Type 'Idiot' Into Google Images And Oh, Look Who It Is

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest idiot of them all?

He might be the most universally despised world leader of all time, but there is one sliver of the world where Donald Trump reigns supreme: Google Images. But not for any reasons the notoriously self-obsessed, sentient can of mincemeat would enjoy. Because he probably doesn’t enjoy being called an idiot.

Fun fact: when you type in the word “idiot” into Google’s image search, guess what the first returned result is? No, not the one director who refused to cast Meryl Streep because he didn’t think she was good enough (though he deserves his own notoriety for that, to be sure).

It’s none other than our president, Donald Trump.

Why? Well, why not, I’d counter. But that’s not why we’re here. The answer is actually incredibly interesting. According to The Guardian, there has been a concerted campaign to manipulate Google’s algorithm by linking the word “idiot” to the biggest idiot in America.

This result can mostly be credited to lots and lots of Redditors upvoting a photo of him and the word itself.

In case you’re wondering, the woman featured in these results twice is only present because she recently (and quite popularly) called Piers Morgan an idiot on his show. Which, fair.

If you keep scrolling down, however, the results do not disappoint.

Bobby D. is in there for calling Trump a “fucking idiot” in Esquire magazine — so that’s pretty well-earned, if initially misleading. The Trump sons, George W. Bush, and Kanye West are all lumped in the results too. But there’s no denying Donald Trump is the dominating presence here. Proving once and for all Trump and “idiot” are one in the same.

Of course, Trump supporters are outraged by the entire thing — but there are two very important things to remember about first page Google search results: 1. They’re there for a reason and that reason is algorithm popularity/SEO (and if not that alone then money, lots of money) and 2. They never go away. Even if this particular rank dips significantly, the present moment of Trump being the internet’s biggest idiot will live forever.

Hey, if the shoe fits.