Hilarious Moms Explain Why Flying With Kids Is The F&*king Worst

by Julie Scagell

These moms demonstrate exactly what it is like to try and change your kid on a plane

Los Angeles moms Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley of IMomSoHard are always ones to keep it real with their hilarious take on motherhood and being a woman in general. The dynamic duo is at it again with a little something sure to strike fear in the heart of all parents: Traveling with your kids.

Anyone who has ever attempted to travel with their children knows that whatever can go wrong usually does. Air travel, especially if you are flying alone with your child or are traveling with more than one kid, can be the stuff of nightmares. Take being in a confined space with total strangers out of the equation, if you are traveling with children who still wear diapers, you have the changing table to contend with. Fine, “changing table” is a vast overstatement as these moms point out, try the size of “a little flip open wallet.”

“You’re youngest has to be five before there is an expectation of travel,” Hensley begins the video, pointing out how difficult it can be to try and change a baby on-the-go. “Do they not measure babies?” Smedley questions. We have all wondered the same thing.

The hilarity really comes when these moms proceed to give us a play-by-play of what it is like to actually attempt to change a baby in an airplane bathroom “the size of a closet” while your kid goes ape shit because, well, that’s what kids do.

They go through all the stages, including but not limited to: poop, pee, tantrums, strangers knocking, “rogue wieners,” all while trying not to lose your shit and have everyone hear you yell at your kid.

All this is assuming your airline has a changing table to begin with. There are many planes that don’t come equipped, depending on their size and age, which can result in some interesting options for parents. There’s always the floor (where you are sure to get dirty looks from everyone within sniffing range), on your lap, or on top of the airplane toilet seat (we will pause for you to dry heave).

Their advice, “Just don’t travel with your kids. It’s the greatest thing in the world.” It seems most people agree, commenting:

“I got offered complimentary wine on my flight. I was crying, baby was screaming and crying, people around us were trying to not hate.”

“The first time I flew with my kid (she was 2) I asked where the changing table was, and when they showed me, I think my exact words were: are you kidding me? She was born to big for that!”

“My last travel experience was amazing. The last night of our trip my two yr old got food poisoning and I was forced to fly with a puking pooping toddler with diaper rash from his severely caustic diarrhea. And we had a lay over. I was in tears boarding each flight. If any passenger had complained to me I would have ripped their face off like a rabid wolverine.”

“I traveled alone once with my daughter who was about 2 at the time. Flight went smooth until we made it to the gate. As we waited to de-plane she projectile vomited ALL OVER ME and the floor. It. Was. Awful.”

Parenthood: The gift that keeps on giving.