This Post Hilariously Nails Every Mom's Costco Shopping List

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Instagram/IMomSoHard

This version of a Costco shopping list keeps it real

Costco and other buy-in-bulk grocery stores are very near and dear to any American mother’s heart. Where else can you grab a month’s supply of toilet paper for a reasonable price? Need enough cereal to feed a family of 14? Costco’s got your back. But the ladies of “I Mom So Hard” shared the most accurate shopping list ever and we’re so here for it.

While it’s true that a Costco shopping trip can be a glorious thing, sometimes the store probably leaves you asking “why in God’s name does anyone need that in bulk?” more times than you care to admit. And sometimes we buy things that seem like a really great idea while in-store, and then four days later they’re just collecting mold and taking up space in our homes.

Which is why this Instagram post is perfect.

From the “50lb bag of trail mix that will never get eaten” to the “box of chicken nuggets 6 inches too wide for my freezer” — this post sums up my relationship with my favorite bulk superstore in a nutshell. Although I’d add my obsesssion with Costco’s fine cheeses section to my list, because duh.

I am a PRO at convincing myself certain purchases are a good idea (I have fallen victim to the “so so so much chicken salad” a time or two) and then getting home and realizing my entire family is a bunch of wasteful cretins.

“Magnum of Head & Shoulders for my bae” and “tent?” are perfect. And who hasn’t gone to Costco and come out with a vineyard’s worth of wine or “gross vitamins” from their epic health and wellness section? I mean, it’s right by the checkout and after all that food shopping, mama’s gotta get something “healthy” right?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go buy a 90-day supply of dinosaur nuggets, my own six-pack of Grishams, and enough K-cups to pollute an entire landfill.