Image Of Firefighter Mom Breastfeeding Goes Viral

by Maria Guido
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An image of a firefighter mom breastfeeding is being shared wildly on social media

The County Fire Authority of Victoria, Australia is being praised for posting a picture of one of their volunteer firefighters to their Facebook page: a breastfeeding mom. The photo as been liked over 30,000 times in 12 hours, because — well, it’s awesome.

The comments on the photo do a great job summing up what we’re all thinking:

Raising a newborn and also volunteering for firefighters. … what an amazing person. Well done. You are a role model.

As a firefighting volunteer and as a human this makes my heart happy. Women truly are the real superheroes.

What I want to know is where she’s finding the energy to volunteer? Bubs still looks quite young so that’s exhausting work! Well done.

My home was saved by a CFA team captained by a mum! You go!

The CFA says that the photo was taken at a community event and both the mother and the child were in no danger.

By the look of the photo, the baby is merely months old. And mom is volunteering her time to keep her community safe. Yes, hero applies here. It’s also so refreshing to see the firehouse proudly display the photo of the volunteer. And doubly refreshing that the response to the photo has been overwhelmingly positive so far.

Women seamlessly take on the responsibility of work, managing a family, and juggling their careers all the time. It’s nice to see someone proudly displaying this fact. And really nice to see her community lifting her up with their encouraging words. It’s almost unheard of to have a photo of a woman breastfeeding without a barrage of disparaging comments. This photo gives us hope!

“Breastfeeding is natural – volunteering to put yourself in danger to fight fires is not, it takes a special kind of person.” Indeed. This woman is a badass.

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