Jameela Jamil Thinks Fatphobia Is Abuse, And She's Absolutely Right

Jameela Jamil Thinks Fatphobia Is Abuse, And She’s Absolutely Right

Jameela Jamil via Twitter

She’s also encouraging people with ‘slim privilege’ to educate themselves to be more conscientious

Jameela Jamil is bringing attention to fatphobia by calling it for what it is — abuse. She’s also bringing attention to the negative way it affects women medically, mentally, emotionally, and socially in a new viral post.

“It has been so interesting to see how many slim people have taken issue with me saying that abuse of fat people should be considered as serious as abuse over sexuality or race,” she says in her latest Instagram post, which shows a series of screenshots from her Twitter account. “The statistics on medical negligence, abuse and harassment, and discrimination for work are real.”