Jamie Otis Shares Photo 3 Days After Giving Birth To Celebrate Her Mom Bod

by Megan Zander
Image via Jamie Otis/Instagram

She’s loving her new shape

It feels like every time a celebrity has a baby, their adorable newborn announcement photo appears alongside a spread of mom’s amazing pregnancy “bounce back.” More power to you if your genetics work that way, but for those of us whose baby bumps become postpartum bumps, the pressure to lose the baby weight fast can be overwhelming.

Which is why Jamie Otis is our new postpartum shero.

The Married At First Sight star and her husband Doug Henher welcomed daughter Henley Grace into the world just last week. Three days after her daughter’s birth, Otis posted this playful photo on Instagram, proving she has zero plans to succumb to Hollywood’s body image pressures any time soon.

Rocking a comfy looking pair of white shorts with a tank top and showing off her curvy silhouette, the new mom explains why she’s loving what she sees in the mirror. “I love every bit of my postpartum body,” she writes. “It’s truly amazing how my body held create and carry and 8 lb 2 oz baby.”

Part of her newfound body confidence comes from experiencing firsthand what women’s bodies are capable of. “I’m feelin’ like I can conquer the WORLD after pushing her out. Women are SO much stronger than we give ourselves credit for,” she writes.

Otis’ pride in her new mom bod is even sweeter knowing the difficult path she and her husband took to parenthood. Last summer the couple excitedly announced they were four months pregnant with a little boy, only to suffer a miscarriage a few days after their announcement.

Otis has been a vocal advocate to help break the silence that can surround pregnancy loss, and has been open with fans about her experiences with trying to get pregnant again. When she conceived Henley, her rainbow baby, she was quick to share the news with fans.

Surely we can look forward too lots more #realtalk from Otis about parenting from the trenches. But for now we’re loving this adorable baby girl and her mom’s body confidence.