If Parents Talked In Real Life Like They Do Online

by Maria Guido
Originally Published: 

Hilarious video shows what it would be like if parents spoke to each other in real life the same way they do online

Parenting pages are fun, aren’t they? Everyone is always so supportive and understanding. People really are there best selves when they are engaging online about parenting.


Can you imagine if people spoke to each other in person they way they do when engaging online? Buzzfeed tried to, and came up with this hilarious video.

I don’t think that carseat is installed properly.

She should really be rear-facing.

She has way too many layers on to be safe.

That chest clip is way too low.

Those straps aren’t tight enough.

I think they’re too loose.

I feel so bad for your husband.

Ha. It’s funny because it’s true. Online comments can be truly insane. If we had to deal with any of this stuff IRL, and we couldn’t just close our laptops for some serenity — we would all lose our minds.


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