10 Things I Wish My Toddlers Could Know

by Brook Hall
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1. You are the easiest and hardest person to love in my life. My love for you comes so naturally, I don’t even have to try or work at it, I just love you. However, getting out of bed in the morning at all hours, chasing you around all day, being responsible for your little life, keeping you safe, teaching, training and helping to mold you, that is some hard work.

2. There is nothing about you that I would change…except for the poop painting everywhere in your room. Please don’t do that anymore.

3. I long for you to grow up and for you to stay little all at the same time. Can you grow up enough to be able to get your own cereal in the morning and take yourself potty, but stay young enough to always want hugs and kisses from your super cool Mom?

4. I want SO badly to be a great Mom. I’m sorry that I fail daily, but thank you for loving me anyway, especially when I accidentally doze off on the couch. Your little squishy face right in mine saying, “Mama, wake up!” is a pretty good motivator to get off the couch and turn on the coffee pot.

5. I only wish I could have your imagination. The fan is an airplane propeller, jet streams in the sky are from spaceships taking off, your blanket becomes a train car when it is draped over something, your Mom is perfect and she can do anything…hold on to that wonderful, innocent imagination for as long as you can.

6. If you hear me complaining about rarely getting a date night, how bad I want (need) a shower, how much I miss sleeping in, or how I would kill for a little alone/quiet time, just know that when I actually get to do these things, I miss you and wonder what you’re doing the entire time I am away from you.

7. I know I’m still pretty new at this Mom gig, but I can already tell you, I will never, ever stop loving you. I will never stop being your mom, even when I’m no longer the #1 woman in your life, even when I’m not the one you run to when you are hurt or sad anymore; I will always be here for you and you will always be on my mind.

8. Being your Mom is scary. I’m scared. So much can go wrong. You could get seriously hurt or sick, or I could just totally suck at this Mom thing.

9. I would do anything for you…except let you paint with your poo. I’m so serious about that, you gotta stop.

10. I am so thankful that I am the one who got to be here when your lives first began, you both bring me so much joy every day and I am beyond blessed to be the one you call “Mama”. I love you more than you will ever be able to comprehend. At least not until you have some rambunctious, poopy, imaginative toddlers of your own.

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