IKEA 'Relationship Saving Station' Is Genius -- And Necessary

by Maria Guido
Image via Obvious Plant

Comedian makes “Relationship Saving Station” to help couples get through a trip to IKEA with their love intact

It’s no secret that a trip to IKEA will test even the most solid relationships. If you are going to IKEA with a partner, you should probably prepare for a least a few mild arguments. And if you make it out of the store without issue — you will definitely fight while trying to decipher those wordless instruction manuals for the furniture you’ve just bought.

Comedian Jeff Wysaski know this, so he made a “Relationship Saving Station” to help couples get through a trip to IKEA with their fond feelings for each other intact. Wysaski is responsible for other hilarious acts of public art including these fake Halloween costume signs and fake animal facts.

image via Obvious Plant

“Shopping can be stressful,” the sign reads. “Here are 5 quick ways to ease tension with a loved one.” Number one should just be, “Leave IKEA immediately.”

Wysaski, who shares his humor under the handle Obvious Plant, tells Scary Mommy “I have ventured deep into the IKEA black hole and thankfully emerged relatively unscathed.” So here are a few ways to channel your anger while looking for the perfect throw pillows.

Image via Obvious Plant/Facebook

“Yell at this tiny horse instead of each other.” Did this tiny horse just assure me that we can get to the wine glasses we came for easier if we cut through children’s bedrooms? Are you blind, tiny horse? I told you they’re in THE MARKET.

Image via Obvious Plant

There will only be joy in the world if we can find the damn cups. Where are the cups? Why are there arrows on the floor pointing to nowhere? Why is my cart filled with plastic plants and floor mats I don’t need. Where is my husband?

Image via Obvious Plant

The man I came with escaped to the cafe to eat Swedish meatballs while I suffer the maze that is IKEA. Can you help with that, Elsa?

Image via Obvious Plant

You will never be able to build that wall unit. Stop looking at it. *Blows bubbles into husband’s face.*

Wysaski set this up at his local Burbank, California IKEA. We’re thinking IKEA should just install them everywhere. Anything that makes a trip through the eternal money-sucking maze easier would be greatly appreciated.