14 Best Kitchen Organizers of 2021: Drawer, Cabinet & Pantry Organizers

14 Kitchen Drawer, Cabinet, and Pantry Organizers To Make Your Kitchen Work And Look So Much Better

March 31, 2020 Updated March 16, 2021

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We don’t know about you, but we’ve logged our fair share of hours watching house re-models on HGTV and their kitchen organization always makes us envious. The grand pantry reveals make us want to reorganize our entire kitchens like, stat. All those rows of neatly stacked and labeled foods just waiting to be discovered give us major kitchen organization envy. Whether you’ve got a pantry in your own home or you pretty much stuff everything into your cabinets and drawers, there are kitchen drawer, cabinet, and pantry organizers that can make cooking, cleaning, and everything else you do in the busiest room in the house go much more smoothly.

If you pine for a time when you walk into your kitchen and it’s so beautifully organized that you hear angels singing (or whatever does it for ya), read on for the best kitchen pantry organizers, the best cabinet organizers, and all-around things that will save you a ton of time, space, and maybe even your sanity in the kitchen. Next time the kids (or your husband) yell, “mom, where is my juice/snack/water cup.” you can point and let them revel in the newfound visibility for themselves.

The Best Kitchen Pantry Organizers

Zevro Double Cereal Dispenser

With the kids in mind, this double cereal dispenser by Zevro is guaranteed to be a hit. If they already munch on cereal three times a day anyway (Cheerios for breakfast, Lucky Charms for lunch, and Cocoa Puffs for dinner), then just think how easy it will be for them to make a bowl of cereal. When it comes to kitchen counter organization, this dispenser will look aesthetically pleasing placed just about anywhere (even in the corner of your walk-in pantry). Not only will it save you space, but again, there’s the whole convenience factor. Fear not if your fam isn’t into cereal, these dispensers are also great for nuts, legumes, or pretzels. Raves one customer, “My kids have always enjoyed getting the cereals out of this at the hotel breakfast areas and now that we have it at home, it saves us the hassle of fighting over breakfast. It also has the benefit of letting you know when the cereal is running low and avoids that oops factor when you pick up an empty box in the pantry… Absolutely love it!”


Cabinet Pantry Shelf

If you need more space in your cabinets, adding additional shelves is a great and affordable option. With these shelves from Ideaglass, you have your choice between three sizes and two colors (black and white). You can use these shelves for pots and pans, mugs, or appliances not in use.

“Purchased 2 of these for our RV to have more counter space & they’re perfect! Even though they’re metal, they’re actually lightweight,” said one Amazon reviewer. “They stay put due to the rubber on each corner bottom. VERY easy to assemble & would definitely recommend this product.”


mDesign Storage Bins

From tea bags and small chip bags (the kind that come in assorted varieties for school lunches) to canned goods and other foods that are best left in their original packaging, these handy bins are perfect. They allow you to corral like items together into each bin so it’s easy to see what you have and you’re less likely to overbuy when you run to the grocery store. The best part is that you can use them in your refrigerator for eggs, yogurt, applesauce, that sort of stuff, or you can use it in a cabinet or pantry for a million other things. If you have deep drawers, they will very likely fit in there, too, so they’re super versatile. The fact that they’re clear makes it easy to scan what’s inside. Each bin has raised “feet” on the bottom that make them stackable, plus they’re easy to clean— just wipe them down or rinse them in water and pat them dry. One mom said she loves how easy it is to simply pull out these bins whenever she needs to reach something in the back of the pantry or refrigerator instead of knocking things over as she searches blindly for the right item.


Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage Containers

This smart seven-piece set is perfect for storing cereal, pasta, candy, sugar, flour, just about anything that needs to be sealed to stay fresh. It’s plastic, yes, but it’s BPA-free and it’s airtight, so it will keep food fresh longer than leaving it in its original packaging. They have small lids that flip open or closed so that even your kids can pour the contents out easily without having to take the entire top off (in other words, these make meals a whole lot less messy). They can be stacked, too, which makes them total space-savers. (“I was able to condense down so much space in my cabinets,” said one Amazon reviewer.) Plus they come with 24 adorable black labels, and let’s face it, have you ever met a mom who didn’t love a good label?


The Best Fridge And Freezer Organizers

Greenco Stackable Storage Organizer Containers

Nobody—we mean, nobody—likes a disorganized freezer/refrigerator. It’s time to level up with Greenco’s stackable storage organizer containers. The way we see it: The more organized your refrigerator, the more likely the kiddos (and that snack-monster hubby of yours) will learn to put things back where they belong. “The mayonnaise goes here, fresh produce over there… got it?!” Dare we say, these just may make kitchen organization FUN for the entire fam. For starters, the bins are made of a high-quality shatterproof plastic that’s BPA free and washable (by hand, never the dishwasher).  Because we know that every refrigerator is different, this set includes 6 storage bins—2 wide bins, 2 narrow bins, an egg holder with lid, and a drink holder that stores up to nine standard soda cans. The bins can also be stacked to save space, while making everything 100% visible. You’ll never have to search the entire refrigerator to see if you’re out of XYZ product again! Says one Amazon customer, “What a deal! I was always frustrated trying to get my husband to put things back in their place. something about these organizers finally got him on board.

$36.54 AT AMAZON

EZCUP Magnetic Fridge Cup (2 pack)

These fun cups are magnetic and stick to your fridge so tiny hands can grab and go. The next time your little one wants a cup of water (basically in another five minutes or so, then another five after that…), they can easily reach for a cup and fill it up on their own. Not only does this free up space in your cupboards, it’s also less likely your kiddo will reach into your cabinets and knock everything over on a quest to find a single cup.

For moms who worry about safety, you can rest easy. They’re made in the USA with BPA-free FDA-approved plastic and the magnets are securely installed so they don’t come out (which could pose a choking hazard). You can fill ‘em up with your kids’ favorite snack, too, and since they’re so handy, you may want to pick up a few. “My 2.5 year old and my 5-year-old can now get their own glass of water from the fridge without an adult!” one customer says. “They don’t have 12 dirty glasses a day and they are drinking more water since it is convenient for them to get for themselves!”


Eco-Friendly Glass Food Storage Containers

For every necessary plastic container for your closet, pantry, or cabinet, your fridge needs glass versions, too. Not only do glass food containers help keep meals fresh, the foods can be heated and served right in them, which means fewer dishes to clean up later (“hello, Netflix, I’m here a little early tonight because I just bought these amazing glass food containers….”). They can also be tossed in the dishwasher without a second thought. These containers are like the superstar of a modern fridge! Use them to store cut-up fruits or vegetables, eggs, or leftovers. If you pack your own lunch, these airtight glass food containers can go from fridge to lunchtote without fear of leaks or spills. The best part is they come with eco-friendly lids and a bonus bamboo cutlery set with an adjustable elastic wrap that ties them to the container. This will make it less likely that you will lose them, but we can’t promise anything.


mDesign Plastic Free-Standing Water Bottle and Wine Rack Storage

Keep your rosé and white wine (or water bottles) cool and organized with these stackable fridge organizers.  Because they’re clear and simple, they would look just as great on your counter or bar cart too. It’s compact, affordable, and incredibly functional for anyone wanting to get organized.


The Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Lynk Professional Slide Out Spice Rack

This slide out spice rack by Lynk is a best seller on Amazon. The sleek, chrome design is heavy duty, durable, and is  10.5 inches long to ensure it slides out as far as you need it to. Among the 7,000+ reviews, one Amazon customer said, “Absolutely great product. They are well made and high quality. They were very easy to install.”

$39.40 AT AMAZON

Lid Maid Lid Organizer

Are you ready to put a lid on your lid troubles? Nothing will drive a parent as batty as figuring out what the heck to do with all the lids that come with pots and pans. Since the majority of recipes don’t require you to use one, they end up scattered around your cabinets and never seem to be where they should be when you need them most. Plus, unlike the pots and pans themselves, the lids don’t easily stack, so you’re practically guaranteed a headache sorting them out. Enter this handy gadget, which one Amazon mom called a “game-changer.” It slides right in and out of cabinets, so the lids don’t take up nearly as much room as they do when they’re lying around who-knows-where. They hold about four or five lids, but if you follow this tip from a major mom fan you may be able to accommodate more: Slide them in with the handles all facing out in the same direction.


G-Ting Adjustable Pot And Pan Organizer

Ahh, pots and pans. They take up a sh#!-ton of room, don’t they? And don’t even get us started on the lid situation (more on that later). Because they’re heavy, cumbersome, but likely to get used each and every day, pots and pans are the cause of one of the biggest headaches in kitchen organization. What makes this organizer brilliant is that it comes with a whopping eight adjustable tiers, so you can set it up according to the size and number of your pots and pans. If you’ve got a ton of ’em, install all eight tiers on both sides. If you’re a single parent, you have a small family, or you simply don’t cook that often and therefore don’t cram your kitchen with tons of pots and pans, you can just install four on one side. You can also lie it flat and use it to put away pans, lids, and cutting boards or stand it up so it can accommodate your biggest “wonder” pot — you know, the one you pretty much use to cook everything, as most of us end up doing. It’s also super easy to use (no tools required). One Amazon reviewer said, “This is making it so much easier to just grab the pan I need without digging through all the pans, clanging them all together, and making all kinds of noise.”


YouCopia WrapStand

You know those boxes of aluminum foil and plastic baggies that are constantly getting tossed around your pantry? The ones you keep replacing because you think you ran out when in reality there were five lurking behind the cereal? This handy organizer makes all that go away — for good. One Amazon mom said, “I love this shelf. I’ve tried other racks that just didn’t work. This rack let’s you customize your setup easily and quickly, and yes, it will hold the family size boxes. I can even get a baggie without taking the whole box out!” Other fans say it can accommodate a slew of items, from chips to bread, so you don’t absolutely have to use it to store wraps and bags. If you’ve got a huge fam and a ton of stuff to store, or you simply like to shop in bulk (Costco shoppers, we’re lookin’ at you!) they’re perfectly stackable, so try buying a few and piling them up.


The Best Kitchen Drawer Organizers

madesmart 8-Piece Interlocking Bin Pack

What’s a kitchen without a junk drawer? Having one is like a rite of passage that says, “I am an adult with lots of random things I don’t know where to place.” Not having one is simply un-American, in our humble opinion. Organize all that junk that’s thankfully not in your trunk with this flexible junk drawer organizer starter kit. It comes with eight bins of varying sizes, so you can arrange them inside your drawer to fit all of your stuff. It’s an easy way to get control of your junk drawer and keep it from looking, well, junky. If you really want to get organized, toss out anything you haven’t used in a year and group items according to their purpose or size. And since the price is right, consider getting sets to tidy up your utensil, desk, and bathroom drawers, too.

$10.52 AT AMAZON

Dynamic Gear Expandable Bamboo Utensil Organizer

With over 1,100 5-star reviews, this Amazon’s Choice kitchen drawer organizer is buyer-approved. It’s made of bamboo for a sleek look and easy cleaning, plus it’s water-resistant and durable. But perhaps the coolest feature of this organizer is the fact that it’s expandable — going from seven to nine compartments — to fit almost any size drawer. And if that’s not enough to sell you, it also comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

“After years of struggling with flatware trays that get old and funky looking, I’ve found the cure and I can’t believe I’ve not bought one of these before,” one reviewer raves. “This is not only perfect, but good-looking as well. There is plenty of room for all my flatware and it fits the drawer with no unsightly/useless junk catching spaces left unfilled.”

$25.49 AT AMAZON

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