a different bedtime and they both bath and go to sleep effortlessly! Guess I am lucky but it’s my favorite time of the day :)

Jocasta Bryan 1 year ago

Your kid insists on three books? How is it your kid’s insistence is greater than yours? Who’s in charge, there? If you say one book, then it’s one book. If you give in to three when that’s not what you want, it’s got naught to do with your kid.

Michelle Frittitta Adams 1 year ago

Once it’s 8pm, there is no more reading. I never deviate from this rule. If they drag their feet about going to bed, it’s their punishment.

Heather Abbate 1 year ago

Between moving across the country, hubby’s deployments for the Navy, my training cycles for the Army, and grandma breaking the rules while watching the kids…I’m grateful that my kids don’t put up as much of a fight as they used to. My oldest is still in the power struggle of being three and my one year old simply insists that he doesn’t require sleep. We have done bedtime routine since day one (literally) and even though it’s strict, the inconsistencies with sitters and family got us off schedule.

Julie 1 year ago

Good lord I hate autocorrect and typing on my phone. “Feel free to just say no” and “you are not a bad mother” are the two parts that make no sense. Lol

Julie 1 year ago

You could feel few to jay say no to most of that stuff. You can say one
Book and I pick and its all three together not one for each child. It’s ok of they whine and cry with their door shut. Put
Your foot down you are not a badly her
For expecting them to go to bed without a 45 min ritual. Mine are 10, 13 (autistic ) and 17 and for years now they come to me get a hug and go. I could care less if
They sleep in jeans and don’t
Brush their teeth. They can change and brush in the morning. :)

Terasa Gregg 1 year ago

process…not prices…lol

Terasa Gregg 1 year ago

well said Kasi . I have 5 year old twin boys and they test my patience every night! It is literally a 2 hour prices from the time we March from the bathroom to their bedroom. I try everything to get them to fall asleep calmly and peacefully to no avail… the nights that do go smoothly I end up tripping on the loudest toy they own while trying to sneak out and the process starts all over again! lol

Katy 1 year ago

I don’t think the point of this article is to judge her bedtime routine- however if a friend told me this and ASKED for help I would suggest a visual chart -numbered w pictures of each bedtime activity and a place for kiddo to check off each activity as they are performed- nonpreferred activities first like brushing teeth- then if dear kiddo misbehaves at anytime they get one warning and after that they lose the rest of the routine (books, songs, whatever) for the night. You will have to refuse to read to them a few times but after that (in my experience) they usually fall in line. The kids can even have a voice in creating the routine or choosing things like whether they get an extra book or a book and a song on a given night so they feel in control.

Julian Boren 1 year ago

12, 7, and 3…every night…so over it.

Kimberly Furnell 1 year ago

Sounds about right. & like some people mentioned it CAN be done quicker and easier without all the etcetera, BUT: I’m like you, even though I’m exhausted and done I want those last night time moments sweet. So when a little monkey occasionally crawls into bed with me after already being tucked in, I snuggle up.

Anastaciya Maslov 1 year ago

I dont have kids yet. And I want to have them so badly. But I have a feeling that when I do I will be the same type of bedtime routine hating mommy. Lol.

Marie Therese Evans 1 year ago

too funny Kate!

Kate Chapman 1 year ago

I strip it down to 5 small steps (shower, pjs, teeth, story, bed) and only 4 steps (minus story) if they muck around too much. 1 story per child. That’s our routine after years of frustrated evenings with kids sending us crazy!

Kasi Ada 1 year ago

Some kids are easy, some are difficult, and some are damn near impossible. I have 3 kids, all different, I have each level of difficulty lol. So those who have kids that are easy to put to bed, thank your lucky damn stars instead of passing judgment on others when you have no idea the difficulty level of their children. Just count your blessings and do other mothers a favor and zip your lips, lest karma come bite you in the ass with your next kid.

Jill 1 year ago

Amen sister. I feel the same way. Don’t feel bad.

Stacy Baker 1 year ago

As a former teacher, I recognized that she was letting them run the show before I even finished reading the post. They are getting what they want, despite her claims to the contrary. Even if it’s only another extra second or two, they will take it. Do I have any suggestions? No, else I would still be teaching.

Marisa Rodriguez Byers 1 year ago

Isn’t that why that glorious book, “Go the F*^% to sleep” was written and beloved?

Carey 1 year ago

Love it!! My thoughts exactly. You are not alone.

Lauren Canestrale 1 year ago

Once you break that routine you are doomed. My 16 month old has insomnia I swear, the kid never sleeps.

Sarah Gregor 1 year ago


jenn h 1 year ago

I think some of you are not seeing the point of this article and are too quick too judge her on “lack of control” of her children. I have three under 4 and it is very difficult and exausting getting everyone to sleep peacefully and stopping myself from screaming, JUST GO TO BED!! She knows, as most of us do, that these are the times we will remember as mommies and that sometimes we just need to vent without being judged on our parenting skills.

RobertSF 1 year ago

Maybe this is supposed to be funny, but if we’re supposed to take it at face value, the problem here is that Jill has allowed her kids to take control. She does way too much for the kids and imposes no boundaries. The part about the kids knocking relentlessly on the door while she is in the bathroom (regardless of what she’s doing in there) is very telling.

Liz Brennan Clearman 1 year ago

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Traci Brown Guthrie 1 year ago

We’re supposed to have a bedtime routine?

Lisa Allen Prumatico 1 year ago

Thought I was the only one.After the nightmare of getting thru dinner every night I count the minutes until bedtime.

Sigyn 1 year ago

Forget those books. Being read to is a privilege, not a right. Read what you want to read. When they squirm or complain about reading Dickens, say, “Well, that’s it, then. Reading time’s over.” That keeps me sane, anyway. And I get to reread Jane Eyre, James Thurber and the Hunting of the Snark.

carol 1 year ago

we always had a strict bedtime routine. i started it early, and honestly, it was the best thing my kids did. i attributed it to being so consistent with the routine and wished that i could be that consistent with our other routines. then something happened. i don’t know what. they are 8 and 10. they started bucking the routine. now there are no parts of the day that go well. they turn the light back on, they sneak into each other’s rooms to play, my older one sneaks into the kitchen and steals snacks and brings them back to his room and eats them, my younger one comes out for water EVERY SINGLE TIME, even if i say before bedtime, “if you want water, get it now.” i don’t want to say i hate the bedtime routine we do before bed. i read chapter books to both of them at the same time. i stop when i want to. i love the books and sometimes read to them too long because i am the who doesn’t want to stop. but i hate that the bedtime routine does not end anymore when i put them in bed. they just don’t listen or follow the rules. they disregard me. i have to scream at them or threaten them to make them listen and oftentimes it makes us all cry. i need several hours by myself after this whether i’ve been with them all day or not. i feel ya sister! you are sooo not alone.

Dani Riley 1 year ago

Hate mine. Takes FOREVER for my little one to go to sleep, and you have to be RIGHT THERE or she won’t close her eyes.

Sarah Stubblefield Allred 1 year ago

But not nearly as much as I hate trying to get them up in the the mornings … evil things take over their bodies!!!

Jennifer Clark Jones 1 year ago

However, my three, (ages 10, 4 and 1). It hasn’t been too much of a problem, my 10 yr old has been getting himself ready for bed since he was six years old ( old enough to read by himself, plus it counts towards his reading time )I just combine 1 yes 1 book for the other two. Simplify! They also have had thier own beds since day one

Ivy Mima Brown 1 year ago

I don’t feel so terrible now reading this blog I always thought it was my house that was insane at bedtime

Jennifer Clark Jones 1 year ago

I lovingly call it in my house the bedtime battle. :)

Susan 1 year ago

Make it easy on yourself. YOU make the decision, not the kid. Put the kid in bed, leave room, shut and LOCK door. 2 minutes.

lilee’smom 1 year ago

Yep that about sums it up. :)

Molly Schenk McGlothin 1 year ago

Andrea Brinkmann Reed

Heather Holter 1 year ago

This is about me and my5 little angels! Glad I’m not the only one!

Marci Lord-Kennedy 1 year ago

Adam Kennedy

Maggie Mann 1 year ago

Three books per child, really? No wonder!

Marcela Marchesini Kapfer 1 year ago

I hate the bath/shower time. Our routine is solid, but the giving the toddlers a bath is a pain in the ass. The older two do showers on their own. I can’t get them in bed fast enough, so I can enjoy some me time. TV and a pint of Ben&Jerry’s!

Christina Hearon 1 year ago

My son also has Asperger’s. In many ways, he was easier to raise than my daughter who doesn’t. From day one, he was extremely loving, polite, and perceptive with an amazing sense of humor! But all that could change at the drop of a hat if he encountered certain sensory triggers. My son would never stay in his bed for an entire night. I would wake up in the mornings, and he would be asleep on the floor next to my bed. He’s an adult now and has stopped the floor thing. But he still can’t stay in bed an entire night. He ends up on the couch, sleeping in an upright position. Asperger kids all manifest differently, but I can identify!

Angie Padilla Ritter 1 year ago

Joshua Ritter

Katie @ The Surly Housewife 1 year ago

Oh my gosh I thought I was the only one who dreaded bedtime! Brushing teeth is the worst in my house too. They always, always, always, end up needing to spit at the same time which always starts a fight. Bedtime is never relaxing but my kids are pretty good about staying in bed at least. I think they fall asleep right away from being so exhuasting all day 😉

Linda Tarr 1 year ago

sarah cox go away

Christina Hearon 1 year ago

Love it!!!

Christina Hearon 1 year ago

Totally get the scene out of a horror flick!!! Creepy turning your head around and seeing a little person lurking in the shadows! “How long have you’ve been there?” I don’t know, awhile.” Definitely had that conversation more than once when my kids were little.

Christina Hearon 1 year ago

I’m laughing so hard right now! (Only because my kids are grown.) Where were you guys 20 years ago?! I can relate so much. I babysat twins for six years, and one of them was just too smart for his own good. Their parents had to put one of those picks that would unlock the bathroom door from the outside on a shelf REALLY, REALLY high because the boys thought it was funny to lock themselves in and well, open every bottle/container they had been forbidden to open. From the moment they could walk, I could never use the restroom in peace. It was very similar to the author’s own experience. When they were about three, the one boy (he was born an old soul, very intelligent) not willing to accept defeat after our “I’ll be out in a minute-no, you can’t come in” discussion, decided he was coming in one way or the other. Before I knew what was happening, he had erected a tower of couch cushions and using a broom, knocked the pick off the shelf. He had that lock picked and the bathroom door open in a matter of seconds!! I love that little booger to death, but he was a handful!!!

Krystal Selvidge 1 year ago

Melatonin is your friend lol

Jennifer Kohler 1 year ago

Chris Kohler most nights!!

Clare Slatford 1 year ago

This made me laugh! V funny :-)

Maura Brady 1 year ago

Sarah Cox, I do work full time and we have established a routine. My 3 year old just enjoys trying to game the system and try our patience every night. Your comment is ignorant and offensive to those of us who truly struggle to just keep our heads above water everyday.

Maura Brady 1 year ago

I wish I had 100 hands to raise to this!

Tisi Flett 1 year ago

I literally yell “Go the fuck to sleep” at least once every single night!! I use to have a good bedtime routine but somewhere we got off track and damn if I can find it again to get back on :(

Bernadette Mamo 1 year ago

Was never good at it

Nicole Voelzke 1 year ago

Thankfully this is the easiest part of my day with my kids. I welcome dinner time because it heralds the end of the day.

Sarah Cox 1 year ago

Need to go back to work much? It seems that this website has a knack for finding women that write “satirical” blogs about how much they can’t wait to put their kids to bed and have a drink.

Mandy Engelbrecht 1 year ago

I used to love it, when my son was little, but now that he’s a teenager, I hate it with a passion, the constant battle to get him to actually go to bed even on a school night has me wanting to resort to grievious bodily harm

Meg Parker Holden 1 year ago

It all depends on the kid. I have one that was a nightmare at bedtime (hence the lock on the outside of the door so we could keep him in there) and another that I would put down, kiss goodnight, and that was it. Don’t underestimate that this little person is who they are when they are born….and don’t overestimate the role the parent plays. I do not miss that stage at all…..for me, each stage lasts just as long as it needs to, and I enjoy it for what it is, then on to the next :)

Meridee Chapple Kopelchuk 1 year ago

YES! I totally agree with every word! Thank you!

Tonya Storm Mercer 1 year ago

Torture every night!

Jenn 1 year ago

100% agree. Thank you!

Linda Tarr 1 year ago

I loved it with my son because he wanted to cuddle and then go to sleep. I HATE it with my daughter. She thrashes around and basically wears herself out. Thank god for kindles! Because I read for an hour while waiting for her to sleep.

A-o 1 year ago

you could try not internally screaming, but externally. and some very stern explaining of the rules. then maybe your kids will get the point that mommy is really tired and means business. i have had more than my fair share of bedtime drag out sessions with both my kids but what I didn’t do with my first child was nip it in the bud so when my second child (they are a decade apart) started really giving me trouble, I started freaking out and it worked! He will chill out on his own cause he has come to understand that mommy is not a robot and she needs rest. Bless his heart <3. So now more often than not the getting ready for bed stuff is easy and sweet and leaves me smiling instead of flipping out.

Angela Additon 1 year ago


Jamie McCarthy Knupp 1 year ago

I haaaaaaate bedtime too!! Play everything you just said and put them in the same bedroom!! Sigh. My husband and I take turns and I sincerely dread it from the time they wake up…

Michele Litkenhaus 1 year ago

I am just so done by the end of the day that my patience is g-o-n-e!!!!!

Samantha Stone 1 year ago

I am SOOOO with you on this! Sometimes it’s easier than other times, but it’s still an usually an exhausting end to an exhausting day. And I’m very happy for Paula Christine (see comments below) who has her 15 minutes down to a science….I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have an Aspie (child with Asperger’s Syndrome) to deal with in her 15 minutes, but bravo for her for having it down to an easy science and not playing those “manipulating games”!

LeAndra 1 year ago

You need to start drinking wine at 6pm, sweetie!

Paula Christine 1 year ago

Our bedtime has always been extremely blunt. I don’t listen to extra stories, I don’t get extra drinks, I don’t re-cover. Bedtime routine to bed is a 15 min window. I’ve done this since the beginning so we don’t have these manipulating games!

Paula Christine 1 year ago

Our bedtime is to the point. NO FLUFF. Lights are out, head on the pillow and the door is CLOSED for the night

Smashley 1 year ago

EVERY single word of this article is true. It’s like it’s written from my life!! I HATE BEDTIME!! I hate preparing for the next day after you’ve accomplished the exhausting feat of getting them in bed. I’m just too tired. So glad I read this article because sometimes the guilt that looms can be overwhelming and it’s good to know I’m not alone!

Jacquie Bonadonna 1 year ago

Oh my God!!! My downfall. Hate my routing or lack there of.

Michelle Shipley Dumler 1 year ago

I put my foot down at 7 months old and we only have one, so its not too bad, but I did find that my toddler is a master procrastinator…I make sure that War & Peace is not in the room, so only short books at night…lol. Now, if i could just figure out how to get him to pick up toys better…

Allyson Lang 1 year ago

Geez that sounds awful. I always loved putting my kids to bed. My son had OCD even as a 1 year old. And there would’ be freak outs if everything wasn’t just right. So we “trained” him. One book and 2 songs. That became his new just right. He had to climb into his own crib ( without being touched) even if that meant he fell sometimes lol. Put your kids to bed individually so they have their own time with you and set limits. It’s really not that difficult.

Corrine Garvey 1 year ago

I hate meal time. I lovvveee my son, but he throws good, smears it all over himself and everything around him. It is a complete nightmare. :(

Chelle D 1 year ago

IT’s like you took the words right out of my mouth!

Alicia Potts 1 year ago

That routine sounds very stressful..no wonder you hate bedtime. Why not cut all that extra stuff out, though? My kids don’t like to go to sleep either, but when I say it’s bed time, they take me seriously and don’t give me crap!

Dawn Miller 1 year ago

Definitely the worst part of my day :( And I hate that I hate it so much.

Linda Pedersen-Sutcliffe 1 year ago

Nichole Webster I can so relate. Both my boys have asd. You are not alone :(

Linda Pedersen-Sutcliffe 1 year ago

So true! Especially the ping pong part! I have 3 that do this every night….sigh….

Nichole Webster 1 year ago

This times a million. My Aspergers kiddo is up for hours every night AFTER the bedtime routine screaming if she didn’t get put to sleep just right, or her pillow is crooked. And we have a rigid bedtime routine. Then by the time she falls asleep she has woken up her brother. Good grief

Laura Hohm 1 year ago

It’s not a tough concept. Bed time is bed time. Done. Get the routine started as a newborn and you’re set for good. Not setting a schedule is asking for trouble later.

Another Honest Mom 1 year ago

You are not alone!! I have a love-hate relationship with bedtime routines. I had my oldest at a young age, and came from a broken home so things have always been rocky for my children and I. Now, I am married, older and finally have a stable home and security for myself and my children – so bedtime routine is something I cherish. But at the same time, seriously, I feel like punching walls. IF we have time for a book my daughter also picks the longest books which happens to be a dictionary on dinos or fairies. I say we only have time for one, she insists on three. Bedtime and the 2-3 hour window afterwards is SACRED. I definitely cringe when I have finished the domestic and motherly duties, I am finally relaxing and I hear “MOMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYY!!!” or when one of my children suddenly appear in the living room or the doorway of our bedroom like a scene out of a horror flick. Did I mention my oldest also conveniently gets a “tummy ache” before bed EVERY NIGHT?

Morgan Claprood 1 year ago

Amy Swecker DeGoricia, made me think of your post!

Amy Stone 1 year ago

Omg this was perfect.

Britanie Myers 1 year ago

I have a hard time with a lot of things parenting wise but, honestly, bed time is my favorite time of the day. Our bedtime usually goes much more smoothly though. It didn’t always and it might not stay this way but for now I love it. :)

Sarah Krohn Billen 1 year ago

Love this!! Thank you!

momsfocus 1 year ago

You nailed it! I feel your pain.

Esperanza Fernandez-Sotelo 1 year ago

Nope. Never had issues with either of my 3 boys. They always slept in their own bed/since they were 1 yrs old. Before that, in their crib. They only came to my bed for feedings, if they were sick or had a bad dream. Other than that, they slept in their beds in their rooms. Never had any problems.

happymom10 1 year ago

Even though I only have 1 child (for the next 4 days, until I have my second), I go through the exact same thing, internal screams and all! It is at least a 1 hour process from the time I turn off his light until he actually falls asleep. During that time, I am in and out, every few minutes taking his pillow off, putting it back on, taking jammies off, putting them back on, pulling covers off, putting them back on…Over and over and over again, every single night! I can fully relate to this article and love the way it’s written!

Helen Russo 1 year ago

mine has gotten SO much better thank God. But I swear there for a while my neighbors thought I was beating my kid! thank God my house is well insulated so they only heard if the windows were open!!! :-)

Shawna Silvers Winans 1 year ago

LOVE this!!!! Thank you!!!

Ceara Taylor 1 year ago


Jeanne Lussem Brock 1 year ago

Yup. Sounds accurate!

Cheryl 1 year ago

So true. Except mine does not include things they forgot to tell me, it includes the little one screaming at me that she wants her daddy. ‘Trust me kid, if he were home instead of at work/basketball/Switzerland…I’d shove his bony behind in here and be on my way!’

Jennifer McGurn 1 year ago

Shake your booty right up the stairs, brush teeth, change into pajamas .. no? okay sleep naked, pick ONE book, tuck in, big hug, smooch, turn on the radio, turn out the light and – walah!

Aly Phonphichith 1 year ago


Amanda Hadland 1 year ago

PJ’s, brushing teeth, one story, pray, and tuck in and kiss from each parent for each toddler, lights out. peace.

Nicole Hempel 1 year ago

Amen !

Brandi Dilling Thompson 1 year ago

Ugh it’s pure agony.

Deborah Beranek 1 year ago

@ScaryMommy I learned years ago to make the actual going to bed short and simple. All those routine things happen right after dinner, when I have a little more energy and patience.

Amy Burr Bast 1 year ago

I used to dread putting my 4 year old to bed. Then I made a deal with my 9 year old: He puts her to bed, and we never ask him to help with laundry (a task he dreads). Win win.

Melanie Levin 1 year ago

Yeah me too.

Elizabeth McCosky 1 year ago

Unless my husband is out of town. Then my 2nd (the hardest to get to sleep) go to bed watching TV in my bed lol.

Amber Leane 1 year ago


Elena Bray 1 year ago

That was a funny read!!!

Anne 1 year ago

OMG I am so glad I am not alone!!! And when I finally do sit down with that glass of wine and one of them gets out of bed I almost want to cry!!!

Kristin Riffe 1 year ago

If that was our routine I’d go insane as well. Eek! One book in older kid’s bed, one kiss, one hug, one gate up, escort younger out. My least favorite part of the day is the morning wake up. They pop out like crazy people, full of energy, and I’m unsure where I am.

Dan Clement 1 year ago


Alaynna Ritchey 1 year ago

Bedtime is easy for us. It is frankly…”time for bed..get in bed”. It has always been like that, so they are used to it and we don’t make it more difficult than it needs to be.

Fran Young-Dvorchak 1 year ago

this is great! I can relate to so many things mentioned here. lol

Rose Marie Buckley 1 year ago

I love putting them to bed…best..time..of day

Rebecca Bodnar 1 year ago

Fortunately my 22 month old gives me little resistance at bed time, aside from occasionally wanting to play gymnastics in the bed. What I dread is *every single diaper change*.

Jodi Ball 1 year ago

I didn’t like bedtime and then I got divorced and there is NEVER a break from bedtime on school nights! It is so hard.

Katie 1 year ago

God, yes. You are not alone.

Wendy Arthurs Frick 1 year ago

Mine are 10 and 7 and this happens in my house every.single.night. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to turn off the light and go to sleep. Drives me insane….

Jaie 1 year ago

i can so relate to this…. lol. hang in there, mama!

Monica James 1 year ago

Bed time isn’t so bad because it has a little prize at the end..me time :). It’s the morning routine I dread because all I get after is a long day :/

Zoe Saunders 1 year ago

This is the one way my son is angeling. He LOVES going to bed. Runs up their himself, tucked in with his teddies and sleeps through. Night mare for everything else but certainly redeems himself with his sleeping!

Lucy Krumba 1 year ago

My daughter and I were in fits of laughter over this. You have struck a chord with us. She is 15 now, so she and her sister stay up much later but we still have to bully/chivvy them up the old apples and pears, (stairs) to bed. Thanks for writing. Lucy.

Katie Anderson 1 year ago

my 1 year old do great but still wake up in the middle of the night, so i have to go to bed early to get some sleep

Lyd 1 year ago

Lol! Exactly!

Dawn Bowering 1 year ago

Completely relate!

Stephanie Bernaba 1 year ago

What? You mean tucking the same kid in over and over fifty times!? Nahhhhhh.

Christine Stanyek Sousa 1 year ago

I’m ok with bed time…shower time on the other hand is always a nightmare!

Virginia Albrecht 1 year ago

Bedtime is that drive mommy nuts point of the day….my toddler is in the middle of the transition from crib to bed :-/ it’s a nightmare most nights lol

Rachel Milbury 1 year ago

How about reading one book to all three kids at once? Instead of three to each one? Lol believe me, I’m not a big fan of bed time either but jeez simplify where you can!

Chloe Nicole 1 year ago

I don’t mind the book reading and hugs and kisses part, but I totally relate to hating the rest of it. It’s time to go to sleep… Just go to sleep or do whatever you want, just do it quietly and with the lights off!!!

Jennifer Mcconnell 1 year ago

I hate bath time!!! Bedtime isn’t as bad for me.

Kefona Lorraine Romero 1 year ago

For my 3 yr old bedtime is easy its nap time that’s hard its the complete opposite for my 1 yr old lol

Sheena Buteau 1 year ago

What Cyndi said!!

Melissa Corbeil 1 year ago

Yes, Erin Rogers. That’s why…lol 😉 My first has hated sleep since the day he was born. Hubby works a lot of evenings, and just the thought of having to wrangle both kids to bed makes my heart race.

Jennifer Donovan 1 year ago

I love love love my 2 year olds bed time routine! Hard work but so worth it x

Cyndi Baumgardner 1 year ago

This is genius! SO true 😉

Mellie 1 year ago

“Life size Kleenex” Priceless! So true.

Amy Johnson 1 year ago

My kids do great at bed time. They’re 7 & 9 and we have no problems. This will more then likely change when have our 3rd son next month.

Erin Rogers 1 year ago

Actually its my favorite lol maybe because its my first baby and he’s only 8 weeks. I love just laying down with him.