Hilarious Twitter Thread Points Out Bizarre Cookbook Cover Trend

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Amazon/Twitter

‘Instant Pot For Two’ cookbooks have a bizarre idea of how cooking goes down

Stock photos are often pretty strange, and Twitter noticed that canned poses on the fronts of “Instant Pot For Two” cookbooks are even stranger.

Like, a lot stranger.

Writer Mike Rugnetta tweeted out a bunch of covers from “Instant Pot For Two” cookbooks to point out a bizarre trend — they all feature a woman preparing a recipe with a men creepily/sensually behind her “helping.” He writes, “these poor women.”

And seriously, we feel bad for them. This is awkward AF.

It’s important to note that these cookbooks are actually not affiliated with Instant Pot and are totally unauthorized. They just use the Instant Pot name to promote their hover-y version of cooking for couples. None of Instant Pot’s actual cookbooks feature any people on the cover at all, let alone a dude infringing on a woman trying to cut vegetables in peace.

The unauthorized versions, however, are super into it.

Image via Twitter/Amazon

Image via Twitter/Amazon

Image via Twitter/Amazon

Seriously, why? There’s an entire library of “couples” cookbooks out there just being creepy and we had no idea. Now we can’t un-know this.

The absurd photos are really confusing. Is there a woman on earth who wants her partner fondling her while she cooks? Is there a woman on earth who can’t cut a bell pepper with her weak lady hands and requires her husband to help push the knife all the way down? And if that’s the case, why doesn’t he just slice the fucking pepper by himself? Is that not sexy and dangerous enough, cookbooks?


It’s not. It’s not helpful or normal in any way. If my husband tried to “help” me like this he would be down a finger or two — and it wouldn’t be an accident.

Twitter is definitely just as weirded out as I am.

Like, there’s a lot to unpack here.

Now she totally gets it.

Neither do I, Lori King. Neither. Do. I.

Seriously, so many peppers.

Is this why I burn so much shit? Because I tell my husband to GTFO when I’m wielding a knife?

Ah ok, I see.

Pretty much this, though.

We get that the cookbook cover designers are just trying to convey that these are definitely recipes made for two people, but all they’ve really done is completely weird us out. We can cook just fine without a man hovering, thanks.

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