If You Feel Bogged Down By Stuff, Here Are 5 Easy Things You Can Do To Declutter

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If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we don’t need so much stuff. Our lives are filled to the brim with notifications, noise, and knicknacks, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. While there’s definitely a certain joy in rage-cleaning, we all know how exhausting that can be. And despite our best efforts, the mess always seems to come back bigger and with a vengeance.

It’s probably no surprise that clutter can contribute to feeling anxious. That wall-are-closing-in feeling you get when you see a new pile of stuff is your body’s reaction to stress which — no surprise again — can be triggered by clutter. If you’ve been feeling bogged down by your stuff, fear not: there are plenty of simple things you can do right now to declutter, give back, and get a little greener. Cue the cleaning playlist!

Get Your Sleep Right

If your sleep schedule is messier than your junk drawer, rest assured you’re not alone. The pandemic is messing with our sleep, which, in turn, is messing with our overall well-being. Over a decade of research has found that lack of sleep can impact everything from our blood pressure to our mental wellness to our heart health. Plus, it’s hard to keep anything organized when your head’s in a sleep-deprived fog.

In other words, there’s nothing frivolous about investing in a good mattress that’ll help you get a better night’s sleep. Avocado Mattresses are a great way to get your sleep back on track while doing some good for the planet. Avocado is a committed partner to making the planet healthier, starting with products made from sustainable and certified organic materials. Avocado also has cozy blankets and ultra-soft bedding made from organic cotton. It’ll feel like sleeping on a fresh set of sheets every single night and OK, I’m starting to yawn already.

Pick Just One Drawer And Declutter

Who among us isn’t sick of trying to figure out which bath towels and old silverware spark joy? Rather than trying to tackle your entire house or even an entire room, start small. Begin by downsizing your bedroom closet, making a pile of clothes you’re sure will never grace your body again. You know that one kitchen drawer you dread opening? Get a kitchen organizer that actually works and show that pile of spatulas who’s boss. Go through a single toy bin with your kids and decide what they can donate. If you don’t love it anymore, you can always find someone who will.

Find Small Ways To Save Energy

It may not be realistic to install solar panels or switch to an electric car tomorrow. But there are still plenty of little ways to make your home more eco-friendly while saving some money in the meantime. Energy-efficient light bulbs can last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. That’s 25 fewer times you’ll need to remember where the step stool is. Avocado’s Wool Dryer Balls help reduce drying time and help prevent wrinkles. (Read: less ironing.) Start going meatless on Mondays. Not only can cutting back on beef, poultry, and pork help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there are plenty of kid-friendly veggie recipes that’ll please even the pickiest eater. (Plus, there’s always plant-based “chicken” tenders and fries.)

Don’t Default To Brand New

You can’t completely escape from getting stuff — you’re only human, after all. Fortunately, you can upgrade, restock, or replace most home goods by buying second-hand. Before you make your way to a big box retailer, check out places like Facebook Marketplace, Buy Nothing groups, or your local thrift shop where you can find everything from end tables to electronics in like-new condition. As an added bonus, you’ll get to go full Pinterest when you upcycle someone else’s unwanted coffee table. You’d be amazed at what a coat of spray paint can do.

Declutter Your Brain With A Social Media Break

Ah, the epicenter of life’s clutter: our own brains. If you’re looking for a sign to take a social media break, this is it. That can mean deactivating the Twitter you barely use or trying to avoid Instagram after 10 p.m. (Nothing good happens while scrolling Instagram after 10 p.m.) At the very least, I’m giving you full permission to unfollow those Facebook friends whose posts make you want to scream. Redirect that energy into something more peaceful like five minutes of mindfulness on a meditation pillow or listening to Lizzo.

You don’t have to revamp your whole house overnight to get your life a little less cluttered — who has the time and energy for that? Finding small ways to clear space — whether it be in your bedroom or in your brain — is good for your body, your home, and the planet as a whole.

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