I’m Finally Not Sweating (And 6 More Thoughts You'll Have This Fall)

by Scary Mommy Team
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Welp, that’s a wrap. Summer is officially coming to a close. And whether you read that with a resounding “Hallelujah!” or a few silent tears, the lazy days of summer are morphing into the hustle bustle days of fall right before our tired, bleary eyes.

In addition to the sweet relief of realizing you’re not sweating all day every day, here are a few more thoughts I’m betting you’ll have once or twice as summer calls it quits.

  1. “It’s Casserole Time, Babyyyy!”

Some of you may live the kinds of aspirational lives where summer dinners are whatever you effortlessly chop up fresh from your garden and that inspire recipes that begin with “This recipe takes me back to our summers in Tuscany…” And then there are the rest of us. And we greet the return of slow cooker and casserole season with an enthusiasm usually reserved for a surprise spa day. “Set it and forget it”? Uhhh yes, please.

  1. “Here Comes No-Shave Season”

Ever since most of us decided “Sure, I’ll buy into these weirdly arbitrary beauty standards you’ve set up for me” we’ve been shaving, waxing and plucking our body hair into submission. All summer long, there’s an expectation that your sundresses and swimsuits won’t reveal that you do, in fact, have working hair follicles. All that pressure disappears once the weather cools off. Tank tops give way to hoodies and shorts to leggings. Fall clothes are basically the “you’re doing amazing, sweetie” of wardrobes.

  1. “Is It Too Soon To Buy Halloween Candy…For Myself?”

One of the most disappointing things about summer is the distinct lack of seasonal candy. We go from Christmas to Valentine’s Day to Easter and then there’s suddenly a yawning gap in the calendar until Halloween. With the return of fall each year comes the excuse to buy your trick-or-treat supply in September, you know, just to be prepared. No one needs to know if you restock it a few times before the first friendly ghost princess arrives at your door.

  1. “Wait, Fall Is Allergy Season Too?”

Fall allergies are tricky little buggers. Since they tend to sneak in quietly at the exact same time kids are returning to a school schedule, it’s easy to dismiss the fatigue and grogginess as a side effect of earlier mornings. And then it dawns on you: “Ohhhh, right, my kid’s allergies are triggered at this same time every single year.” Untreated seasonal allergies cause all sorts of issues like missed school, inattention and poor sleep. Luckily, there’s Children’s Allegra Liquid, the #1 allergist recommended children’s brand for non-drowsy relief.* It gives your child powerful allergy relief that won’t impact learning or concentration due to drowsiness. When used as directed, Children’s Allegra Liquid offers effective, non-drowsy relief on sneezing, runny noses and itchy eyes, and lasts throughout the entire school day without the compromise.

  1. “Why Did They Change Math?”

Excuse me, I’d like to see a manager about math homework. Are we not using words like “borrow” or “carry” anymore? Ugh. You can be living your life, going about your business and feeling like a reasonably smart person and BAM — here comes yet another new way to do math. There’s nothing quite like the pity in a third grader’s eyes as she realizes her mom doesn’t actually get it.

  1. “All Pumpkin Everything!”

If you don’t bake pumpkin muffins, drink PSLs, burn a candle with a name like “Pumpkin Wishes and Cinnamon Apple Dreams,” are you even momming, bro? Love it or hate it, fall is Team Pumpkin’s time to shine. And it’s not just scents and flavors. Once September rolls around, it’s like the whole color scheme changes and all you see is different variations of orange-y gold everywhere. Hope you like earth tones because that’s all there is until red and green show up around, oh, late September.

No matter how you greet the end of summer, some things never change. As soon as you notice that, hey, your underboob is finally dry, you’ve got about a week before – surprise! – the holidays are here. Enjoy!

Don’t let your kids’ seasonal allergies put a damper on That Fall Feeling. Get effective, non-drowsy 12-hour relief with Children’s Allegra Liquid.

*Among OTC oral antihistamines

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